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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by tukuan, Mar 2, 2021.

  1. tukuan Devoted Player

    Can we please just have ALL event missions complete and issue the reward automatically. I gotta think I'm not the only one that when I get a window, runs a number of toons through event contain only to find out the next day that I forgot to complete some journal entries for the reward effectively meaning I can't run it again on that day.

    Yes I wholeheartedly agree that I should remember to do it myself but it's so easy to miss, so please save me from my own scatter brain.

    It's specifically annoying because some do and some don't so it's not like it's not technically possible. For example in the V-day event the outside mission completes but the race doesn't.
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  2. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    There's one reason to argue against autocompleting dailies: If tomorrow/Wednesday we find out it's a bonus mark/coin day and we decide to get up early (or just can't sleep) and decide to do all of our dailies after reset but before server restart, if they autocomplete we don't get to take advantage of the bonus marks. Some people like to do that so that they can either focus on raids later or to make sure they can get all of their alts in. Autocompleting daily missions robs people of that option.
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  3. tukuan Devoted Player

    Sorry I just have clarified that I meant the seasonal events not the current episode as an event.
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  4. PsySomatic Extra Life 2020

    I run 23 toons a day now and at least once per seasonal it happens. I even put a reminder in both of my leagues daily messages so that every time I log in with any of my toons I would see it.

    That might help, but I am the only person in my leagues so I put in reminders for all kinds of things I need to get done on this or that toon as well, lol. :D
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  5. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    Ahh...well then....proceed.
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  6. Reinheld Devoted Player

    I've also complained about this before, especially at X-mas time (excuse me...Winter Seasonal) where NOT completing the outdoor mission before you finish the indoor mission robs you of some bonus marks unless you then Re-run the indoor mission.

    At a minimum, it should be uniform (this goes for reg episodes too). Some require checking back in with someone like Aquaman, Lois Lane (for Meta), or any number of OW daily missions. Others auto complete, like Calc or the current V-Day missions, Still others like Xmas or Synn (metal 2) require you going into your journal and closing out the mission. Synn is actually the worst as it requires checking in with the Scout AND then clearing the journal no chance you mess that up ever.:eek:

    I mean really...SOME consistency would be nice.

    Ideally all seasonal runs could auto complete without issue. As Khalon points out, the only reason NOT to do this would be daily runs where you plan on running after reset but before reboot the day before a 2x event. I'm not sure the last time (if ever) we've seen a seasonal 2x event, so it's not likely to happen there.
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  7. Aren Sul Committed Player

    I've also complained. My last was in Thanagar - you had to complete and turn in. All I want is consistency.
    (P.S. For anyone leveling an troll alt, it's this and the inconsistent default arrangement of dps/control rewards, and seasonal just makes that worse).
  8. Dominic Blue Well-Known Player

    A lot of mobile MMOs do autocompletes for certain content. It depends but usually auto completes are a currency of their own, usually doesn't include newer content and depending on the game you had to have completed it usually with a perfect place or no wipes or whatever. Not sure if that's applicable to PC/console MMOs but I know people have been kicking around having the Vault and Stabilizer being automatic awards.

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