Devs did great

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Tess M3rcer, Aug 26, 2021.

  1. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    hey did well to block our power, with the stuff that we know is boring to farm? I don't agree with you!

    In this case, we might as well do like TESO and stop leveling at a certain level...

    For the moment, I'm quite disappointed with this novelty, even if I understand what they wanted to do, but being restricted to be an LPVE, it's frankly confusing. What's the point of farming if it's to be summarized not being able to use our acquired power ????

    Now, we are HL players, reduced to low level, it's quite ironic situation...
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  2. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    Can’t always rely on other people. :(
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  3. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    Could use some work but this was all intended to bring replayability to old content and while it can use some tweak here n there it was a great idea to avoid exploitation.
  4. shoegazer Well-Known Player

    This comment is complete ********...originally supposed to be played??..all 10+ years of this game say the exact ******* opposite

    "the ability to play different playstyles" has been said ad nauseam by devs for in point, power trees were removed for this very players could have access to all the abilities of their chosen power

    You have no idea what you're talking about
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  5. Roocck Committed Player

    I don’t understand why so much back and forth, if you don’t like the stat clamp like myself then just don’t support it. I come in do my FP dailies, duo, alert and raids then log off. If you have other characters do the same over again. Simple!!!!! Let those that wanted so badly have it….
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  6. the solowing Steadfast Player

    dammit im US
  7. Tess M3rcer Active Player

    What the play style of standing in one place like a statue or leaving players behind because they never played the level before. this update is about team work and making support roles relevant. AM was a step backward. Stats revamp was a step forward. and removing power trees isnt a play style sorry to say.
  8. Noxious Flora Well-Known Player

    Only problem with this is you have to engage with it whether you want to or not because the only way to upgrade your artifacts and keep your base upgrades going is source marks.
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  9. JSnaples Committed Player

    Guess im toxic then because this update sucks
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  10. Irvynnge Loyal Player

  11. Roocck Committed Player

    Marketplace has source marks… Throw in $5 Extra for the month strictly for that… Simple, stress free… lol
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  12. Roocck Committed Player

    Toxic to those that don’t agree or respect your opinions…
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  13. Sgt. Rock Active Player

    Yes sir agree 100%

    DCUO Sub Auto Renew DISABLED
  14. shoegazer Well-Known Player

    Don't worry..I'll get you there..

    See..Removing power trees gives people the ability to PLAY powers DIFFERENTLY. Because you have access to all the abilities.. instead of only having 15 power points to put in the tree..and having to use some of those points on powers you didn't want to use just to open up powers further down the tree that you did..what they did was they opened all the abilities so people could even PLAY powers DIFFERENTLY..just one thing that was done so people could PLAY the game know, like have a different playstyle

    different playstyles encompasses a lot of different things..if you were talking about people standing should probably just say that

    And even if I give you the benefit of the doubt that this is what you were actually talking about..your previous comment about "how the game is supposed to be played" is still complete and total ********

    The game's history says as much
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  15. Tess M3rcer Active Player

    thats the style people play. standing around not paying attention to the mechanics. thats why people are want to quit the game. they want to just burn and put no effort into the game. but to the point of the trees there was really no difference in play style. people still used the same loadout regardless of the trees being removed.
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  16. Incindius Level 30

    Firstly not with how she feels is appropriate. With how the devs feel is appropriate. She isn't holding a gun to the dev's head. She just agree's with them. Secondly there is room for variation. There are easier modes to all of the group content. If your personal skill level is on the low side then the event/normal difficulty is for you. Thirdly I don't know what an expender is but how is your time and effort not appreciated? You get rewarded for completing the content don't you? That sounds like appreciation to me.
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  17. Incindius Level 30

    From the looks on it on this forum it's not new players that are struggling, or in need of help. It's not new players complaining about how horribly hard the game is now. It's players that have been spoiled for years by being able to just steam roll over most raid mechanics by over gearing it.
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  18. the solowing Steadfast Player

    Very true, Ive used the same loadout since 2013
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  19. Spider Jerusalem Well-Known Player

    So close. You almost stumbled on the point by accident, but alas is still alluded you.

    My reward for playing every episode ad nauseum for a decade was a toon who had earned those stats. Today, all that time and effort was erased with the proverbial snap of a finger, out of some misguided sense of fair play.
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  20. Sgt. Rock Active Player

    Sounds about right, existing players that have grinded the old content into oblivion have No Desire to re-play it again & again ad naseum. We were glad to complete all of it years ago. Existing players know the mechanics because we have already run all the old content too many times, now it’s just a boring mind numbing task. Personally I don’t have the time or desire to waste my time & $$ on this game anymore.

    OmNiBuS is a fail

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