Developers please remove the scorecard

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Jacob Dragonhunter, Jul 26, 2015.

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  1. BlueLionSven Well-Known Player

    I recall someone saying removing the scoreboard for a week wasn't practical.

    So I presume my next suggestion is a no, but, as we have elite raids, why not, with the new raid, make a scoreboard version and a no scoreboard version?

    FTR I renew my suggestion that a replacement for the scoreboard would be a coded system that tracked people's performance in a raid, whether it was acceptable unacceptable or higher than acceptable.
  2. H2 Pwn Well-Known Player

    Respectfully, while you have some valid points in your argument...I disagree with your overall opinion that the scoreboards should be taken out.
    It is simply a tool, and how it is used depends on the players themselves. Personally I use it to see my progression as far as damage goes, and it is very helpful to me in that aspect, and truthfully, I also use it to see who's not pulling their weight in damage. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying just because somebody is last place in dps I'll kick them, but if the group keeps wiping in an instance due to the burn being insufficient, and I look at the scoreboard and see that the dps has a few thousand damage more than the healer or controller, and is MILES behind the other dps, I will have to take action. It's a matter of them not doing their job and it hindering the group, and respectfully, I will not pull someone else's weight, this is life.
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  3. IceRaider Dedicated Player

    The scoreboard isn't the bad guy here. Scoreboard chasers are. People have always competed in pve on the dps side that won't change. The only reason scoreboard chasers are more highlighted now is because of all the nerfs and buffs to the dps portion of power sets. I believe once they get balance to a certain degree with all power sets performing closely to one another you'll stop seeing FOTM dps because all power sets will be on par with each other. In that instance you'll see a surge in support roles because "I'm bored being so similar in damage with the rest of the powers, I need a change of pace I'll go healer, troller or tank." Like I said in a similar thread I'm sick of dps oriented game updates and dps centric content. I'm taking a break until they balance dps to support based content.
  4. Solmes202 Loyal Player

    Yes it is simply a tool. It would be nice if more players were like you about its use. Clearly, as a whole this community is too immature to keep from using it for negative reasons. For that reason it's negatives outweigh the positives to the extent that I believe it should be removed.
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  5. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    This thread is on the 4th page. And it hasn't gotten on topic let's keep it going :)
  6. cinnamon demon New Player

    Why?? The idea is so ridiculous to me. First of all, if a raid is failing due to lacking DPS, it'll be nearly impossible to find out who the problem DPS is (and possibly help them get better). I'd also like to mention that I am not a kicking fanatic. I absolutely hate kicking people from the group. If a player is not doing their job properly, I'd rather spend a few minutes working through their loadout and rotation with them than go straight for the F4 key. Secondly, I use the scoreboard to test new loadouts and rotations as a DPS, and see how I am in comparison to those close to my CR. It'll be a lot harder to improve as a dps only using Sparring targets. Third of all, I also use the scoreboard as a healer and tank to see how my Power In compares to the rest of the group, and I try to reduce my power in each run I do to improve as a healer and tank. FOURTHLY, I, and many others, like the small competition the scoreboard adds to PVE. Yes, seeing yourself at the bottom of the DPS list is very disheartening but also inspiring. It inspires you to get out there, research new loadouts, skill point allocation, and run tests to get better. Which, in time, will pay off and help your future groups and raids complete the instance faster and more efficiently.
    Also, I have never seen any experienced DCUO player worry about how much damage they're putting out as a support role.
    The only benefits I can see to removing the scoreboard is that people will be more encouraged to do support roles since they're not chasing after DPS numbers and competition. And that it motivates people to pick up more, and do the little side tasks no one ever wants to do. This can be fixed by adding a small reward to picking up people or doing objectives (I think it's so stupid that people are so opposed to picking up their TEAMMATES, that a reward needs to be added)
    I agree with Greenman_x in that the scoreboard should be expanded upon, not taken down. If the game were to remove the scoreboard, it'd lose a huge aspect of the game, and I would honestly lose some, if not all, interest in the game. Every idea has its pros and cons but to me, the cons for this heavily outweigh the pros. All in all, it's a dumb illogical idea to me.
  7. spack2k Steadfast Player

    well lets summarize:

    without scorecard this forum would be empty, so NO.
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  8. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    Well appearntly you must be new here. There was threads over a month ago wanting support roles damage buffed.
    And Please don't bump my threads. The last post was monday.. this thread was good as dead. just saying.
  9. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    You already said this once, you're spamming :/
  10. spack2k Steadfast Player

    gosh u never read my replys, well once again: "You are spammin:?"

    my answer :

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  11. cinnamon demon New Player

    Yes, I am new. And how was I supposed to know you wanted your thread to stay in the abyss of DCUO complaints?
  12. Starbrand Dedicated Player

    Removing the Scoreboard: last nail in the coffin for me :D
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  13. Zer0 Strike New Player

    The Scorecard shouldn't be removed the scorecard needs to reflect the correct stats. the scorecard shouldn't record individual Damage. it should record how many times you picked up a teammate how many times you died. The DPSES damage per second as a group and things like that.
  14. ChillCat Loyal Player

    Excellent distinction. Trying to get us back on topic...if the tool isn't the problem but the way people are (mis)using it is, how do nicely discourage people from (mis)using the scoreboard? I get the competition aspect but to me it's always been a bit silly since the there's no translatable value of "top dps". It means nothing, you don't win anything, and nobody that I've seen is keeping a historical record. Maybe as a tool to measure who's not pulling their weight if a group is struggling....totally valid use case.

    How do we discourage players from behaving badly to chase a top spot that ultimately means nothing?
  15. MEBegnalsFan Devoted Player

    Scorecard does need to be adds no value to the game....
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  16. Crimson Veil Dedicated Player

    My 2 cents

    I'd just like to see the scoreboard switched up w/ some more info:

    # of pick-ups
    # of objectives completed/switches activated (or whatever mechanics are applicable)
    Some tank based stats like amount of damage mitigated/ignored/reflected/self heald
    # of counter mechanics performed
    probably more I'm not thinking of

    Then I'd like all of the info to be calculated in a new way to give the top player/MVP the top spot on the board. Meaning that the damagers may not always be the top names on the board. The sneakiest, luckiest, most helpful multitasker's (of any role) will be on top.
    If the top dps is suddenly last on the scoreboard because they touched no switches, did no pick-ups and went down elleventy billion times….that might just shake up the game a little bit and make things more fair/ballanced ;)

    EDIT: I only skimmed the thread, so I don't know if anybody has already suggested something similar…if so, I agree w/ "that guy/girl" and +1 to them :D
  17. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    Because you are, you posted that video about 3 to 4 times in counting

    Mods Please close..
    I'm pretty much done talking about this.
  18. ChillCat Loyal Player

    There's something already like this in PVP arenas for king-of-the-hill maps. At the end of the match, the top player is usually the one that held the node(s) the longest. To your point, it's a better indication of most successful player for the objective. This would be a much better way to handle the scoreboard. In other words, top spot should go to the player that did the most to help get the team to victory....that's is absolutely NOT always the player with the highest dps.
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