Devs : A Feedback thread on Wonderverse DLC & Bounties

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Proxystar, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. Proxystar #Perception

    Hi Devs,

    I just wanted to give a bit of feedback on a few minor things i thought about the DLC Wonderverse since you've announced the next DLC it's useful to give feedback now so that you can incorporate hopefully changes people in the community might want.

    Other people are also certainly welcome to include their own feedback as well or discuss.

    - the spawn speed and timing cycle of the world bosses need to be quicker, 30 minutes for a cycle is too long. The gap between bosses spawning is too long

    - the world bosses become too "all consuming" to the point where other content starts to suffer, the bosses should be a happy side quest when you're idle or need something to do, not an all consuming obsession that requires running, ultimately stopping you from running actual other content.

    - the above occurred because the pricing on a lot of the items in the aether vendor is too great, not necessarily the op catalysts but the styles especially too the additional rewards were also too high and the timers too long, for every cycle you're staying in, you're not running other content and before you know it, that's hours of lost content potential simply because you didn't want to lose your spot in the phase.

    - I liked that the OP item catalysts were in the aether vendor it meant you could grind this outside of other gameplay though and they werent part of the regular mark grind, please keep this.

    - I do not like that you've started restricting exobyte types for augments, we should be free to use our exobytes for any augments we see fit : please don't do this again, although i suspect you possibly have, I really don't see why though.

    - I think it was a good idea to give a meaningful reward for leveling the DLC augments, such as additional aether and coins this was a good addition, please retain this.

    - if you're only going to have one raid, which I hope you don't, having only two bosses was really lackluster, if it's only one raid there should be at least 5 boss fights in it.

    - can you please keep the daily missions a little shorter, killing 30 of each add type became too much after a while, it's not bad for people only running one character, but for alt players, it becomes quite the killer. The daily missions could be half as long.

    - Given the now obvious known duration of the DLC i think the overall pricing of gear and rewards was a bit high, I'm not going to complain to much about this but please keep an eye on it, people shouldn't have to farm alts just to get everything.

    - The drop rate on skylands and new genesis seeds is probably too low, i know many people that still don't have enough and i doubt they'll have enough even if they keep running, i know it's all RNG but still, when Skylands cost $40mil each (USPC) it can be a bit difficult

    - Im not sure why so many of the additional rewards this time aren't tradeable? Heavily restricting item trade affects the economy negatively.

    - the final boss bounty should spawn imo whether or not you defeat previous ones or not

    - can we please lay off the bounty counter feats a little, they're a bit too high, perhaps adding more thought out feats instead would be better, like undertaking certain tasks during bounties or doing certain things with the challenge of doing so would be more enjoyable.

    Overall i thought the world bounties as a concept were a great addition, but it really, really shouldnt be at the expense of a raid, there needs to be both and personally I'd rather have a raid and less world bounties than the other way around.

    I'm sure other people might also have their own feedback so feel free to add it :)
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  2. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    I agree on timers need lowered between boss spawns that's main reason I dont like doing them unless friends need them.

    Bonus stuff that was added to high? Not considering its 3x aethers. Even after the 3x goes away anyone who goes after them in future its extras for a reason, you dont need them.

    The whole exo situation was bothersome at first but when I actually started playing the DLC it wasnt as bad as it looked, managed to get both top augs to 23 with 0 hassle.

    What's it matter if you cant trade, imo YOU should have to earn the Mark's yourself and stop being a sack of potatoes

    I have slightly different opinions than you do about not being able to run other content, I actually get to run more content because there isnt a 2nd raid to have to worry about doing every week or have to worry about feats in that 2nd raid. I can instead go run older content and try to get rare items to sale so I can get more items for feats.

    I do wish FGS had more bosses then it did. But it is what it is, all we can do is hope next DLC is done better. As for the bounty counter feats I think if we have 6 bounties again then the feats only need to go to 50 max(10, 25, and 50 for the feat stages)
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  3. Memphis Rainz Well-Known Player

    Here you go.
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  4. jolaksi Active Player

    Imo, that was an unncessary change with Wonderverse episode. In addition not even a single player who played and tested this new augment system on test server gave a positive feedback about this change but they still kept it like this.
    I can enlighten you with why they kept the restriction; Wonderverse DLC augments were designed to make an "easy" pass on FGS Elite boss fights at rank 23 breaktrough. So all sweaty and whales(which is majority of end game players who spend their real cash) are forced or willingly payed money to exp packs and augment catalysts in day one of DLC. Its was about(milking) money...

    And there is another annoyance with this restriction; because of how CR revelancy allows us to run previous DLC content for source marks, when we want to use the wonderverse exobytes we get from those missions/instances on new Legion DLC augments, we will not be able to. Yes selling those is an option but using them should be an option too. Or somehow they will turn wonderverse exos to "usable-on-all" type of exo like previous DLCs (which will be the proof of money milking reason I just typed above).
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  5. Balistical Ice Dedicated Player

    The spawn timer is too long. 30 minutes? That's crazy. Please adjust.

    The daily missions need to be reduced from 30. That's way too much when you have alts. Please adjust.

    I too like the idea that OP catalysts are behind the secondary currency. That is worth running. I also enjoyed the OP jewelry coating both Aeither and Splintered Coins. Please keep.

    I did NOT like the cap on Empyrean Aether at 999. The cap needs to be raised by a significant amount. Please adjust.

    The costs of the items of the secondary currency are too much IF you dont raise the cap of the secondary currency. If you do raise the cap, I feel the prices are okay. Please adjust.


    The extra currency for leveling up the adaptive augments are a plus and extremely nice to have. Please keep.

    The raid was too long. Unnecessary adds and very lengthy time. I understand its probably too late to have it adjusted if you plan to have another long time consuming raid, but please keep this in mind when the next DLC after Legion comes out. Please adjust.

    That's it for me so far.
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  6. TheLorax 10000 Post Club

    I agree with everything Proxy just said. If you guys were to attempt this episode format again I would like to see the outdoor bosses go from 5 to a total of 3. And instead of losing a raid, drop the alert.
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  7. Pale Rage Well-Known Player

    If the spawn timers on bosses were adjusted, to say, spawn shortly after 1 is defeated, that would be better.

    For small phases, which I've been in, with just a minute to spare, moving to the next boss and preparing is "right on time."

    On phases where people are eliminating them quickly, speeding up the spawn would be great.
    92 aether over the course of 1 hour, whew, the grind is too much.
  8. Proxystar #Perception

  9. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I think the boss bounties time frames are just fine. I've been in low population fights that barely beat them because there isn't a zomg too full of a phase steam roll. (Actually was part of a 7 player apok kill on the switch. We were on our toes.) Having the 4 minutes to fight is definitely more than enough. I think the problem comes with how the cycle is structured, not the time to complete it.
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  10. Proxystar #Perception

    How so? Structured how? Sorry to ask just curious
  11. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    It's a back to back thing. You have to literally go through 5 bosses, just to do it over again. The teleporters promote that. This creates a vacuum of time, because if you had a good phase you want to continue gaining the rewards. (This is how I felt back when PvP was influence, before Last Laugh. Actually made you want to play PvP and there were obvious goals to go forth. I digress.)

    Shortening the time frame between the bosses will just result in more bosses killed, won't change players to play non open world content. Hence, how it's structured.
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  12. Proxystar #Perception

    Thanks, I guess that's why I mostly wanted a change to the pricing and feats, i think it's a nice side quest but i felt the compulsion to run them became too over dominating.

    I know people say it's voluntary too, which i appreciate, but when they tie feats and desirable cosmetics behind things (I know you didn't say this Bumbling) it starts to move things away from entirely optional to borderline compulsory because inevitably many people in end game strive for completionism they also know full well these things become harder later as population dwindles so without careful balance of those considerations these types of bounties and systems can start to dominate, at least in my opinion, too much of a player's in game time each day. :)

    Thanks for your thoughts too as well
  13. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    Very well said. It was like you took most of my own thoughts and wrote them down in this thread.
  14. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    A happy middle is necessary. I remember when Monthly content came out, they said there would be no more open world content. People were upset, when AF3 came out, they brought them back. But were people running them outside of the few feats attached? Nope. (Though, I got to admit, open world stuff is all I can pretty much do on the switch right now. So I do eat my words a little, but low population breeds different views. lol)

    Grind feats are a problem in this game. They are way too much on content that is downright terrible (Iconic Anomolies/LPvE) or attached to something that is rediculous to want to do over and over again even naturally. Weekly bounties as an example, fall in the latter. So... What kind of mindset do players do? They farm it almost immediately, because, as you said, they know it would be hell to do it later. (I still have several bounty grinds to do. Like Starro. Though, I haven't tried soloing it yet.)

    So what does the devs do to fix this? If they stopped doing grind feats, players will probably avoid that content, making it more difficult to complete.

    So what would you propose to fix that compulsion?

    Me, personally? I think the sweet spot was classic game to T4 area of feats. Aside from the PvP grind feats (which were actually easier to achieve back then, as they changed how some of the counters work now.), the only grind was counter feats. Like X amount of alerts, Y amount of duos, etc. This gave a more natural feel and tbh, they could have expanded the Alerts, Duos, Solos, Raids counters. Instead, they are focusing on how to gain interests in the DLC that is new. Which rightfully so, but again, happy middle is necessary. Like a certain number of complex feats, then upping a grind feat that is free for all every so often. Kind of like how augments go up to equal the current gear.
  15. spikeat Well-Known Player

  16. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    I'd rather them drop a solo or 2 in open world tbh
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  17. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    I didnt really have issues with these bounties except for the waiting for the next to spawn.

    The counter on the feats were easily doable and quickly, the bosses are beatable with around 20-24 people this is based on hydra's fight, so I dont get all the complaints with the bounties?

    Sure if you have 500 alts I can see you not enjoying them, but having that many alts and actually keeping them at a relevant CR/SP and keeping their augs/arts up is more of a issue then doing these bounties imo.
  18. nawanda Dedicated Player

    I agree with everything in the OP except I think the new genesis seed and skylands drop rates are fine how they are. You want them quicker, pony up for them or use alts. You haven’t got the money or the alts? Put some work in between DLCs. Being good at making money and having alts has always been advantageous. Invest time for a long term return.
  19. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    killing the bounties 100 times was over kill and not very fun, even if I wasn't running my main and 3 alts, I still wouldn't enjoy it. I got tired of killing these bounties 100 times around Death of Superman with Doomsday. Even at 50 I just want to bang my head against the wall. I finally reached 50 on the main ones but behind on Hydra because with smaller groups, nearly impossible to kill it in 4 minutes, defense is much higher compare to the others.

    Don't like the 30 minutes between each one, takes too long. We seriously need like 5x boss week so I can finally get them done. I don't mind the 30 adds we got to kill for the daily, it does go by pretty quick, especially if you are in a group.

    Solo not to bad it's 3-5 minutes long, raid, after a while still feel more adds then necessary. With only 2 bosses, not very fun stopping every 500 feet to kill adds. Map should of been shorter.

    Didn't like how they did the base mods neither, can't pick the ones we need.
  20. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    What do you mean cant pick the mods you need? They're on the vendor so you have access to whatever one you want when you get the aethers for it?

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