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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by sharpy36, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. sharpy36 Active Player

    I've been playing since beta and have run all the content many, many, many times. I run Prime Battleground every week on at least 1 character, and have reset it many times in the past. I still have not gotten the Helm of Omnipotence. Same goes with the Chestguard of Omnipotence from Darkseid's War Factory, and Gloves of Omnipotence from The Demon's Plan. In fact, the only OP item that has ever dropped for me on my main character is 1 OP ring. This has gotten a bit ridiculous, and it certainly feels like there is something wrong with my character. After thousands of runs I'd expect to at least have gotten 1 of those OP items. I've been farming those 3 OP items for years and it would be great if a dev could look at my character (Vallerie) and see if everything is working as intended. Those MIGHT even be the only 3 styles on the entire villain side that I don't already have, so it would be great to know if they're working as intended.
  2. LastSonOfEarth Committed Player

    It’s the secret luck stat o_O
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  3. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Random is random. I've run Prime a zillion times on my main and never gotten the HoP.

    But a couple of years ago, I ran it twice on one of my alts, and I got the Helmet of Omnipotence two runs in a row.

    But I've never gotten it on 16 out of 17 characters. (Admittedly I don't run Prime often other than on my main and even that is irregular these days.)

    Random is random.
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  4. High Troller Loyal Player

    have you attempted to send in a support ticket?

    direct link:
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  5. sharpy36 Active Player

    Of course random is random, and I'm not declaring it broken. Just asking to make sure it's working as intended.
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  6. August Moon Well-Known Player

    tbh ive had very good luck in running content after a long hiatus and when im horribly underleveled. when i left and came back i managed to get the op chest from darkseid. left and came baack again and got the op face from throne , left 2 more times for almost a year and got op hands from deamons plan and the op head from phantom zone ( all not in tjhat order )
  7. nawanda Loyal Player

    RNG is a cruel mistress.

    Back when DWF came out I ran and reset it about eight times. All the guys I was running it with got their chests but No drop for me..

    One of my league mates told me he was having trouble getting into a DWF group as a fire DPS so I got him in one of our runs. He dropped the chest.

    I must have run DWF and DWFe 40-50 times over the years, to finish the styles and feats but I’ve never dropped that OP chest.

    I have no doubt it is working fine though. Poor luck is not a bug.
  8. L T Devoted Player

    What's probably going on here is that you're using up all your stored luck on things like time capsules, vault drops, and promethium lockboxes. Vets have long know that you get the best drops when you skip these things for a few days just like we've long been careful not to make non-tanks with too much Dom.

    Either that or it's actually really random.
  9. Melusine Midnight Rainbow Phoenix

    Ran Prime this weekend, someone in group got the helm.
  10. Iconic Simulation YouTuber

    Hey Val, sorry you got such bad luck there. When I got my first prime helm I had soloed it back with AMs before revamp, I must have run it a good 100-150 times before I got it. Then 50 times later I got my second one. Got a few more of the omnis from queuing up/ being invited for last boss and got them. The luck is just really low. I kept at the alerts daily and finally got all of them. Just keep at it and make it a priority and they will come in time. The best advice I can give is start with DWFr/e for the chest style or PBr/e for the belt. Not many ppl run those raids so they will be the hardest to get. The alerts are run regularly and im sure you can solo prime. Btw, if alts happen to have the styles you can style share them across the account.