Dev's Seriously Need To Fix Weapon Drops!

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Abaddon2012, May 1, 2013.

  1. Abaddon2012 Active Member

    Seriously this is getting tiring! You make stronger weapons for pvp to purchase but not for PVE! Get it together. Tired of Running raids top of the damage out put charts with nothing to show for except my marks! FIX THIS!
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  2. Laff Riot Well-Known Member

    You do know that there is new weapons releasing with DLC 7 right?
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  3. Frostbight Well-Known Member

    Ive been playing the game since launch and never had a problem with getting better weapons. Your problem comes straight from the fact that your just really worried about seeing numbers on a scorecard and not the fact that your beating raids with the gear you have now. The only reason you want a better weapon is to see bigger numbers, not because your struggling.

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  4. Kintuse Well-Known Member

    Calm down, when the harder content comes along, then you'll get the weapons you need, every instance available right now can be done with the current 131 weapons. If you're complaining just to have a higher score on the charts, then you lost me.
  5. CCBatson Well-Known Member

    Just curious, but why does being at the top of the damage charts make you more deserving of something? If you finished the raid, you finished the raid. Marks are the reward. It's not that I don't feel your frustration, I also have been waiting for weapon drops. But your logic... isn't.
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  6. Hard Night Active Member


    Out of curiosity, when did getting top damage out guarantee you anything other than an ego boost, including marks?
  7. Abaddon2012 Active Member

    My whole point to this is that PVP weapons are stronger and available for purchase yet PVE weapons are only dropss. It's pathetic to see that the highest weapon available is 113 for purchase! And of course i wan't to see higher numbers on a scorecard! I'm DPS that's my job. Just tired of seeing other people piggy back riding through raids and getting all the good loot! When i have more than Double Damage out in a raid to the guy below me in the charts then that's telling me the other DPS's aren't trying as hard as i am! As far as DLC7 are those stronger weapons going to be drops everyone is going to be rolling on or available for purchase. I think it's moronic to have better weapons as a prize drop knowing every one is going to want them!
  8. recespieces31 Well-Known Member

  9. Frostbight Well-Known Member

    Le sigh...when are people going to learn that being a good dps isn't all about numbers on a board.
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  10. Kintuse Well-Known Member

    Of course everyone is going to 'need' on higher based weapons.. so will you.. I fail to see how that's unfair.. simply because you top the charts? Does this make you entitled to better gear than the others you're running with? I believe no, it doesn't. As for the fact you cannot purchase the higher weapons, at least you can do the new Solo Legend instances for better weapons when DLC7 hits.
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  11. Abaddon2012 Active Member

    Umm yeah those who work harder to have higher numbers burn ads and bosses faster so to me yeah that does say i deserve better than what i have. People that rely on other people to get through raids need to step up their game and stop riding coattails! Regardless the Dev team should make stronger weapons available for purchase! MY MAIN POINT! When gates and prime dropped into the game Prime dropped 125.9's and once Veng and Dawn dropped they should have made the 125.9's available for purchase since they are weaker than the 131's! What's so hard to understand about that? It's pathetic when week after week i run these raids and constantly roll a 0 on loot! That tells me there's something very wrong and it would just be easier to buy my class of weapon than to run and walk away with nothing. And if marks are my award then they shouldn't have codecs or weapon drops and yet i could buy them with my award! The marks i got!!!
  12. lordexecution365 Well-Known Member

    I think i understand your point, you are trying to say that their need to be a vendor that sell a higher weapon correct?

    I believe that most who have posted are not feeling you on this matter.

    i agree to that it seems that part of what you saying is true you can buy a t4 pvp weapon but you can't buy a pve one.

    Those that disagree believe strongly that it will effect the game play for them and make it to easy which is their opinion they run with stronge groups all the time. Where as for you, you pug and group up with those still growing.

    Two opinions to the question at hand which is weird I'd say.
  13. Hendrix Active Member

    No. Please let's not make PVE become "seasonal" and continually inflate the available weapons. Let's not have fully overgeared players that have only played two weeks because they can buy all the top gear.
  14. Frostbight Well-Known Member

    sorry all I got was blah blah blah I have high scorecard numbers..i feels as if im carrying the raid without me..blah blah blah. Its not fair that jimmy who was in the raid as a dps and uses the same weapon I do got it because blah blah blah. Im guessing as a child you never learned to share or wait in line. Dcuo doesn't need people like this who are truly only worried about themselves.
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  15. DarkSyde79 Well-Known Member

    It's not going to happen. R&D gave the devs a great opportunity to allow us to create our own weapons phasing weapon drops out higher end content. They haven't, so it's the luck of the draw.
  16. MockingBird Active Member

    If you're top of the damage out put charts you clearly don't need a stronger weapon do you? You should actually be complaining about more marks because you are carrying everyone on your 24 inch pythons brother. You just got a bunch of new mod slots pretty recently to stick in stuff to increase your dps numbers, enjoy that before it's nerfed further. Speaking of which, be careful what you wish for, you see what happened to PVP.
  17. X-zero Well-Known Member

    Maybe the game feels you don't need a better weapon since you already top in damage. Maybe it is trying to help the weaker people. I won't mind a weapon vender but the game does practically gives 131 out now so it not really needed.
  18. Kintuse Well-Known Member

    ...I miss the downvote button.
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  19. 4th Horseman Member

    High numbers don't make a good dps. On the contrary it can also show how bad some are. Think of being on the docks for Vengeance raid. There is always one or two dps that are killing them before they get close to the Ankh.

    That said, I understand your frustration. I've been running bd / veng since release and only now got my 1h from it...2 weeks or so before the next dlc. It's not fun or a good feeling. You'd think I'd be excited but instead I'm thinking, "Yeah, I'll have this two weeks and the DLC will come out and it will be obsolete." What a waste....
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  20. Gunny Well-Known Member

    131.1 DPS weapons.....


    Or for you villains?


    Its actually possible that 131.1's even drop from the new T4 boxes. I've seen 125 weapons out of there myself, but I also heard of level 81 item level gear. To see a 131 weapon, I wouldnt be too surprised.
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