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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Avair, Sep 21, 2016.

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  1. krytine Loyal Player

    Couple questions

    1.) modding is there any talk in reducing the amount of bits needed to make a mod to something s little less daunting and standardize it so that it's the same tier after tier ? Like going back to the t4 or t5 era and the amount of bits and materials it takes to make a mod as those were still rather high but less daunting then what we have today

    2.) if I remember correctly in the stream you guys specifically stated old school clipping and jump canceling will not be viable again am I correct will this be and is it intended to be a damage loss of people try to sneak in clips ?

    3.)when yoj say raids are going to be longer is it not just because adds have more health but also they hit harder making it harder to complete a raid or alert with out a fully balanced group and any deviation from that makes the instance harder or more challenging ?

    4.) is making every power set mobile an option at some point in the future obviously not for this update but in an update in the not so distant future ? Mobility helps all
    Roles and would be a great addition to this game

    5.) not a question but more of a piggy back on yo the thread I made last night please please please consolidate the damage stat into one stat that way it's easier on you guys to balance crystal, combos, and damage tray powers along with weapon attacks[/quote]
    How would it be easier for the devs to update combos and pets by combining the two stats they are two different things with different functions why is it so hard for you to configure your might or precision the way you want. I mean I have an earth 173 dps over 13k might and 6500 precision base why do you need them to be the same just asking not provoking
  2. stärnbock Devoted Player

    exobyte cost for mods should get changed aswell. i see no possibility for alts to be competitive otherwise!
    1exo for: alfa, beta, I
    2exos: II
    3exos: III
    4exos: IV
    5exos: V, Ve
    6exos: VI, VIe
    7exos: VII
    8exos: VIII, VIIIe
    etc... sure i did the 25000 feat, but still... i mean, come on, they cost salvage pieces and ingame cash aswell...
    how will we ever get alds modded, if X costs 40 exobytes, given that it will cost recovery kits aswell
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  3. Remander Steadfast Player

    The issue with this is that the ranged specialists would be at an immediate advantage, due to better survivability. Imbalance would remain and certain powersets and weapons would continue to be excluded. By tagging the damage to the attack range, every powerset and weapon will have viable ranged and melee options to utilize. It will be up to the player whether they want to take the chance of getting closer for more damage or sitting back safely for less damage. I imagine most will have a combination of both available, so they can switch attack styles within content.
  4. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    Unless they up the might/prec spots from 170 which they said is possible before it goes live. That what we saw was merely a WIP therefor everything we saw in that live stream could be totally different once it hits test / live servers.
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  5. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    To clarify, theres also a 170 prec to get as well. so in theory you have to get 340sp to get all might/prec, then add in the crits totalling out to 400sp to get all might, all prec, all crit chance, all crit mags.

    Again this is subject to change.
  6. Ichiro Loyal Player

    They need to combine stats like the bottom of the weapon trees are right now to make sense for each role then if you have extra you can grab so additional stats from an off role tree

    Might/Precision/Power/Health/Dom (just so you can laugh at all the DPS saying they are attracting aggro because of all the dom they have)
  7. Streven Dedicated Player

    When this hits test can we please not get bogged down with petty UI complaints and the value of SP? The core game is going to need looked at. Every power, every weapon, every ability, every instance.
  8. Karasawa Loyal Player

    Will weapon damage be consistent with total animation time or clipped animation time? Clipped animation time is quite a bit shorter and allows us to increase our DPS, as we all know.
  9. BipolarDiva Loyal Player

    I definitely won't return if synthetics are removed.
    I want to play the game not hunt for shiny..
  10. Jeff Bond Committed Player

    So... from what I've gathered the future of DCUO is this.

    Straight balance across the board for all powersets. Other than skill obviously... Gear, skill points, lair mods, gear mods etc... will be the only things that will innately change a player's potential damage output. If a player is in control role for example and is modded and has a lot of bonuses, that player could in theory put out more damage than an un-modded, low SP dps of equal skill?
  11. CTCFirebird Active Player

    I'm not sure how I feel about this type of change. Cause, to me, the way we have now is like a fool proof system (so to speak). It separates the good players from the bad. Believe me, a good few of us have ran with the bad players who have less than 200+ Skill Points, not fully modded, etc. I guess my question is: How will this keep going with the new stat update?

    I like what I heard about players are able to choose their own load out instead of worrying over the AM and WM to do 'X' amount of damage. I know that will be missed in the future. When I started in the beta - pc version, I played the game like that. Afterwards, I turned to the PS version a couple years after beta. I don't like how that looks in the Stats Revamp vid that you have to scroll down to each power as if it was a list. They should keep it how it is and take out the Power Points feature where you have certain ones to choose from.
  12. Jeff Bond Committed Player

    If Tank powersets are able to put out only 10% less damage than a dps and have a melee bonus mixed with significantly increased survivability, I imagine we could see dps free, multi-tank raids with the bosses surrounded and locked into place and a couple of support roles to keep them powered and healed.
  13. Jeff Bond Committed Player

    The current system is far from foolproof. DC is full of terrible players that rely on CR to steamroll content with minimal SP. There are players that have been in game for less than a month that have the same innate prowess as launch players.

    Once CR is out of the picture and these players are balanced and need to block and dodge and pick up downed players etc.... We're really going to see who the skilled are and those that have put in the time will reap the benefits of the long grind.
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  14. Jeff Bond Committed Player

    Very valid point. Ideally a broader scope of roles would perhaps make the Queue system actually functional.
  15. PSYL0CKE X8 Well-Known Player

    If you have time to post this then you have time to farm. if you spend 2 hours 1 hour or 30 minutes on this game either running raids or alerts with that time then you have time to farm!

    If you don't get the exobits/bytes you need to make mod in that time then
    1. Use the broker to buy what you need.
    2. Trade something for exos you need
    3. Utilizes the league bank system,
    4. Ask your league mates or friends to help or trade for exos you need,
    5. use the R&D system/plan to transmute exobits to the color you need more
    6. Que content for exobit/byte clusters
    7. Open and Use the stacks of exobytes in the time capsules.(the exobytes and R&D materials drop in the capsules for a reason. mostly for this reason.)
    8. Use the R&D plans to make recovery kits to recover your old mods and re use em
    9. Use the exceptional recovery kit drops
    10. Buy total recovery kits

    There's plenty of options out there
    If you don't have the in game money buy them from the broker, well thats why you can buy a legendary membership for so you can hold more n game cash.
    The game is not meant for everyone to be at the same level at once. Its gonna take time. That's why there is different levels
    But you do have some time to prepare. Use your time wisely I guess.
  16. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Lol! Some people use the forums while at work. I post from my phone during breaks, just cause they're on the forums doesn't mean they have time to just hop on the game and start farming :rolleyes:

    Mods need to be simplified. I'm sorry if people think that's dumbing down the game but they're should be at least T7 synthetic mods.
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  17. Pathosgrim Dedicated Player

    Wear your syn mods, you have no reason to catch up to anyone if you think the scoreboard should be removed.
    You're not trying to compete with anyone.
  18. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    I think you just say stuff just to get reactions. No one said the scoreboard should be removed lol, and if you're referring to me, I think I'll keep my T8 mods in with 7.3 k precision, thanks for the suggestion though.
  19. bmce84 Loyal Player

    Mods right now are just a gateway to the marketplace, a real crafting system gives you the option to get everything back, mats included, not just the exos while still having to spend more mats every time.
  20. quirkers Well-Known Player

    It would be nice if we could craft SuperBytes and break down bytes into bits. I don't want it to be an MP item though, maybe a plan that can be purchased with Marks of Victory.

    Maybe convert 4 bytes into a Superbyte.

    P.S. Be nice if we could craft other useful things again.
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