Did Armories really change the game?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Azrael, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Skyfall New Player

    In league yes. Pugs not so much.

    Barring freezing and a long wait otherwise rectified by armory switch
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  2. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    They were definitely a big changer for me. I prefer to play as DPS but I also am fully geared and have an armory set up for trolling. For anything other than 8 man content I usually just que up. I use whichever armory I need to fill the role that is needed in the group I show up in. And I also have two different types of dps armories that I can switch between depending on the situation and two different troller setups as well. On top of that I have a pvp dps setup. I'm gonna stop now because I think you get the point lol. Armories are awesome.
  3. AJPro Committed Player

    They did for myself and my mates, seemed whatever role I was in, I had shouts for the other. Also most of the solo stuff needs dps role and now I can do that then flip a switch and do alt role for raids....not to mention I love making new looks for my roles when I am bored. Even in A&b everyone was dead but me and the tank...I emergency flipped to dps from trol and gave finishing blow....saved a wipe. I am grateful for armories
  4. Kat Astera New Player

    Soul Eater

    I was in Dox and the healer dropped.
    Switched to healer during the fight and we completed the raid.
    Would've been a wipe without my armory.
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  5. ACW37162 Loyal Player

    Yes, I think one of the strongest additions to game in awhile, rivaled only by weapon vendors
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  6. Archangel Rafael New Player

    I don't know that SOE advertised them as game-changing. People here on the forums made a big deal about it.
  7. Azrael New Player

    so the consensus I'm getting and was thinking the whole time.. more invested/ hardcore and league players invested/spent more money or any at all. But for the the more casual player/ pug player most likely did not purchase an armory.

    My bro is casual player...he thought they looked cool but since he only plays as dps....he saw little fxn to them than a nice looking base item.
  8. Lexinator Well-Known Player

    OH GOD YES!!!!

    I can flawlessly switch between a tank and a healer. That alone makes it worth it.

    Tank left? Well guess what, I can take their place. Healer left? Haha, no big deal!

    Now I just need to collect my DPS gear and I will be set.

    Armories were a step in the right direction and I wish ALL MMO's had something akin to this feature.

    Good job SOE, good job. You did great.

    Now advertise the game more! You have a great license and a good game. Take advantage of it!

    My only issue is that I think everyone should be given 2 free armories, not just one.
    Other than that, we are ALL good.
  9. Zylo Committed Player

    For someone who has alot of SP's the armorys a freaken GODSEND. I like to spec hybrid tank to run lower content everynow an then but as soon as I change I get..."can you tank nexus/wave/A&B/my mom?" *sigh respec.* spend X-amount of minutes changing back to tank. it was so annoying.

    now i can just do it quickly with no hassle. love them.
  10. Kristyana New Player

    I have several different troller, tank, and DPS builds depending on the various situations I find myself in. I can even use the duplicate gear I get in endgame raiding using Synthetic mods for different situations. I'm absolutely loving the versatility and find myself changing out several times per raid.
  11. The dark knight New Player

    For me, it definitely IS a game changer.
    I used to tank only, and only play in pve, but now I dps and I play pvp.
    Since there's only 1 tank slot per raid, but 3 dps spots per raid (minimum), I can play way more often when I want to.
  12. supah koopa Well-Known Player

    I wouldn't say "game changer" they're just very convenient. Certain splits in raids can be handled easier with the press of a button. If a tank or solo healer disconnects during a boss fight someone can swop armories to fill in for them.
  13. Drkittenz New Player

    The armory isn't exactly a game changing item imo.

    However, it is a very useful convenience item. Having the flexibility to switch between a DPS spec, Healing spec, PvP spec, etc, on the fly is a great addition to the game.
  14. Peach4saints Committed Player

    Yes, armories really changed the game.Anymore obvious questions?
  15. supah koopa Well-Known Player

  16. Monty New Player

    Wait...between tank and healer??? How do you do that?
  17. Zpred Dedicated Player

    I think it's changed gameplay for the better, it lets me switch role free at will with out putting all those sps, power points, loadouts etc, it also helped me in assault n battery when our tank went down an out when sinestro and hank was 35%, I could switch to my tank role/gear stats and I took over and we finished. Saved a lot of time and we didn't have to start again.

    Same thing in para when our solo healer got knocked out (before I tanked/dps), I switched to heal and we carried on and finished.

    Imo that is game changing and time saving, great addition.
  18. T20thoughts New Player

    If armories were cheaper, I'd likely get a four-pack so my three characters could poke around their alternate roles (and my main could go PVP more easily). Buuuuut you know, I don't even play the game enough to complete the gearing-up on my healer's and my DPS's main role. So to me, they're just not worth the price.

    Granted, I DID just think of a use for my single armory: To get back out of Insectoid form without having to change my loadout again. This wasn't as much of a pain before I got the bug where there are two Insectoid form selections in the loadout screen, and altering any of them means I have to set ALL the Insectoid powers again.

    Now, if they do a sale on Armories around the next bit of DLC, I might just go and get some. But for now, mehhhh.
  19. Ch3wtobacco New Player

    I was under the impression (like a lot of people were) that they would allow you to go from one build...save it... and load a preset build,,and then be able to toggle back and forth.

    the devs instead to go with a "the first one is free" sales model trying to "encourage" us to buy more just rubbed me the wrong way...I wont be buying one even if they have a half off sale...just on principle of it
  20. DamageControl Committed Player

    I'm a CR 100 DPS, and 102 Troll. I have 9 armories, with the four active ones being Dom Troll, Vit Troll, Prec DPS and Might DPS. I have nearly full CR 90 gear in both Prec and Might. Naturally, I always advertise myself in LFG as CR 102 troll/dps, and when queueing up to alerts, I put both troll and dps and usually get into an instance faster.