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  1. Akaiko Well-Known Player

    Maximize Wonderverse and in November/December when the next actual normal episode drops you'll get 999 source marks. Whether or not that is enough will depend on how quickly you're trying to upgrade artifacts.

    Ever since they started the conversion stuff, I always get 999 source marks whenever the next episode drops on my main.
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  2. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Who said it did?
  3. Incindius Level 30

    Except it wasn't erased. You just feel it was erased because you can't feel superior to sub CR 100 players by using only a single ability in raids. You can still be superior to them. It just takes a slightly larger level of effort that you are too lazy to do. Which is why you feel cheated.

    Also.. I think you meant "eluded" not "alluded"
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  4. Incindius Level 30

    Is that why existing players are complaining that the game is too hard for them now? because they know all of the mechanics? As far as it being mind numbing why are you even complaining about clamp then? If you didn't do old content before because it was mind numbing to you then the clamp shouldn't affect you. Just don't do it, and stick to current end game content only. But I suspect that isn't the case, and you are just saying that to continue to live in the "I am the best player!" fantasy world that you have constructed for yourself.
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  5. Sgt. Rock Active Player

    Ok I never said “I’m the best or a great player”, I honestly do not care about the scoreboard that many do.

    My point is that me my league & a lot of existing players I run with have No Desire to re-run old rehashed content we already grinded into oblivion & beat for years, that’s how the game worked to get the game rewards, feats, etc.

    oMnIBuS is a Fail for existing (or exiting) players.

    Now old dlc’s content that WAS fun the first time around is plaaaayed out & mind numbingly boring. It’s rehashed plain & simple & again makes the devs look lazy.

    Hey hope you like it, like I said the old dlcs were fun the first time around while I would rather go to the dentist
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  6. Scarlet Rise Loyal Player

    Over six years ago the player-base threatened to leave if the developers implemented stat clamping. Players weren't fair, reasonable, ethical or anything within the vein of decency or civility. They yell-screamed-hollered and threatened the devs and in doing so the devs caved. Probably millions of first impressions or genuine enjoyment ruined by that decision over 6 years ago. For what, so players can speed through content they DO NOT CARE ABOUT. They typically find old content boring and want to get through it as quickly as they can while newcomers /traditionalist actually find enjoyment running those instances.

    People actually want to bring back their ability to dictate if a match gets sped through or not. they don't care if they ruin runs for others. Since they are in that same pot as everyone else they get to have it their way--blowing through content--by default. NO. By no means is that fair; it is one sided and finally that has stopped.

    Bottom line: Someone shouldn't need your permission to run content normally and you shouldn't need theirs. The devs made a compromise which is closer to fairness than what players have chosen to "happily" settle with for the past 6 years.
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  7. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    My point was that the game did not start that way. The game was progressive...if it were meant to be stagnant, why are there tiers, why does new gear afford new stats? BTW, when the 1st stat clamp was added I believe we were in full swing of FOTM powers, AM and WM...WM's at some of the problem was of their own making. Similar to the issues recently with Artifacts making some people completely over powered.

    And what impression will it leave those new players as they try to queue for something they need as people pop in and out of group because the hour run they fell into is not worth the 10 marks they are after or when they ask for a feat that might increase the run time by minutes are told 'build your own group' by some of the other randos who could easily help out?

    And guess will still not have control over that run, because unless you build a full group, you still will have someone come in who might not play you'd want them to play...which is what my 2nd paragraph was about. If you were able to build a group, you also had control prior to this change...I'd say moreso as 5,6,7 or 8 people were not required to complete things. Please don't act like this update will change the way most players play. Most players will want to chase the scoreboard, get in-get out...get paid. Maybe eventually it will...but that might take months or years.

    I still believe the better fix would have been to allow people to build custom sized groups so you could exert more control over who you are running with and those who random queue still would do so with many of the overpowered goons left out of the mix....they would have run solo or in 2-3 man groups vs random queue. They'd be running with people who actually want to run THAT content....not just any content to get paid. And I'm not just referring to feats. Just regular runs too. I've seen more people drop group after queue in since the update than in all my times entering PC and 2 or 3 people 'leave' group in the first room.

    I will agree that this clamp round is better than last attempt. I never said otherwise. Last go was a nightmare, this time it is tollerable...if tedious. And I don't want your permission to run a certain way....and I don't want you to ask for mine. I'd prefer we both have options to run the way we want. The clamp removes that...eventually you and I will be in that same run, and there will be no compromise...we have to run the way DBG has laid out for us.
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  8. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    From what I've seen, at least those new players and alts got the carry. Because as it stands, on at least 80% of the runs I've done, those carries just got kicked by the group, which is worse imo
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  9. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I'm down with that too and will hit 999 on a few more toons be for WV converts now that I have another month or 2. However, I think a T3 pet is 700 or something, allies are 100 for the better ones? And we are NOT getting a ton of marks from running dailies like we were previous. Make no mistake....the marks are there to farm...they were also there before though. Some were just not industrious to go do it, so now it's being spoon fed to them, along with new places to spend it.
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  10. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    They are still being left behind though. Only in this case they are being kicked from instances. At least before they got the carry and the loot. Ive been trying my hardest to help teach in my groups, but im only 1 vote when that kick happens. And it is already becoming a chore when every instance you have to type instructions for mechanics for 10minutes because people refuse to come to chat. I hope it gets better, but this is a terrible start
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  11. HurricaneErrl Dedicated Player

    Often game forums are filled with veteran players and new players are the minority. So of course opinions here are going to be heavily skewed by veteran input.
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  12. Scarlet Rise Loyal Player

    - To me it was developer negligence. They were not prepared for the day power creep (or whatever you want to call it) set in. MMOs weren't common back then (esp. for consoles) so they may not of had the foresight.

    - Solo play delves into dealing with players that try to high jack instances in MMOs in general. However, there was not enough resistance with this in DCUO. Get a high gear score and you automatically can take over the level. Other MMOs at least made stat clamping mandatory within instances. This leaves the need for specific circumstances to surface that allow players to high jack a level. This includes joining groups where you're the outlier, players with authoritative personalities, misaligned goals with group etc..

    - Well the last time was "Stat Flattening" which I think was a shortcut/diluted version of stat clamping. It did calm the player base temporarily so it did work on that front.

    - To me that is the compromise and a improvement. Having Ink be the rule maker instead of hundreds of players becoming your temporary "boss". Playing the game of "who respects you" is akin to dealing with a slot machine. Ink applied consistency and order to that chaos.

    Note: Down the line, ppl generally stopped respecting other players wishes when face rolling became apart of community culture. So it was all but certain that ones level would be faced rolled instead of it largely being a dice roll.
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  13. Spider Jerusalem Well-Known Player

    No. I didn't feel superior before the stat clamp, and I don't feel inferior now. And, if you feel this way in regards to a video game, I would recommend professional help.

    And, while all the achieved feats, skills, and combat ratings still exist on my characters, they no longer mean anything. Its like holding the currency issued by a country that no longer exists. Yes, I technically have them, but they aren't worth anything.

    I also no longer see the value of earning more feats. Just more dollars I can't buy anything with.
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  14. Yass Queen Hyppolyta Dedicated Player

    It was erased.
  15. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    I don’t care about being superior, I just sometimes need the extra stats to get through something or make it less stressful. :(
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  16. Incindius Level 30

    Care to elaborate how? I haven't seen my stats, artifacts, or skill points erased. Perhaps maybe you accidentally logged into a different game?
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  17. Incindius Level 30

    So you don't do current end game content? If you don't then why did you need those feats, skills, and combat ratings?
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  18. Yass Queen Hyppolyta Dedicated Player

    It's already been spelled out for you, dear.
  19. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

  20. Incindius Level 30

    Except that it's only a minority of "veteran players" that are complaining. I've seen just as many if not more veteran players that are happy, or at the very least content with the changes. It's just the same handful of forum players posting the same uninformed complaints over and over again.