Devs? When will you stop doing stuff like this?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by TechWarrior0329, May 2, 2020.

  1. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    So basically I enjoy the new BOP episode but one this particular situation reminds me of one from LONG ago that was actually corrected not too long ago.

    What is he talking about?

    Okay go to the Outdoor zone and grab the mission the Huntress. Now head down off the rooftop and find one of those spots where you can spawn rioters and Lexcorp Weapon containers.

    With me so far?

    So the spawn occurs and 4 rioting citizens and 3 containers appear. Defeat the 4 rioters before they can open any containers and you can get 10 of the points needed to complete the mission. Now at times you may notice you are playing tank and doing al the damage while other players are clicking those containers.. That in itself is no big deal since you get credit as well...………………….

    UNLESS {special note : here is the situation I am referring to}

    The player or players clicking those containers are villains and your a hero. At that point if they have all the containers clicked before you finish the battle you just lost 6 of those 10 points and if they click any of the defeated rioters before you do... You guessed it You don't get credit for those either. I have actually had a number of times where I was the only player actively attacking the rioters and was the player that spawned them to begin with and managed to walk away from that battle with a whole 2 defeats to my credit.. Heck I even had one instance where I got zero credits at all.

    Look I understand the Villains have complained for years about not having any missions of their own and felt like they were just Hero helpers but SERIOUSLY? I spawn the battle , I defeat all the mob members and I get NO CREIT at all because one or more villains ran around clicking while I was still battling? It is not the exact same thing but very similar to the issue we had with the "Lantern" missions we ran as we worked toward level 30. Heroes were defeating the Yellow Lanterns and making it hard for a Villain to complete his or her mission and Villains were doing the same thing by Defeating the Green Lanterns the Heroes were trying to protect.

    How about we stop creating situations like that? It just ticks off the player being taken advantage of. And we all know the way our lovely community is... I watched a trio of Villains hoover near a spot where the rioters were set up to spawn. A hero moved in and started the spawn,, And while that poor guy was busy beating the mob those three hopped in and clicked every container and every rioter that dropped. Left me wondering if they even still needed anything to complete their mission or were just seeing how much FUN they could have messing with some one else trying to complete theirs.

    AND FOR GOD SAKE if some one responds to this with "hey I am a villain its what I do" Let me ask what makes you thing there are not heroes doing the exact same thing to villains? ITs a game .. YOU are not a villains you are a player. If you'd get ticked off if some one did it to you.. do not use that lame excuse to justify doing it to anyone else.

    DEVS .. I know there are other missions in zone specific for villains. Hey there are armored cars not being robbed and I have seen plenty of villains attacking and I assume ROBBING them? lol I applaud the effort to give them some of their own missions .. not STOP creating situations where one faction can screw things up for the other, You want to let villains and heroes be nasty to each other? CREATE more PvP content.
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  2. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    You miss one very important detail, this task works identically for the villains, what you described also happens when playing for the villain, the villain initiates, attacks, and while the villain is busy fighting, the hero flies in and clicks on the containers and the villain remains with nothing .... Moreover, since the population of heroes is much larger, this situation is much worse for villains ... (the same with Spring Event, there it is even worse, since only heroes can do it there).
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  3. FlawlessTime Committed Player

    I have seen both sides but hero's are no better and many are scummy low down rats worse then villains and with so many of them they do it far more ^-^. But it all comes down to the individual player in the end.

    For me personally I try not to do it unless the opposite team does it to me or follows me and then it's on .
  4. nawanda Dedicated Player

    It’s all part of the fun, annoying the other faction. Try PvP phase if you don’t want other players interacting with your precious dailies.
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  5. RoBotkin Well-Known Player

    Don't think that works for open-world areas in episodes, I think it shoehorns the PvP phase into PvE phase and just flags them for PvP.
  6. Hraesvelg Loyal Player

    He's suggesting that because no one runs in PvP phase. Virtual ghost towns.

    Also, thanks for confirming this works the other way. I've had tons of heroes just swoop in and take credit while I have aggro. I think I'm going to exclusively look for heroes fighting these nodes now. I finally get to stick it to these guys, get some payback from the spring seasonal.
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  7. RoBotkin Well-Known Player

    I'm well aware, but as I said this isn't the case for episode open world spaces like BOP metropolis so it doesn't really apply to this issue.
  8. nawanda Dedicated Player

    Fair enough, thank you for this.
  9. Rainnifer Committed Player

    I figured the reason it was like this was because of how that particular interaction works, it's supposed to be the drops from Lex Luthor he mentions in his message at the start of the episode that everyone is meant to free-for-all for. For villains the objective says "Crime Opportunity" I don't think a hero would actually help us with that. I believe it would be the same the other way around.
    Though this opinion starts to fall off due to being able to restrain the rioters and not getting credit even if a hero helped with that.

    Since people can steal my credit with this, I make sure to grab the containers first before I finish killing any rioters. I pop a shield and/or stun the enemies and grab what I can.
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  10. EP Ice Loyal Player

    Thank you Tech for pointing this out because I’ve been wanting to say this since the release!! It doesn’t matter if a villain does it to a hero or vice versa, it’s quite annoying when I’m trying to complete a daily mission and I don’t get any credit for doing all the heavy lifting! I’m at the point now that I don’t even go after the rioter spawn points anymore because I’ve actually had a villain follow me around and take the credit from me.
  11. nawanda Dedicated Player

    I think this is amusing. Are we not at risk of taking ourselves a bit seriously here? I’d troll the villain by taking them on a sight seeing tour.
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  12. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Ummm Guys you sort of missed the point to some respect. Okay so I gave up on playing as a villain due to the LONG waits trying to find a team a while ago but I NEVER said it was not happening to them as well.... I merely explained what was happening to me. Hey take 3 second and think about it. There were a total of TEN credits involved in that battle and if I managed to click on and get 3 or 4 or even 5 that means that the Villain involved only got what I did not get. SO OMG yes it is possible and trust me I know for a fact there are as many, probably a pile more, PITA heroes out there doing the same sort of the Villains. HEY I have had heroes using me as their tank on the same battle. They never fire off a shot to help just run in and click away while I or YOU or whoever is actually defeating mob members. The difference? If I am a hero and some dumb butt hero pulls that same stunt yeah he was a jerk and didn't help a bit BUT I still got 10 credits.

    My POINT was the Dev team should just flat out stop creating stuff like this. There are plenty of other ways to annoy and frustrate a player without setting him up to spend time and effort attacking and defeating mobs only to walk away with NOTHING...…….. AND THAT APPLIES TO HERO AND VILLAINS BOTH.

    Now let's address the so called solution of "just go to the PvP phase. Yes for the most part it is deserted but all you need is one Hero or Villain that finds you.. let's you defeat the mobs and clicks away while you do it and then , Because you are in PvP, turns around and attacks you as well. Had that happen when I TRIED going to PvP to gather Magic Motes in Chaos Gotham a while back. No not the WAIT time but the one villain in the zone apparently decided I was stealing "HIS" motes and attacked me. NO thanks I do not go there for any reason. Let's try fixing PvE not just pointing a finger towards PvP and saying "Just go there"

    Want to know the solution I use right now? Okay here goes.... unless I do not see a single purple dot around I just do not bother to go near and activate the rioters.. I know where a pile of spots are and I find ones I can do in peace.. OR I simply go find and attack the MOBS attacking armored vans. I don't need to leave the zone and run to the watch tower and switch to PvP. Then run back to the zone and HOPE no one attacks me while I am attacking a mob... Kind of a cheap way to win a PvP battle isn't that? Wait till the guy (HERO or VILLAIN. have I said that enough to satisfy you yet? LOL) is battling 4 rioters and then ATTACK him or her and defeat them ………… "YAY hey look I defeated that guy. the Mob did about 50% of the damage but I fired my weapon and used attacks... It counts right?" Now my "solution" works but also means thanks to a small group of turds that can not have fun in the game unless they are making it miserable for anyone else it means I am passing up battles right in front of me and traveling half way across the zone to get away from them. In other word.. it TAKES LONGER TO COMPLETE THE MISSION all thanks to a few idiots. Oh and those idiots can be heroes or villains (OMG I did not realize we had to be "politically correct" and include everyone in everything on the forums LOL:D )

    It took years but the Dev team finally broke down and fixed it so heroes could not bother villains and villains could not bother the heroes doing the broken rings arc below level 30 because players ON BOTH SIDES were making it next to impossible for the other side to finish that part of the mission and move on to the next.
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  13. dcuotoo Well-Known Player

    I cried reading this...thinking about how little sarcasm was in your statement
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  14. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    why I hate open world stuff, can't stand it, whether it's a villain or hero, they will swoop in for free credit because they are too lazy to find their own, they rather let someone else do all the work.
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  15. myandria Loyal Player


    Personally, I always let the rioters grab the containers and allow them to take each other out. That way, all I have to do is cuff 'em. Besides, it's very entertaining to watch. If someone else takes it, they won't get full credit and I just move on to the next one. Watching the rioters and the pheremone-infused people fight each other are the only fun things I get out BoP.

    Talia: "Why Myandria, that is how an Al'Ghul would think; perhaps my son is rubbing off on you." :D
  16. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    The problem is not political correctness, the problem is accuracy. If you voiced a problem, be careful and specific, your first post looked like it was a problem only for the heroes, while it was a problem for both heroes and villains. For contrast, the Spring Event I mentioned is objectively, mechanically more difficult for villains.
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  17. Reinheld Loyal Player

    They are different phases. I was down there day 1 grabbing the collections while they still held value. I saw very few other people, even on the rooftop. I had just left PVE and it was pretty packed. This has always been the case with open world, 2 different locations. Day 1 collection farming is always best in PvP phase where it is indeed...a ghost town.

    As far as the actual issue, yeah, it kind of sucks, but play offense and beat them to the grab. Put a shield in and pop it around the time the 'drop' is coming down. I can normally have 2 of the 3 canisters scooped up before anyone else swoops in or before I have to hit any adds. The rest of the time yeah, it's a bit of a race....some you win, some you lose. Shared credit would be better, and has worked on many of the open world missions(Atlantis especially) in the past...not sure why they decided to revisit 'stealing' credit setup here, but it's not the end of the world. It's also worse closer to spawn. I generally try to move off towards the Metahuman fight. There are a lot of drop circles there and not many people.
  18. Illumin411 Dedicated Player

    I actually like this. I din’t really PVP so it’s the one thing I got to stick it to the vills! Lol
  19. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Hmmmm Okay but doing that means you actually let the rioters sort of "steal" over half the credit. Hey those things spawn 4 rioters that are each worth 1 credit. The cannisters when clicked by a player are worth 2 each. So if you let the rioters grab all the cannisters instead of defeating them .. which is what the Devs had in mind I imagine …. You kind of pass up 60% of the value of the spawn. You can use your method and still get the 25 ? ( I think that is it lol) you need but it means attacking a lot more mobs.

    And You only enjoy the rioters and pheromone affected fighting? Gee I enjoy playing with the kittens in the trees. Which may explain why I now have 8 alts with that feat for rescuing 90 of them LOL

    And I think I may adapt my attack methods. Based on your post Reinhold... 1) shields up and click the 3 cannister and then 2) attack the rioters with weapons. I can definitely see where that could result in more spawns where the rioters don't get a chance to steal the cannister :D
  20. myandria Loyal Player

    Well, I don't mind having to attack more mobs, as I don't rush through much of anything; I can get the mission done regardless of how much longer it takes. With my method, it takes about 4-5 riot mobs to complete; if I can pull some pheromone-infused people into the riot mob then I get a HILARIOUS fight to watch(it's hard to do, but I've done it a couple of times)! The devs have decided to allow credit sharing despite the complaints against it, so I figured if I have to share credit, I may as well get some type of fun out of it.

    I also have the 90 kitten feat unlocked on most of my characters, as well as Ivy's "protect her babies" and Huntresses "get rid of those rioters" feats.

    As far as Reinhold's method; I have tried that and it does work well, but for me it is not as fun as just watching the mobs fight each other. :D

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