Devs do us honest players a solid

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  1. Crn Well-Known Player

    My point exactly.
  2. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    This right here is what will probably happen. Since they've already said they won't roll back everyone's money. It will probably be another hand slap. Heck, they give two week time outs for glitching ingame money. Funny cause that was the same punishment for the time capsule thieves. And yes, they got to keep their stuff too.
  3. Lantern_AdamK4 Committed Player

    I'm gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you there. The fact that the Devs created a highly sought after Ultra Rare drop is not an excuse for people to violate the TOS, rip off people, and destroy the economy. I don't have the Batsuit that Michael Keaton wore in Batman, but I'm not going to turn to a life of crime and then blame Warner Brothers because I don't have something that's hard to get. Something being rare does not give people carte blanche to tank the games economy. That was a choice.
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  4. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    The drop rates have always been bad though. The reason why people would be pushed to those sites this time around more than ever is because of the glitchers buying them all up and driving up the prices, then all the glitched money being sold for pennies by the gold sites. Those bots used to shout prices that were a lot higher before this glitch went mainstream in the community
  5. Disruptor Well-Known Player

    Hopefully all the materials, auras, and collections will be put on the Quark Vendors. The only thing the Time Capsules will do is just give some people an early shot at them and not have to waste Quarks. That will ease the tension that Daybreak is under with loot-boxes

    Probably need a third Quark Vendor.

    Booster Gold handles the auras, materials, henchman, supply drops, orbital strikes, sidekicks
    Skeets handles all the armor
    The Soder machine handles the collection pieces, conversion of Marks into Quarks and everything else
  6. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Giving it for free won't happen but it is a damn shame that the majority of the neon chromas in the game are sitting in cheaters' banks
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  7. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    Since they've made variations of rare items and distributed them as common or uncommon they could easily change the neon and release it that way.

    + Instead of black or white make it grey.
    + Make the neon non-color changeable and let people select between a choice of five colors. (Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange)
  8. Lantern_AdamK4 Committed Player

    How do you know a “majority” are sitting in the banks of cheaters? Nobody ever said how many there were, just that they’re ultra rare. People are still getting them, very rare, but still.
  9. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Because there's only so many people that can afford to buy them for $15B-$20B and even fewer willing to pay $15B-$20B for something that was $3B the week before and $1B the week before that.
  10. High Troller Loyal Player

    To add to this, please give each one of my toons a +300 SP per toon. Thanks in advance.
  11. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    It's a pretty safe bet that most people either consumed their neon for the feat or sold it for the massive amounts of money it was bringing. I can tell you I NEVER saw on in the broker, even on day one of the TC so they were either in the billion+ club from day one or they were not being sold. Even if they did drop in the broker, the hoarders were scooping them up immediately. Not that all broker snipers are the glitchers, but the ones who were dropping the kind of money on these to compete probably were.

    Here's something we'll never know, but the Devs could see. A) how many Neons are in the game (either applied on a toon or sitting in a bank/mail) and B) how many will vanish with a permaban? I'd think if they ran the query and got that info...and decided that seeing say.... 90% of the product was about to disappear from the game, it's not out of the question to think they might want to find a way to put them back in the game either by sales, giveaway, quark vendor, new TC...whatever. I can't answer that question, but a Dev with a good DB query could....from there who knows? Hey, if they look and see that it's more like 10% will be problem, I'll get mine someday as I would have anyway, through the grind.

  12. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    I dont think anything even went wrong.. it’s capitalism,, sometimes people cheat their way to the top while the honest people work hard and be poor... now some of you are seeing the ‘American Dream”

    Truth is capitalism doesn’t work in any system, in any platform or simulation... it blows my mind that the world w “ honest” governments that are “ for the people” still use this system..

    So do i think we should all get something for free? No, because looking at it from a history teacher’s perspective ( thats kinda what i am) .... this dcuo economy didn’t fail, it worked just as intended,,

    someone spent probably over $100 to get that chroma to drop, then they obtained got crafty and figured a way to make that 1 asset become multiple then made a Fortune off it... isnt that what we all dream of doing? I plan on one day opening a barber shop and run it as a side/summer job... when i make this purchase i hope that i can make the biggest use of it and maximize my profits...
  13. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club


    Are you serious....or is this a hail mary attempt???
  14. OG ELITE Committed Player

    It’s a joke man, but you never know unless you ask.
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  15. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    I see what you're saying but you're comparing the glitch to something like insider trading or tax loopholes when it's more like people owning a machine that prints counterfeit money that's indistinguishable from real money.
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  16. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Counterfeiting is not capitalism. You can argue that the people who knowingly took advantage of the counterfeit money by jacking up prices sky high didn't know there was something up (btw...yeah, right), but they were benefiting from the massive damage being done by the counterfeit money all the same.

    If when you open up your barber shop, it's because in the middle of a riot the previous store owner is killed and his store looted, so you move into the abandoned building the next morning and set up shop....yeah, that's kind of scummy and would probably be seen as such by the community. I doubt your chairs will be filled with customers.

    And as a history teacher, you only need to look back less than 20 years for an example of how this process does not work. The housing bubble was similar. Capitalism built on fake money except instead of printing money, banks were loaning out money that could not be repaid. And in that case many...many people who were just trying to live the american dream...buying a house that was $500k when they made $45K a year, ended up bankrupt and out in the cold and 100's of home builders out of business. Hey it only took 10 years to fix that I guess DCUO 2030 economy will be fine.

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  17. nawanda Dedicated Player

    Great. So do I get the 580m and black hole accessory I used to buy the two I’ve acquired refunded? (EU)

    Do the people who bought stabilisers to get one in a TC get their money back?
  18. Hraesvelg Always Right

    You're describing something like anarcho-capitalism, which IS absolutely awful. That's Mad Max style insanity. In more mature democratic societies, you tend to have what political science majors call "social democracies" which are capitalistic with stronger controls in place so that the egregious excesses don't endanger life and limb. No government on earth would allow counterfeit currency to be printed by the populace and then used as legal tinder because of the runaway hyper-inflation it can create and the subsequent problems that we just experienced in microcosm.

    That being said, capitalism is one of the more efficient ways to allocate non-essential luxury goods...of which nearly everything in this game qualifies. I have something you want, you have something I want, we come to an agreement, everyone walks away happy. An item is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it, etc. with all of the Econ 101 stuff.
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  19. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    what they should have done right from the start with all gamblebox content was offer a variation of those same things via standard got lucky got COSMIC!!! i didnt...and maybe ill keep trying off and on ...but for 5-10 $ i can get ...guaranteed cause i bought it... "smoking cosmic"...from the MP...dont really care which variation would be the more "special" one...gamblebox variation should be nicer cause its harder to get...MP version should be nicer because its not free luck real players gave real money to keep the game going...i could see differing opinions on this or that aspect...but really...from the the very first gamblebox contents forward...there should have been 2 of gamblebox version of a smoke or phoenix or whatever..and a version of that same thing you could just buy off the MP...anyways...
  20. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Ok lets forget that there was a glitch, actually lets look at this event as what it truely is... a off shoot from the devs giving tc such bad drop rates.... think back 5 years when home turf came out and the most expensive item was a blue toothbrush at 15-20mil,

    it had a terrible drop rate but it was nothing compared to the nonsense we see today, and we couldn’t even complain bc it was free to farm as opposed to the capsule collections.

    Back then there where no bots, heck i dont think bots came to the game until maybe the 3rd tc ( whenever they put the first mat & rare stuff in) .... so back then there was no need to commit crimes like use nots or dupe...

    The fact of the matter is that crime is always going to arise when people cant make ends meet, im a african american man who after realizing that the 8 years of schooling to become a lawyer just wasn’t me, so decided to teach American government (some call it civics) so i can atleast teach you about the laws incase you ever get in trouble with them n youll know your rights, or heck optimisticly maybe even keep people from breaking the laws..

    I keep bringing up us economic because this is exactly how it plays out irl ( besides the printed money, we hope) ... there are pennies between being middle class and something like five football fields between the middle and upper class, go back in history, most these people whos families have been rich for 3-4 generations made their money off shady stuff.

    Look at it real life like, yea a few of you could open up a tc and become famous! Be mega millionaires & buy 5 houses with 13 rooms and 7bath but only plan to live in one of the houses.... and u know what, good for them, all the love in the world for the athletes, musicians and actors

    But yo, what about the rest of us? U think we just wanna stay poor while we see that for $5 we could be millionaires too?
    I knew something like this was gonna happen when the dr fate cape collection which was free to farm was 45 million on the broker..

    People got fed up, They never did anything about the og money glitch (they r why i said what i said ab the folk who’s family has been rich for generations) so they where looking for a way to break from being poor...

    Cant blame them, look at our government today, it’s essentially trump vs a bunch of people who r looking to switch to socialism after realizing that capitalism doesn’t work..

    The american dream was that everyone could make something for themselves and make a large sum if they worked hard, this was true maybe even 50 years ago... but now the rich are so rich theres no catching up & no amount of college degrees or hardwork will get you there unless that mixtape takes off or that modeling gig comes through but victoria secret doesn’t even do the fashion show anymore so good luck.

    But with the way US capitalism is, if your born in the 21st century poor or middle class theres a 94% chance that youll die with a salary less then 100k

    So with all this being said, its hard for me not to blame this on the devs because in dcuo they act as the government.