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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Helios The Eternal Flame, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. Helios The Eternal Flame Dedicated Player

    Heard this for a while now. Game has been dying and/or fading for years. All I can see is we'll see. I believe, again my opinion of course, DC will be around for another 3 or 4 years. Until another MMO can acquire either a Marvel license or DC stops supporting, this game will be played by many. People will continue to come here hoping the game dies to prove their point. (Not referring to you)
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  2. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    ONLY in AoJ content. Outside of that, it's just another ordinary Orbital Strike. I'm pointing that out because if the 10% for a few seconds persisted outside of that content, then it truly becomes a must have advantage. The Devs skirted that issue by keeping it contained to that content. Same as the Zeus Orbital Strike doing slightly more damage in AF3 content only.
  3. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    I would only counter with the length our content is out. The Zeus trinket, so far, was one of the few must haves. The past two have had a shorter shelf life, which makes them less valuable and not needed. Now none of these were pay to win, but that Zeus trinket was pretty close.
  4. HarryHell Well-Known Player

    As SP are progression, saying you don't need the feats from TC is like saying you don't need to be all you can be in this game. It's true, you don't need all feats, you don't even need all gear, heck you dont even really need mods. You can finnish all content of this game with very little, but this game isn't a like single person game where your entire gameplay builds up to a final battle, the final battle in this game is maximum progression. The only pro with tc are DCUO making more money, the biggest con with it is that it drives people away along with other bad descissions from the devs and/or their bosses, we are closer now then we ever been to a dead DCUO (on eups at least).
    In the end the feats and how to obtain them from TC's are not protectable.
  5. HarryHell Well-Known Player

    I've been around since 2011 and there was 5 servers on EUPS alone, it took less time forming groups on the "Justice for All server" containing about a 3rd or 4th of the players back than it does now. No lfg existed, and PC had their own servers. Basically we were all noobs running around in and shouting in WT after reaching lvl 30. First time i did Arkham i waited outside it and formed group there, that was easier than it is forming anything for 2 tiers down now (at least when im on in EUPS/PC).
    I've been around and active during all the bottoms this game had, nothing felt as bad as it does now, so i agree to this game fading, However my perception is based on my experience, where 95% is from Hero side EUPS, 2% on villain side EUPS, and 3% forums.
    This game will not make enough money to be renewed unless something changes drastically, and i think licenses are due next year, so we'll see if it is profitable to keep tis game around after that.
    Last time game was in a ditch resembeling this one. (had a seemingly greater number of active players back then) this game barely got it's licensed renewed, i think it was because Daybreak (and the investment group owning them) was not sure if they wanted to renew, after that Daybreak made massive changes to their team, and devs people on the forums liked and some they didnt like as much had to go get new jobs.
    The last 5 years (give or take 2 years) most of the new players dont finnish lvling before leaving, meaning most of them never becoming paying customers. I feel this is worse now, instead of many noobs asking noob questions, and 2-3 is asking for free things, there is one asking for free things and 15 ad-bots spamming shout in WT

    My memory may fool me, or my perception may be wrong, but i think the only time there has been fewer actives online was during the 2011 hack
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  6. Zpred Dedicated Player

    I've heard the game is dying since 2011 too, when you think about it, it technically was/is very slowly, but it still managed to hold on.

    Now saying that, tbh on eu server it's crazy slow, it's no where near as busy as it used to be, lfg is slow, queues are slow, it just isn't no where near what it used to be, it is at a very low point atm which is a shame.

    The cause?

    Probably many different things,

    people get bored and move on to other things.

    People got tired of waiting for new powers.

    People got fed up of watching the devs waste a year introducing Am/cr differential to then waste another year removing it (stats matter).

    People don't like being stat clamped.

    People got bored of waiting for a big overhaul fix of PvP.

    People don't like progression tied to a microtransion pay wall hing (aka p2w, time capsules)

    Some hated the stats revamp and left, me personally that's what brought me back because I wasn't a fan of cr diff/am, but I didn't like the stat crunch in lower content much.

    There's so many different reasons why people are leaving or have left, those reasons above I bet are a big portion of why the eu server is in the state it's in.

    I really like dcuo but if I have to be honest it's not half the game it used to be even with all the current content it has, weird statement I know but yeah.

    I call for 1 big super mega server an unite them all together to get the game busy again, remove feats from tc and find another way of earning money from the players, more cosmetics in the market place, add walk in teleporters for all instances or a force que system. This would be a better step in the right direction for the player base imo.
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  7. WilderMidnight Devoted Player

    another "i'm the only skilled player in dcuo everyone else should stay support" thread.

    woo hoo.
  8. Helios The Eternal Flame Dedicated Player

    I always believed this should be the case. I think we should unite the US and EU servers. I support that totally. That being said, I don't want to go off topic.
  9. StillDeathern Dedicated Player

    Anyone else here crickets?... That seems to be the only response received to these types of threads from the DEVs.

    I admit it would get old hearing from a DEV everytime one a thread like this was written (which that says something in itself), but once every now and then, would it hurt for them to chime in and drop a comment or two, and more than :

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  10. MaverickRaven657 Well-Known Player

    You guys should be happy. There's a hot fix tomorrow. It's gonna add the resplendent cache, and it now has only a 0 point feat attached.

    While ppl like me are furious. I'm a whale, I don't see the problem with spending money on something I like. I don't get why being a whale is a bad thing, especially seeing as how without whales most games wouldn't exist.

    All that being said, I would like to clarify and say this isn't a blanket statement. Not all whales are unhappy, just all of my whale friends and I. It's been like this forever, an outspoken minority pushes the devs into something, the devs usually buckle, and then the minority gets their way. Then another issue comes up, and the very vocal minority complain all over again like the devs "never listen".

    Devs, straight up. I'm angry as all get out over this. And if you remove feats from the TCs I and almost everyone I know won't purchase even half of the stabilizers we have already. Furthermore, as far as I'm concerned, the quark vendor is useless now and if they remove feats from TCs I will never purchase a stabilizer again.

    I know I'M the minority here, and that's cool. I just wanna make sure you guys appreciate this breaking your way because once again you got your way. So acting as if the devs never listen to you is kinda insulting to guys like me that got what they wanted taken away to satisfy you guys.
  11. Tarif Committed Player

    The game is not balanced, not our powers or our roles.

    The Stats matter revamp was little more than a bad joke, and I wanted the cr differential gone as well. Our Stats are NOT mattering much at all, not like they have always been intended and earned in game.

    Our SPs matter very little compared to those players that have never put in much work for their characters the way the stats are represented now, or to content and how it is supposed to be tiered appropriately. No one but a very small minority asked for this trash. It has only taken every bit of growth our characters have earned in game and paid for as customers.

    Take away the progression Ive earned in game over years as a player and as a customer? No. Wont be getting me again. I was very active, paid for not only my legendary memberships each month, but always put $100 + more a month in game for the growth and progression of my character. Thats over until many things are addressed and our game is better balanced again.

    I kept my membership going for new content, and because I actually enjoy the friends Ive made in my league, other than that, nope. Not a dollar more from me, and even that, is about winding down when the next dlc comes and goes.

    Other games get more of my cash now. Id rather it not be that way, but thats the truth. Only a small, and I mean very small group of elitists wanted things the way they are right now.

    Lets call this what it actually is, a very imbalanced game wide Nerf that the majority of us wanted no part of. Period. This was a game of progression, of our Hero's personal growth, and that dynamic has been taken from us. People arent happy. This feels like Im playing in stat clamped content.

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  12. HarryHell Well-Known Player

    Unless it's important for you to show of your wallet you shouldn't enjoy throwing away that large amounts of money to get everything in this system.
    Off course there are always someone that pay 10 times the amount normal people do for ie cologne because it has a special label on it that states its only for the rich.
    You are basically saying that devs shouldnt remove your status symble, that special emblem that if you read it up close say that you spend more money than others.
    If the system was fair, and you at least almost got your moneys worth than i would understand, but you are basically complaining that since you can afford it the little people shouldn't.

    What you whalers don't understand is that you only keep the game alive for so long, the grunts on the floor is what really brings in the money in the long run, so I am afraid if devs cater to your need of showing that you have more money than almost everyone else, only you and your kin will remain when they turn of the lights.

    However, don't worry, your precious feats in TC's will remain, and the really bad rng will keep many normal players away from even wanting to finnish them. So you showing your whaling capabiliteis will remain, just now you will be able to get an extra material for every between somewhere around 300$ you use (have in mind there is no guarantee you will finnish all the feats of 1 type of TC by then so it might even become 500 or even 1000$ or even more.
    The quarks vendor was a suggestion from non whalers that wanted TC's to be fair, so they could put rare collection pieces or auras and materials in there, so that a TC would cost you a maximum amount of money to finnish, that devs corrupted to what it is now.
    Luckily us angry little people got it adjusted to something better, it's still corrupted and unsocial though.

    In the end i will just say, there is nothing wrong with spending money on something you like, but a service isn't like a girlfriend or wife, you actually expect to get your moneys worth paying for a service. With DCUO and TC's an quarks vendor, you are nowhere near getting your moneys worth. TC's are like that ugly sugarbaby you got stuck with after a drunk night, who refuses to leave, and somehow manages to use almost all off your money (as a whaler you might relate;)).
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  13. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    To be honest. I just stopped caring a long time ago. This game in my opinion has gone down to the point of no return. Nothing will change in regards to their money making tactics. They will make it appear as they are meeting you halfway and making an effort but like with this quarks vendor, don't be fooled. I barely log in now a days, havent even got enough marks for a single piece of new gear. They've literally just made me not care anymore between the incessant time caps, gear and mod grind being incredibly unengaging and excessive and overall just lack of effort put into content and all effort into money making schemes which should be nothing but styles, but clearly arent.
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  14. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    This guy is literally the reason why our game is why it is now. Congrats bud. Enjoy your shiny things when there's 5 people left in the WT to show it off to.
  15. MaverickRaven657 Well-Known Player

    LOL... dude, seriously? Don't be ridiculous. It's been a year of TCs, if ppl were going to quit as badly as you make it out to be, they'd all b gone by now. Furthermore, with an ever changing gaming economy, game companies are constantly in need of reassessing the way they make money.

    You shouldn't vilify them for it, you should help them make it better. That's not what you're doing by screaming "P2W!". They're not going to take the feats outta the TCs they've said it plain as day, so what you should b doing is coming up with compromises.

    But why am I wasting my time? You're one of the guys that will say the devs "literally never listen" or they "never do anything" for you and your cause.

    From my perspective it's guys like you that hurt the game, whereas ppl like me just help keep the game afloat. I don't care about showing the shiny stuff off. Look at my toons, the flashiest thing on any of them is an azure aura. I care about completion; and I realize that the game needs money because it's a business.

    I also don't mindlessly scream "get rid of the feats!" I know that's not going to happen, so I look to things that we can compromise on. I'd love to get more bang for my buck, but when you're shouting for the removal of feats, you're ending the conversation before it even begins.
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  16. >>>KIra<<< Dedicated Player

    Well Said
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  17. Helios The Eternal Flame Dedicated Player

    I just want to clarify my intentions with this thread. It is unreasonable and impractical to remove the feats that were already acquired through Time Capsules. Those feats should NOT be removed. People already spent money and the backlash would be overwhelming. This process does not require a Butcher with a Hatchet, rather it requires a Surgeon with a scalpel.

    GOING FORWARD, perhaps with Episode 30: Earth-3, there should be no Feats associated with Time Capsules. People burned through cash speedily for Booster Bundles, that is more than sufficient. Again,.......No, I'm not a Dev, but IMO, generating revenue is possible by putting Iconic materials, auras, and styles on the MP, not TC's. I would literally throw all my money at the MP if they took the time to revamp it.
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  18. Roocck Committed Player

    Pretty sure for some like myself this game has already died... I dislike everything from tc's to revamp, the worst thing of all is that I have replaced PS4 DCUO for an Ipad MMO game $0... Has every play style with Tanks, DPS and healers just like every other MMO...:)
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  19. >>>KIra<<< Dedicated Player

    I baffles the mind why everyone makes such a big deal about TC. It does not hurt anyone. Go about your own business and play the game like normal. If a random player I don't know opens a TC it does not affect me one little bit. It almost sounds like a form jealousy.
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  20. Helios The Eternal Flame Dedicated Player

    Agreed. Not the removal of feats. Just going forward,......don't attach more to TC's. Healthy compromise.....
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