Devs please disable pve gear in open world pvp.

Discussion in 'Battle of the Legends (PvP)' started by FuryFireTank, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Flint Lockwood Well-Known Player

    There are no fair fights in Open World. Besides, PVE geared players are laughably easy to kill. If you're having problems fighting PVE PVPers, perhaps you should spend more time practicing with the sparring target and less time on the forum spewing tears.
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  2. BipolarDiva Loyal Player

    Devs please disable pvp gear in pve server. Constant dueling is annoying. Lol
  3. The peoples Badguy Committed Player

    The Bad One agrees with almost everything in this post. Pve gear in a Pvp phase is needed when leveling up a new toon. The Bad guy will not level up a new toon in a Pve phase because it is too crowded to finish a mission at a fast pace with all the knuckle heads running around. The people will always take his chances in the Pvp phase. That is what this game is about. Hero's vs Villains. There is NO way and the BAD GUY means NOOOOOO WAYYYY a player in full Pvp gear should lose to any other gear in the open world. The People wishes that the Pve phase would be eliminated and let the war for Earth really begin.
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  4. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Holy crap people, you don't get marks or anything for defeating someone in open world! I understand you want it "fair" but right now we're still rocking pvp gear that's 40 cr behind pve gear. Wait till they release new pvp gear, it'll balance itself out for a few more months.

    But removing pve gear would screw over anyone leveling up or doing open world missions, and don't say "switch to pve phase to do that" it wouldn't be an option to do it in pvp phase if the devs didn't intend it.
  5. X3n0 Level 30

    Most people use pve gear in duels anyway. lol

    It's not about the marks it's about having fun and messing around instead of having to focus on winning in arenas. Once you get all your pvp gear marks don't really matter anymore.

    Who ever said if your in open world pvp and using pve gear you should only do 1 damage to other players I agree with that.
    I like to add something and say healers in pve gear can only heal for 1 damage if there trying to heal anyone in pvp gear.
    same for trolls on power out
  6. FuryFireTank Well-Known Player

    i agree 100% with what your saying. people who are not agreeing on this are most likely the people sitting out there in open world with full pve gear in the first place. Or they just know nothing about pvp open world and come on here just to babble on just to disagree.
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  7. undrline Issue Tracker Volunteer

    I bet if they could hear him getting so upset, a few more people would've changed powers on the spot just to aggravate him.

    And, I must've missed where he actually inspected anyone to see what gear they were wearing.
    And, for all his complaining about "people think they're good but they're not," when actually fighting one on one, I saw him land one counter that entire time.
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  8. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    I don't think the devs have the tech for the healing and power part.

    Also if you level up and run into another player of the same level you'd he hitting each other for 1s cause there's not a whole set of low level pvp gear. Also keep in mind the people that mix pvp and pve.
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  9. WockaFlockaPhil Dedicated Player

  10. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    That video was more about, not pve gear in pvp
  11. Shifty Committed Player

    I disagree with it, and I'm 100% sure i PvP in metro way more than you do. And I only use pvp gear. Just cause you're getting slapped by someone in pve gear, doesn't mean the devs should drop what they're doing to fix the problem only a handful of players are crying about. As I stated previously, ganking is also unfair, and irritates me, but you don't see me making posts crying about it. I find in game solutions myself. I'm sure you just want a reason to cry on the forums, but posts like this make me chuckle.
  12. Shifty Committed Player

    Also based upon your username, you're a fire tank I assume. What gives you the right to cry when you're the most broken power on dcuo currently for pvp?
  13. FuryFireTank Well-Known Player

    Your finding a reason to critique me now. i will not go into a despute with you but i will say that i've been a fire tank since 2013 so what you stated above is irrelevant. also stating you pvp in open world more than i do is also going out of context because even if someone were to join in open world pvp right now they would see how over powered these pve players are against us pvp players. And again ill state that if your against what many of us are saying than that would indicate that your probably using full pve gear and dont want the devs to nerf it.
  14. Shifty Committed Player

    Actually, anyone relevant would know I'm never in pve gear while in metro, sorry try again. And idgaf how long you've been fire. It's broken, but I'm not making topics asking to nerf it? Like I said, you're just one of those dudes who needs something to cry about on the forums.
  15. FuryFireTank Well-Known Player

    I dont go on the forum to cry about something. i came on the forum because i beleive 100% that pve armor being used in pvp open world is something that should be legit changed for an overall better enjoyment. you criticizing someones opinion on the forum isnt right and you should'nt go on here and bash me for stating my two sense. If you dont agree with me then you say i disagree and thats it. You've already stated your disapproval towards what im trying to say so now you can move on.
  16. X3n0 Level 30

    That's an easy fix make so level 29 and below hit for normal damage. doesn't matter if there mixing pve/pvp gear if your not using full pvp you'll still do 1 damage, I do think trinkets and Omni gear should be allowed for open would pvp. not saying this is going to happen just ideas. lol

    I'm fine with ganking I don't thinks its unfair, if you play open world you should expect to be gank and be ready for it if it happens like I do.
    I'm just throwing ideas out there and hoping the devs see it maybe they might think it's a cool idea. you seem like a downer though.
  17. Agent Ahri Well-Known Player

    The question is not about whether PVE gear should be used in PVP phase, but rather if any PVE content should exist in PVP phase. Depending on the answer to that question, what would the community like to see in order to revive open world pvp?
  18. Grand Shaw Loyal Player

    Actually the question IS about PvE gear being in PvP. Open world content is always gonna be out there for PvE, but if PvE gear has no effect on PvP gear and vice versa, people who want to participate in Open World PvP can do so without being one shotted by a CR 150+ PvE'er.
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  19. danzig999 Active Player

    the video would have been epic if you had gotten cascaded while grabbing that exo :p daybreak will fix this so til then we all gotta grin and bare it.
  20. danzig999 Active Player

    Exactly, I mean there is no 'reward' for scrimmages beyond bragging rights and its fixed there so there is no reason a player cant expect it to be (and it will be) fixed in open world too. Alot of people like open world because its chaotic and dynamic, a fight that starts out as a 1v1 can suddenly balloon into 25v25...thats fun for alot people. What isnt fun is when that 51st person shows up and wipes the opposing 25 with cascade.

    They shouldnt and we all know it and anyone who argues against is someone who has no place pvping.
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