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  1. Drfencerman Well-Known Player

    Hello all,

    The problem:
    Not enough people are running old content and we therefore cannot queue to obtain the styles and feats on content we have paid for, but cannot functionally access. New players have issues running old content to level because the barrier to running content is finding 4-8 players willing to wait for a group to form to queue.

    The solution:
    A single, central teleporter in WT/HoD that upon use displays a list of all instances organized by Tier with an annotation or color code delineating duos, alerts, and raids ( I figure having one teleporter for every tier would get too cluttered).


    Another generator mod for base teleporters that allow this access

    or a new league hall teleporter that does the same

    Ultimately, we are paying for content that we cannot access. Also, we will be better able to help new players by teleporting into instances instead of waiting forever to find anyone interested in waiting for a group to queue for old content.

    Going back to old content to get that last feat or style is still fun, no matter how OP we might be.. Being able to walk in via teleporter will allow us to access that content and allow us to help and teach those before they approach end game.

    I'm interested in hearing other thoughts, as I'm sure this has come up on multiple occasions.
  2. Fawkes2574 Dedicated Player

    Or another solution, get together some people from your league and run the content you want to run. Don't have enough people that want to do that? Find a better league. :)
  3. TheLorax Loyal Player

    Having a teleporter for everything would double everyone else's queue times. Players that are trying to level would be cut off from a large portion of the population. This idea has come up before and the devs have shot it down.
  4. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Or simply more incentive to run older content. Obviously what we get now isn't enough for people to want to go back once they have all their feats and styles.
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  5. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    I agree.

    This is not the right attitude. Possible yes. But the point remains it hinders many players.
    They could go back to the old vendors and add cool dlc specific stuff in the vendors like they have been doing lately. Unlikely they do this for all of em but adding cool stuff for high end players to run old stuff is not a new suggestion. They need to do something.
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  6. Balton hero Committed Player

    Question is, would that help players who are trying to run the older content for feats? I'm in the position where I've been primarily leagueless for most of my playing life, so I'm missing a fair amount of raid sp, and, frankly, experience that it's virtually impossible to catch up on as things are now. Adding cool rewards will get high cr players to run....but in a bulldozing kind of way.

    Which spawns an idea(forewarning: I'm just spitballing. This hasn't been fully thought out): what if they added some kind of "teaching feats" where you had to run lower content a certain number of times after you left relevancy, but members of the group you were in had to complete feats for the run to count. Could not only solve the void in people running lower content but also the seeming knowledge void of endgame players. Win-win?
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  7. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    Final fantasy has a system in place where you can que for old content and it scales everyone to equal level and you can get rewards for doing so. Its called roulette i believe. But what really makes the feature so good is you can earn commendations. So anytime you go run old content and help new players they can commend you which in turn gives you rewards
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