Devs, why have adds in the hallways?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by TeeVolt, Feb 18, 2021.

  1. TeeVolt Active Player

    Devs, why do you have adds in the hallways between bosses?

    Personally I like to defeat everyone (and use them to build my SC) but no one else seems to ever want to do so.

    So if everyone just skips them every time then why are they there? Personally I loved Gates, where you had to beat everyone to open the next gate.

    Again, while I like adds, the populace prefers to skip them. Feels like you guys put in a lot of work for something that doesn't really get the love.
  2. xxHELLSTROKExx Dedicated Player

    Same reason they have some raids that take 10mins and some that take 30. Every player wants something different than the next and they have to mix it up to make some people happy and then change it up to make others happy.

    Like I hate short raids. Most players seem to want them. I don't understand why everyone wants content done so quickly. Sure, don't be long due to cut scenes but short raids are lame imho
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  3. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    When I was younger and had tons of time to burn, I liked the longer raids, too. Now that I'm older, I've just got way more stuff to do and it's quite literally a pain in the butt to do the marathon sessions. It's still fun to do a half hour, maybe an hour raid...but between the gathering of the group, the queueing, the strategy discussions, and all the other jazz, ye-ah.
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  4. TheLorax Unwavering Player

    Did you know that sometimes bosses have their subordinates patrol hallways? It's true.
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  5. xxHELLSTROKExx Dedicated Player

    I hear ya. And this is exactly what I meant by the devs have to cater to many different types of players. Some run 1 toon, some have 30. The player with 1 most likely wants time consuming things to do and the player with 30 wants 4min solos, 7min alerts, and 12min raids. Can't please everyone so all they can really do is mix it up a bit. I personally wish raids were all 30mins on clean runs. This latest one is shorter than the alert. And the alert is only longer because we have to watch cutscene for the 100th time
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  6. tukuan Devoted Player

    My opinion for hallways, for what it's worth, is that either you should have the adds and block off the entrance to the boss until most (if not all) have been beaten or not have them at all. Personally I'm good either way but the current situation is a little annoying for the experienced players and I would suspect extraordinarily frustrating for new players.

    For these hallways a few scenarios tend to be the case:
    • One or more people get stuck in the hall and swarmed and you don't even have the option to go back and help them if the boss door has been shut. So now you end up fighting the boss short handed and/or the person stuck quits and you have to re-queue
    • Everyone more or less gets through but the adds pile up like zombies at Alexandra while you fight the boss. Most commonly what happens here is the people who don't need specific styles from the loot process it quickly while the people who need the loot almost certainly get killed while in the picker screen. This just repeats the cycle as now those people will almost certainly have to fight down another hallway to keep up
    • Which brings to the final issue unless everyone killed the adds after the boss fight, anyone who re-spawns has to fight their way down one or more hallways to catch-up.
    While this is mitigated in the event version so that you can enter boss fights late it's exacerbated by the fact that the event version has new people who can't keep up.
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  7. Reinheld Devoted Player

    My opinion depends on the adds. Things like SFFevent run the adds are strictly busy work. They provide no challenge and with the long hallways are there just to make the run seem longer than it really is. Other runs like FGS, there are mechanics like the poison flowers or the colony leader who can one shot a group (hes not really an 'add' but not a boss either), the fire pit, ect where the adds are part of the challenge...although there are probably a few too many in that run as well. I liked in the AF2 raids with Punishers or whatever the brainac (maniac?) add was in BBS where you had to be on the lookout for a killer add while still able to run and clump them as you went.

    I think runs like Oly and Gom had a good mix of hallway adds and bosses. Long enough and enough busy work adds to keep it interesting, but not so many as it's tedious your 100'th time through the run like the FOS runs. The worst is things like Prison break where you have the adds and slow mechanics like the escaping ones and the turrets in the hallways. It's a lot of BS to get through to then fight 3 bosses back to back.

    Things like COU and FnB get boring quick as they are basically 1 or 2 room raids so if you removed the adds completely it would be really boring although for the most part, they add nothing in the way of a challenge.

    Personally most times I won't skip adds as someone normally gets left behind. This is not true in event runs of course, but in real raids the best you can hope for is 'clump-able' ones where you can kite them into a pile then destroy all at once. Gates if you blew through the twisty hallway after the 1st boss you could kill the main guy at the bottom of the stairs and blow past the adds as well.
  8. Reinheld Devoted Player

    I find this WAAAAY more annoying. The alert is especially tedious as we have a long cut scene at the beginning, followed by 2+ min of sitting waiting for the test to finish (they need an 'opt out' button)...unless someone actually needs grades or rings still. Then you immediately hit another long cut scene.

    I honestly only run the alert about 1 or times a week now...basically because I'll fall asleep by the time you actually need to do something. I'd rather have hallway adds than cut scenes and unavoidable least I'm doing something on those. BTW...these particular cuts were boring after the 2nd or 3rd time. Good lord, give us cut scene skip options in all runs already!
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  9. xxHELLSTROKExx Dedicated Player

    I've fallen asleep multiple times in that alert. Not being sarcastic. Woken up and the rest of the team is at 1st boss and I'm still standing next to that weak guy that gets punted by a table
  10. TeeVolt Active Player

    I agree with all of this! That is part of what I wanted to say so thanks for the actual words!
  11. TeeVolt Active Player

    I thought there were some holdups? Waiting for the statue? maybe I am misremembering. I guess I need to run it again!

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