Devs: Can we revisit the minimum CR levels for episodes?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by ChowlinShicken, Jan 17, 2020.

  1. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    No I get you have to fail 3x but it's not a fail strategy because it's worked every time. Therefore making anything but a fail.
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    Thank you.
  3. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    I think this whole post boils down to that people dont wanna teach newer players despite what they claim, to help new players transition into end game so the rest of us can have more players to play with at end game. Instead yall wanna further raise the gap because you dont think new people who used the skip should be in 'your' content.

    Is what is wrong with this game imo, people want more population yet refuse to help when new people come into the game.
  4. Nydia Level 30


    When a player put in LFG chat 255 cr 88 sp do they get picked to run the raids?

    I had player ask me in game about this. He said that he was trying to get into the game to get feats but waiting for ques and then putting it in LFG he wasn't able to do them. I don't know about if he has now but i was just wondering because a lot of people always say they help others but it seems that a lot don't.

    Everyone have a great day.
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  5. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    The reply you'd get to pointing out that inconvenient piece of info is usually along the lines of "It's not MY job to teach them."

    Personally I think it weakens their arguments. They are in the game, they can help quicker than the devs and their help would be beneficial to the game overall. So it makes it tough for their complaints about lower CR players or folks who use a CR skip to be taken seriously when they can help (and in the process solve at least a few of their complaints) but won't.
  6. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    But nobody got anywhere without a little help though. Hell if you say you looked at guides online or watched YouTube videos guess what? That's getting help lol. People just got egos anymore and think they shouldn't have to pay it forward whatsoever, then wonder why theres people in dm running in circles around the embers(in proxy experience)
  7. Captin Raptor Well-Known Player

    i dont really think most of the people here are saying things like they dont want noobs in "our" content. Actually the opposite imho. I think what most of us are saying is that there is alot more to the game than cr and if ur just going to send them from 0 to 255 and throw them right into the deep end, then they need more than just gear and 80 sp. Thats not trying to widen the gap but trying to narrow it.

    There's only so much help u can give 2 a player who is not properly equipped for the content. Sometimes telling them that and pointing them in the right direction as 2 what they need is the best advice u can give them.

    Also every high cr player cant just carry a group nor do they always have the knowledge the other person needs from them for them to get better or for the group 2 succeed.

    What is a high cr person who has never played rage before supposed to tell a player after 3 wipes, who jumped straight to 255 thats just doing the red puddle aoe and spamming hand blast, other than u need to learn how 2 use ur power before trying this alert/raid?

    What r u supposee to do with a cr 255 80sp healer with dps gear and might mods with 0 artifacts in the jld alert, other than tell them that they cant run this that way and explain 2 them why? What do u do when u need a healer, they qued up as 1, but u cant complete the instance as things are and no amount of advice will change that?

    If this was the majority of the time then u would usually have 2 or 3 players in there that could carry the weak link.

    When the cr jump happens those numbers switch and u have 2 or 3 fresh 255's and no amount of help or advice is going to get u thru to the end.

    Now some will say that people ran that content when it released and they completed it with 4 cr255's. With 3 and a cr 290 it should be a cake walk.

    Most likely they were done with groups of experienced players with mods, artifacts, sp etc... Atleast up to date with the previous dlc, who had the roles and knowledge necessary to do the content. Thats a far cry from a group of people who have never played before, rocking a bare bones character, at near endgame.
  8. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    That's funny because the title says 'can we revisit the minimum cr requirement' which imo says they dont want the 255 people in chaos Gotham content because of whatever reason they have.

    Easy check out obsidian chill on YouTube he makes guides for every role every power with the most optimal loatouts.

    You explain the importance of healers and why they need the proper gear for healing if they choose to do that role.

    That's funny I've been running JLD raids since the skip all fresh skipped ppl minus maybe 1 or 2 people and myself, and we always beat it, same for the alert its usually me with 3 skippers.

    And God forbid people get on mic and communicate and struggle a little on a new game and new character. World may just end.
  9. Captin Raptor Well-Known Player

    the thread starter doesnt speak for anyone but himself so my point of -"i dont really think most of the people here are saying things like they dont want noobs in "our" content." Stands

    If u read the OP you'll see that he doesnt say that he doesnt want any 255's in the content. If fact he says the exact opposite. He's saying that due to other factors the cr skippers arent equipped for the content that they're being leveled to.

    "Some 255's are fresh off of the skip, while others used replay tokens (or old fashioned hard work) to boost their SPs. As a result... some are ready to play the "appropriate" content, while the others...notsomuch."-ChowlinShicken

    Wait are u saying i should check out obsidianchills videos to learn all the powers so i can teach them? Or i should guide them to the videos so they can learn themselves? If the later should i be doing this mid match and should the rest of the team wait around for them to find a vid, watch it and learn their power before the group can move on?

    So explain that to the healer. Then what? Keep trying and failing with the ill equipped healer? Kick them? Ask them to leave? What is your solution that doesn't make u an elitist that gets rid of weak links?

    Not saying i don't believe u. But since u beating jld alert with three 255 skippers happens so often, perhaps u could post a vid and show us how its done so more of us can help the skippers thru the content.
  10. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    I've never been in a group where theres not a nature, electric or sorcery player, hell how many water players are there again just about as many natures I'd assume. So like I said have the unequipped heal go dps and the other person go heal simple.

    And I'm saying you should direct these ppl to chills builds.

    Back in my day that's how we learnt to over come content trial and error. Why is it looked at as a bad thing nowadays.
  11. Captin Raptor Well-Known Player

    yeah, sure. Every pug group has an extra healer. Just have the extra healer that every pug group has switch from dps to healer and finish. Why hasnt anyone else thought of that before. Smh

    Lol. Direct them to Chills videos. Thats what i thought. So ur agreeing with me and just arguing for the sake of arguing. Have fun with that.

    "There's only so much help u can give 2 a player who is not properly equipped for the content. Sometimes telling them that and pointing them in the right direction as 2 what they need is the best advice u can give them."-Me

    "And I'm saying you should direct these ppl to chills builds." -you
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    If you aren't able to understand why going in with the strategy of failing multiple times until the devs basically take pity on you and send you through to the next part is a fail strategy then... well, I'm not sure, except that you're the type of player that makes me only want to do league runs. Congrats on perpetuating the problem.
  13. CandySlinger Active Player

    I think if they had given a generator gift to go with the cr skip it could have avoided how squishy all these fresh characters are. Maybe even if they unlocked the entire generator abilities too. Just seems like if they had 12 atlantis boxes/ orbital,supply drop, equipment mods, etc. and they'd merely be woefully weak instead of outright useless in the JLD content they run at head first.
  14. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    But who are you to decide rather or not is equipped to run something? If they are the correct CR then they should be allowed to run the content regardless. Is why I've always blind queued my content because if someone had a problem with me being healer guess what? They can **** right off. Dont want more then 1 heal BUILD your group simple as that. Same goes for any of yall blind queuing content that is complaining about the CR skippers. If yall cant help guide people through mechanics and the content then stop crying and leave the raid. Myself I've beaten SGr and ARCr via blind queues yesterday.
  15. Captin Raptor Well-Known Player

    i have no idea what ur going on about now. Who am i to decide? What? Mepps ask the questions.

    "Couple of questions:
    Does this feel specific to cr advanced characters?
    Does the suggested CR feel right vs. the minimum?
    Does failing in an instance encourage getting better gear, sp, etc? Or should success be the norm regardless?"- Mepps

    Some of us are saying that at that level, theres more that u need than some gear and 80 sp. We're arguing for the cr skippers to maybe get a few extra things with the skip such as mods, some extra sp, artifacts etc... Why do u have such a problem with this? Are u against giving hungry people food and sick kids medicine too?

    Ur just ranting about nonsense now. U said there is always an extra healer in every group you have been in. I said thats non sense and mocked that silly idea. Most teams usually need a healer not have extra ones. Now ur going on about if people dont want healers then f-them. Where did u even get that idea from? What do u think ur reading here?
  16. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    It's one thing to ask players who use the skip to gear up a little more or suggest that they backtrack before engaging in the endgame content. Those can be done as friendly suggestions.

    Asking the devs to raise the entry bar so they can't get in is another matter entirely.
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  17. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Being a terrible player is not exclusive to low SP/High CR players. Yeah, it would be nice if everyone we ran with was competent or if not competent at least willing to learn/listen to become so....but there are a lot of people who are the opposite and have plenty of SP.

    Examples? I got an alt to 113CR the other day....this is where I like to milk source marks because of the high amount of full credit easy I queued them all in that range. I was in no less than 4 ToTD groups where it was a dead end at 1st boss even with some 290s in there. In one run, I checked a few of them for SP and one guy was in the mid not 'fresh off the ship'. Another guy was around 180, so probably not. The rest were under 255 CR, like 140-230 and 1 guy was a straight up 255. I was the lowest CR and SP in the room for sure. I proceeded to type in (no one was in chat) the procedure for tanking the essense away from adds and Ares and to leave the tank to attack it. For 10 min I watched as the entire group piled on thinking they could doomspin their way around the mechanics and ignore anything I typed in probably because I was on a 113 toon with less than 60 SP (I'm not buying SP with a farming alt). At the 10 min mark on this 4th waste of time I stripped off my gear, died and walked out. As far as I know they would still be in there now except for the nightly reboot. HoH is another one. The forge master fight seems beyond most players regardless of someone dropping instructions in on how it's done. Could they all be jumped up 255s? Nope some were below 255, some were WAY over. Bad players come in all shapes and sizes.

    Honestly I'd take a fresh 255 who can just stay upright (hold R1...drink a soda on some pickups) and listen to instructions when given over a 292 lunkhead who paid his way to a lot of SP and artifacts. Yeah his burn or heals/power will be better, but that does not always carry you content. Granted a full group of 255 noobs will probably never finish JLD raids on their own, but if there are 4 'experienced' players and 4 people who can follow instructions and use their heads, it's not that hard.

    Just saying...on these 2 waste of time runs (ToTD and HoH) the other day, I would probably not have made it into the run under your proposal, but I was probably the most competent person in the run...although not the most powerful.

  18. Darth Piper Loyal Player

    In this case in particular... ToTD... there is a fatal flaw in the system. Two tanks are required for first boss... yet it will permit the queue to pass and allow people to enter with only one person in the group queued as a tank. Yeah, at the tail end of AM days you could overburn Essence of War and get past him... GU73 put a stop to that.

    ToTD is one of the instances I will absolutely not randomly queue up because of this. Another one is Fatal Exams, but that's because I just don't want to deal with a bunch of people who don't know the mechanic of the wind tunnel room and will not listen to you when you try to explain it; same for last boss with the laser and the 6 pads.
  19. Captin Raptor Well-Known Player

    agreed. But that last part is the thread starters PoV, not mine. Mine is

    "Ideally the fresh crs would run the solos/duos, outside dailys, some lower cr missions build up their inventory, marks, gear and mods get some exp and move to the tougher stuff. -me

    But can u really blame them for just jumping in blindly? Not really. When theyre new to the game and they're told that all they need is a min cr or suggested cr and they meet it."-me

    "Some of us are saying that at that level, theres more that u need than some gear and 80 sp. We're arguing for the cr skippers to maybe get a few extra things with the skip such as mods, some extra sp, artifacts etc..."-me

    Im not sure why my PoV is being confused with the thread starters, but i think u and i are saying basicaly the same thing.
  20. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    And that's why skips should be limited to those who have at least 1 character that level before they can use the skip. Not brand new people. How it should of been from day 1 with the original skip. Wouldn't be having this issue now.