Devs, you could bank huge off this...

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  1. Realist617 Active Player

    I will gift every account with active membership on every platform(as of the time of this posting) enough daybreak cash to purchase a level 200 artifact from scratch if Daybreak hosts a pvp event with rewards so juicy that even every last player who HATES pvp will participate all week long.

    Newer players have ZERO hope of ever getting the pvp feats completed. since the idea off adding them to the CR skip feats has nearly incited a riot of this forum in the past i think an event would be awesome. Maybe make the reward a powerset sidekick that does triple the damage of the top henchmen uplink, gives a 30 second shield 5 times stronger than hardlight, 100% CC immunity(including all mech related CC) for 90 secs, unlimited free power casting for 90 secs, reduces the cooldown of all consumables by 30 seconds and the cooldown of supply drop and orbital strike by 200 seconds!! make it account bound and players choose the powerset.

    Ok, so that sidekick is a slight exaggeration but you get the idea. its has to be such an outstanding reward that everyone will pvp all day errrryyyydayyyy, ya dig?!! Lets face it, pvp is dead but the skill points matter to a lot of players and they are simply out of reach for those who dont have them. You gave us PVE Legends event because those feats are a fate worse than death. Could you give us a little boost with these too please, pretty please, with a platinum time capsule on top?!!
  2. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    No prize should ever be placed behind a pvp wall that can have any kind of impact in pve. You’ll basically end up with the same issues you have with SP. You want them to grant the pvp feats to everyone because no one wants to play pvp. Yet you want an event that will add a prize that is must have? What happens after all the people get it? Pvp will go back to being dead and those who missed the even will now have to worry about sp in addition to whatever prize is offered. Sorry but that’s a terrible idea.
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  3. Ultimus Primus Well-Known Player

    I am not a PvP'r, and this idea would not entice me to "PvP all week" in the least. I simply do not like PvP and I have no problem not having the PvP feats that I do not wish to try for. I still do very well playing this game w/o them. I don't do the Lpve stuff either, just hate it. I appreciate your enthusiasm on the subject tho. Also, the cost of a fully leveled artifact is well over 200$ usd, so I am hoping that you are rich if your idea ever actually happened. Also almost every event ever on here has been free, where do you see the "Bank Huge" coming from?