Devs about the brute body type its wrong

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  1. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    This poor dead horse... Drakeball, you are looking at this very very one sided. Thousands of us could care less about a brute body type. Those thousands of us wouldn't spend a dime on it. If it was there originally, maybe would have selected it. There is absolutely 0 reason to add it now. What you could be asking for, really what you should he asking for, is a bane trinket like clownsanity. No styling options, just a copy pasted Bane. That way you can select a smaller body type then transform into the big version. Done.
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  2. Cordelia Well-Known Player

    Out of pure curiosity, how feasible would it be for DCUO to change the gear system entirely to allow for easier updates? Would that be a "build the entire thing from the ground up" problem or a "swap in this new system, with a ton of changes involved but not a complete rewrite" problem? Knowing that it would cause a billion other problems, I'm not expecting it to happen... I'm just wondering how hard it would be compared to constantly having to do six variants of every new piece of gear.
  3. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    This isn't even remotely close. 13920 is closer.

    When Meg explains the pieces are "custom built" (in terms more people will understand) what she's trying to explain to the readers here is that each piece is completely remodelled/sculpted from scratch for that specific bodytype to fit onto it. There are 3 body types for both sexes each.

    So, in terms of your math; 290 x 8 pieces (not including non-set styles of course -- those would mean even more) x 6 (3 different body types for both sexes). 13920 would be closer. Adding even a single new body type for each sex would be untenable.

    No one is downloading DCUO for this specific bodytype.

    That doesn't mean DI shouldn't do something to update the game for the next gen platform. It should, but this is bottom of the list.

    Your question was directed at Meg of course, but I can tell you that, yes, it would mean building everything from scratch from the ground up. It wouldn't be feasible without a ROI (return on investment). They won't redo the whole cosmetic / style system for a 10yo game on a legacy platform unless they know they're making all that labour cost back. They probably do make that revenue but their priorities are likely on other things. If they don't believe Powers/Weapons/movement modes etc are worth their time, redoing the style system is way down on that list.
  4. DrakeBall Well-Known Player

    No ones downloading this game in general have you seen the comments on the trailers on YouTube, i know the amount of work they have to do but its been 10 years the game deserves more i just want to see the game grow.
  5. zNot Dedicated Player

    I fully agree that this is a minor thing and not as important there are larger issues such as a lack of content that should be first priority, a body type that will only benefit a small amount of the playerbase doesnt sound worth it.

    What i would wanna see is that the devs take a old map like Openworld gotham wasteland slightly modifiy it for a new dlc and then put most of their attention into content (multiple large raids and so on) to me it seems like they put most of their time into big fancy new open world area rather then making alot of new long Raid content which is far more entertaining then open world aesthetics/size.
  6. Megzilla Developer

    Maybe if there was a super tech artist or super smart programmer to write a tool to convert our old system to something more dynamic, then it could be a swap in? But to my knowledge it would have to be built entirely from the ground up.
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  7. Megzilla Developer

    Thanks for your suggestion! =)
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  8. UVLN Level 30

    mrcarney5Yesterday at 11:11
    I have the op face, the elite weapon, neck and rings and I didn't get the level up, I'm still 329 and should've been boosted up, I tried to put in a report but no answer, everyone else would be at least cr 330 or 331. Please help me
  9. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    I have actually. It's the same on Twitter.

    The most common criticisms are:
    1) We've been telling them these are needed and an investment. They're set on a different direction. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    2) That's largely a rendering engine thing. The new consoles are capable of more like more realistic lighting and shading etc. Environments and maps can be updated (meaning the workload isn't insurmountable like updates to styles would be) to some extent with more modern "stuff". The Devs apparently have been working to update some of that already. But without them addressing it, it's impossible to know how much they plan to touchup.

    A new bodytype isn't ever mentioned in those comments. People aren't coming to a superhero game to play a specific body type. They are coming to play specific types of characters though. And they'll be turned off by limited character creation options and out of date visuals too; like VFX, environments and the existing character art if it's not up to par. Character art is in good shape. VFX and older maps need updates though. UI is also fair to bring up here actually and it needs updating desperately.
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  10. inferno Loyal Player

    I was just doing the math if a brute body type was added meaning there would only be the male and female variant which would mean adjusting all these gear styles for 2 frame work, not 6. But I think we both agree that it is a whole lot of work involved.
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  11. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Worst. Citation. Choice. Ever.

    Just saying.
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  12. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    You're right. My mistake. I was thinking in terms of the entire workload for them all. In reality it would only be the slots for the 2 specific new bodies being created. Thanks for calling me out.
  13. Toshknight Dedicated Player

    This game has sort of a cult following like most of their titles. they have there die hard subscriber fan base, and its enough to keep the game going, which is good and bad, it's how they roll and i hope not but always will.
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  14. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    There's clearly constant churn, and new players coming along, as well, though. Some will stick around and some won't.

    What the actual numbers are, I wouldn't hazard a guess other than that it's less than ginormous and more than tiny.
  15. DrakeBall Well-Known Player

    At this point im done trying to convince these guys the game is dead and outdated anyway now excuse me while i play Spiderman PS5 a real game.