Development Update: The Stats Revamp

Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Avair, Sep 21, 2016.

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  1. Emoney Dedicated Player

    Excuse me if anyone suggested this prior....Im still on page 42 lol.

    The power regen debate is a legitimate one, without AM power back trollers will be strained again.

    If the devs keep the AM regen, having 30 powers wont matter, AM would still be the best option...which defeats the purpose of some of the update.

    My suggestion, since the devs are retooling all powers, why not work power regen into the PIs themselves. For fire as an example, as long as I cause burning, any powers relying on burning to do more damage, could also regen power....making it an expandable AM in a way. People would have many options for all powers since most work off at least two PIs.
  2. Proxystar #Perception

    But it was impossible to balance the powers overall, that's the problem and why it has to be scrapped.

    it is impossible to balance

    notwithstanding that point, it didn't balance any of the people in the power classes, you'd be surprised how many still weren't capable of even doing the most basic of AM's... sad I know, but still a reality.
  3. coldchilln88 Loyal Player

    Ams are gone and power regen. Devs stated they are going to try a different method of power regen that some players are still clearly not grasping
  4. Proxystar #Perception

    Trolls were not strained before AM's and they won't be strained after its removal.

    bad trolls are strained under any environment, even the AM environment. Bad trolls will continue to be strained.

    Good trolls will have no problem under a new system and where required it just has to be accepted that 2 trolls might be required, again this is not a bad thing.
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  5. LT Schmitt Committed Player

    This is why I have always been in favor of NOT balancing all powers. Some powers should be OP DPS and weak as support roles and some OP as support and weak as DPS, and the rest balanced support and dps on both side.
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  6. ImFroze New Player

    All these people making all these absurd assumptions that the game will "die" or whatever because of the implementation of this revamp. This is basically how the game was before and they're going back to how it used to be and how it should be just like with the return of DLC bundles instead of monthly episodes of content. I myself gave this game a chance around fall last year and have been a hardcore player ever since, and even I don't like AMs and all this BS that plagues the game, that could be because I have tried this game multiple times since 2012, or it could be because AMs are just straight boring and not needed. The concept of AMs does make sense, but the matter of the fact is that this is the only MMO that has something like this, and that is overall a BAD thing because it limits us to what we can and can't use where-as back in the day people could make their own custom loadout that worked for them and that they liked. For those that want to say that you can still do that now, you're right but then again you might also be the person that is consistently at the bottom of the scoreboard during instances wondering why everyone else is doing so much more damage than you. The final thing I will say is that the introduction of AMs clearly worked out better for certain powers more than others, and made some powers less desirable, this would in theory make all powers viable and it wouldn't depend on a repetitive pattern of buttons that you would have to follow over and over and over again.
  7. Proxystar #Perception

    No, just no.

    That sort of approach is corrupt and is seen to drive things like the sale of "respec tokens".

    It shouldn't matter what power you are, you should be on an equal footing, not at a disadvantage because you decided you liked nature for example.
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  8. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    u might get, in the unreleased and vaguely described update, mods that increase the rate of gaining supercharge for a supercharge build, or a power back mod for a less weapon use build, or a weapon combo damage increase mod? a mod for gear, for base,... from league proficiencies,... from an undiscovered and not talked about by the devs aspect for skilled users to find system (trinket, consumable, or mentor)? Clip with Victory Tokens?? Unreleased content speculation. Yummy.
  9. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    I think you're just trolling at this point
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  10. MrJinggles Level 30

    I'm sorry but no because for example electric you have an average lighting bolt that is 22.1 gigawatts that can kill you,then you have above average lighting bolts like in New Mexico that are 34.4 gigawatts that can turn you into a pile of dust.
    But if you go by DCUO electric just tickles you.
    Then you have ice fire radiation quantum nature mind sorcery ect ect ect they all have the potential of being some really nasty powers.
    For mental you ever watch the movie Scanners the villain used his mental powers to cause the heads of all the people in the building to explode.
    So I agree with Proxystar there should be no OP DPS power.

    My grief is removing the AM and WM but if it is to put balance then I'll give it a try but also they haven't spoken much about people who play on multiple characters because I do not do feats more than once I use replay tokens, and from the sound of everything described this will effect me and how I like to play.
  11. ddidderr Well-Known Player

    If the devs remove clipping, I know a LOT of people who would immediately quit the game and NEVER come back. Clipping is the USP of DCUO. The one thing which makes gameplay faster and different from a lot of other games.
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  12. IIThe QuestionII Loyal Player

    Idk, makes a bit of sense actually, I've been playing other ga...erm...wandering the multiverse and one particular game i liked a lot did something close to this, as in, there were 2 defnitive top dps/heal/tank classes, i mean, the top dps class outdpsed the lower by about 8% so they all held their own pretty good.

    However multiplayer missions sort of make sure at least 1 form of support is needed, without them losing their dps-ness for being in support, so people seem happier to provide support while still contributing decently to damage, and there's a top dps class, however not so much as to have people excluding other classes when the group is pugged and also managing to keep the dps players happy knowing they have the most dps-ing char on the group.
  13. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Yes, but there's one thing that dcuo has other planets in the "multiverse" don't have....

    A damage centric scoreboard.

    Because of that, and everyone's drive to get on top of it, power imbalance is not an option in dcuo.
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  14. stärnbock Devoted Player

    Correct. I mistaken it when they said, that previously, npc needed to inflate in redicoulous amounts and that they will change, but later they statet that they will feel more more healthy than before... However, i am curious how this will play out like ; )
  15. IIThe QuestionII Loyal Player

    Ah yes...that other verse had no scoreboard, just winning or losing, so you don't see many Leeroy Jenkins-ish ppl rushing ahead of the tank, you hit the nail on the head.*

    *No actual nails were hurt during the making of this reply, The Question or any other of his affiliated names do not support violence of any form against nails.
  16. TheDarknessWithin Loyal Player

    AMs made people more equal and the game easier and more engaging....?

    Lol please.

    If you think there is currently more equality, if you think the game is hard and if you think you have freedom, then I don't know what to say...
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  17. Moxley Mayhem Dedicated Player

    Let the play decide? I shouldn't have to be restricted to a cookie cutter loadout in order to have max potential effectiveness in a given setting. The game becomes extremely stale in that sense. As a player who has been in this game since Feb 2011, I prefer to have flexibility in terms of what I can do. AM very much hindered that and ruined the game for a lot of people, including myself. We never needed it. Therefore, the play has decided; it's time for AM to go.
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  18. SheerFaith Committed Player

    I´m happy to see those changes but somehow I also worry about it..
  19. Derio 15000 Post Club

    I don't know what your definition of equal is but it's clearly wrong. Solo troll and heal due to an inflated stat from Tunso.. And let's be real here. If you said AM made every one equal alot of players would laugh in your face, not even including electric and nature players, they would be insulted by the comment. My point being even after the midrange pass for AM powers were limited in loadout choices. Powers were greatly imbalanced as oppose to the first 2 years, and power discrimination amongst players had increased tremendously.

    If you ever played as electric or nature you would consider AM to be a big reason several players quit the game altogether due to increased discrimination. In the buff electric and nature thread players go into deep details about why the power fails compared to others and the intense work required to fix the powers.

    It sounds like you are defending AM. Due to its power back capabilities and not it's damage capabilities. I respect that. But one key point of this thread is to discuss the changes, accept that AM are leaving the game and try to come up with solutions to the power management crisis without making trollers batteries again
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  20. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    So I'm going to be miles behind because I don't have time to farm 1950 bits per character per role? I don't mind being a little weaker but come on.
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