DEVS made my main character into a BOSS... again!!

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by stärnbock, Oct 30, 2018.

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    ok, it may have been a funny coincedent:
    this is how my main villain has run around,
    basicly since he was created. it adjusted,
    when the styles were added to the game:


    the idea was a being made out of water,
    got under the controll of starro in the event,
    yet: after the invasion, the two fused together.
    not lying: you can find proof of it by researching
    via blogguide ^^ he is in the brawlers league ^^
    while the mogwar similarity is only that much,
    my hero main is undeniable a boss in atlantis:


    it is a living (though burning) tree, so:
    basicly, both my main characters are
    going to be bosses in the same story....
    this is of course a great honor to me
    and it creeps the hell out of me too ^^
    fight fair and i promiss to do so aswell!
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