Devs: Spring Seasonal?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Little Sister, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Little Sister New Player

    Will there be a revamped Spring Seasonal Event with a boss fight like Halloween and Christmas? Or have you stopped doing that?
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  2. Deviant New Player

    Don't forget the Summer Event was the start of this whole new event format. I would assume they wouldn't leave Spring out of the fun. It's the only one that is left that should be inline with the others.
  3. DSug176 New Player

    Yup, I would assume so as well. They said the new instanced events would be themed around Summer (Tides of War), Fall (The Witching Hour), Winter (Season's Greedings/Winter Holidays), and Spring (presumably the Springtime seasonal or some revamped title).
  4. recespieces31 New Player

    That would be cool if they far, they haven't gone wrong with the new instanced Seasonal events
  5. drail27 New Player

    Not sure i agree with this....
  6. recespieces31 New Player

    What didn't you like?
    The new Witching Hour event was tenfold better than last year's Halloween event...
    The Winter Seasonal was made even better than last year, by giving us LarFleeze and all his crazyiness to fight as an event...

    IMHO, they have made improvements to each event
  7. Quantum Rising Well-Known Player

    While I agree that the halloween event was much improved I personally like the Mxy content. It's different and breaks the mold. Sure, I don't mind new stuff added but the fact the Spring seasonal has no boss fight in comparison to all the others is a little refreshing.
  8. Deviant New Player

    I expect a Spring boss fight. How else can the squeeze more Replay badges out of us?
  9. JEEBIE New Player

    What is interesting about mxy? The rolling coins vs stationary trees/seeds/whatever?

    What is refreshing about not having a boss? One less thing to do?
  10. Little Sister New Player

    Well I wouldn't consider the Halloween event as an Autumn event. It's really only one of several holidays in Autumn.
  11. FESTER665 New Player

    The question is do the devs see it that way ??? LOL I think it's technically our "autumn" content.
  12. Alitain1 New Player

    Exactly. It's nice to break it up a bit. All you gotta do is grab the daily mission, bust it out, and you're done. And for those of us have done the event already a couple new styles or lair items is nice but we also don't have to worry about doing the event a ton of times if we don't want to. I at least enjoy not having a boss battle every event.

    I wouldn't mind Spring being skipped either for a boss event. We have a boss for Summer, Halloween, and Christmas/Winter. Three out of the five events is fine enough. I just hope they add maybe a couple new style pieces or something to the Spring event like they've been doing the others.

    And yeah, Halloween is our Autumn event just like Christmas is our Winter event. If they had really wanted to they could've just left the St. Patty's event as our Spring event if they wanted to considering they're only like a month apart at best. But it works out well enough having two wholly seasonal events that don't share a holiday.

    Also, there's not much time to add an Autumn event during that time. I mean they could stick it during November but then that'd be three straight months of events and most people are busy during that time with the holidays already so adding to that would probably be stressful. I know personally I like having breaks between events since I don't have a whole lot of time to play so when an event is on I only play the event basically and nothing else, so I don't make much if any progression in the game itself during that time.
  13. Alitain1 New Player

    Forum glitched and double posted, hehe.
  14. Laff Riot New Player

    I would like to see something else done. If not it is cool too.
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  15. FESTER665 New Player

    Hit up Mepps on twitter since you get answers faster that way, he said The Witching Hour if the fall/autumn seasonal event....
  16. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    The Spring event will return, with new content. We'll share more closer to it starting.
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  17. Little Sister New Player

    Yay! Thanks Mepps ^.^
  18. General_Gear New Player

    Finally I can get those spring shoulders
  19. surge914 New Player

    Wish all seaonal stuff had an event you can go into like halloween. The st patrick is pretty boring IMO.
  20. Deviant New Player

    I wish all seasonal stuff's boss drops are not like Summer's. I never was able to win the head style drop, when it rarely dropped for me. I did it daily and near the end, entertained it with some Replays a couple of times only to not see it drop once. If the style wasn't associated with a feat, I wouldn't be as sour, but to Replay a supposedly change of pace, fun seasonal? I feel like a chump.

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