Devastator too hard

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  1. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Hits that scale to your hp, are only a few mechanics. Therefore being geared up properly is important. Being geared up properly:
    *Increases your defense from other normal attacks to give you time to get healed back up.
    *Increases your stats to help be competent in the instance.
    Just to name a couple things.

    If you're a healer, you want more SP so your restoration is high enough to heal people after such HP scaling attacks. You WANT/need things like Page/purple ray, to use right after HP scaling attacks to get players health back up fast.

    I'm not sure if you're just trying to find loop-holes in the replies of people, or if you honestly don't know the importance of SP, gear, and artifacts and how they increase your performance. If it's the latter, then considering all the replies, I should have to assume that you've been equipped now, with the knowledge others have shared, on the importance of being properly geared to make it through regular content. After you get to that point, perhaps elite is your next step.
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  2. Pale Rage Dedicated Player

    Also, the games "easy mode" was designed in one aspect, to give "all" players a chance to "see" the new content, not necessarily "experience it's difficulty" to it's entirety.
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  3. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    I am not touching elite with a barge pole, not now, not ever. :p

    I am well stocked with artifacts and SP. 200-180-180 and 560ish sp. But it never saved me from Mxy turret explosions. I skipped the last day of the triple week because I was so sick of that mechanic. It also never saved me from the World Forger’s huge army of adds, or the Anti-Monitor’s breakout damage. I could go on but I won’t. Stats are not a magic fix for everything.
  4. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    Nothing can or should save you from mxy turret explosions because if those happen, someone has failed at mechanics and has to pay the price. I can go into regular next year and should die if I hit all the turrets. That’s a good thing. If someone can’t count they need to go learn to count.
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  5. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    Sure. But why do I have to die too?
  6. Hraesvelg Always Right

    It's a group mission. Things that people in a group do affect other members in the group, both positively and negatively. It's...sort of the bedrock of society.
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  7. Nangaf Well-Known Player

    finally one who understand, THANK YOU, i read all comment and nobody understand what im try to say, only you. People say to me get better gears, i play this game everyday from now 11 years, do you really think i dont have good gears, lol. If i play tank or troll or dps or healer im always the top dps so maybe it have some problem somewhere with the random queu. Since the scale revamp look like there only new players in the game and 3/4 dont know how to play, this most due to the fact that before we noticed it less because 1 OP dps can kill everything, but now if you play with 3 bad players you cant win this kind of alert, if i play healer , yes i keep the team alive but no dps, if you play tank, no one can heal or dps….. that my point , sooo why i loose my time to play the regular or elite alert if the reward look like the same with a minimum effort, that what i try to say, maybe the episode are too hard maybe the reward too low. Maybe everything is fine and im crazy but i just say the other episode have better balance difficulty than this boss in my opinion, not because im not good, more because 3/4 of players are bad.

    Maybe is better choice to go for the elite than normal, because im my mind only good player queu for elite so you have more chance to team up with good player than if you go in regular where most people go.
  8. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    From i have seen if you Q into the 4 man reg and there is no healer you might as well just leave. I pretty much just do the even version now for the marks cause its not worth the headache.
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  9. Nangaf Well-Known Player

    Exactly each time i enter in this alert everybody leave, so my point with this feedback is maybe there must be bell ringing in someone’s head for there are a probleme with this boss. Same thing always happened before with the hall of hades where everyone leave because good player know that the bad players will never understand the mechanic, another exemple is the raid where you need to play a card game, each time i play these raid nobody

    know what to do and each time i waste 1h to try to explain to the stupid kid what to do, maybe some mechanic boss are too hard for most of the players. That why i try to explain with my post not because im bad or what ever , like everyone answer to me. Regular is for regular players, elite is for elite players, but now devastator is too hard

    for the regular alert, so if you are a elite players like everyone here try to say to me , yes the regular devastator is easy for you but for the casual players devastator is too hard,in my opinon the gas do too much damage for the normal alert and the animation to remove is too low ( not too hard for me ,so stop tell me to get better gears and i say devastator not all the alert)
  10. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    Wise decision. ;)

    You're going back to pre-maturely calling out "potential" problems before actually encountering them. The OP saying what they're saying is one thing (even if they're wrong in this case), you on the other hand have admitted to not stepping foot in the content yet. The content is here, step foot in it, then come in with concerns or better yet, ask for advice. If that fails, record proof to show to the Devs and see if others are having the same issue.

    This is an anomaly...a design choice that was ultimately a huge mistake. The HUGE mistake here is that in order to get into this particular episode and move forward you have to get through that solo first. All other episodes started you off in the open world* with daily missions that then continued in a solo or duo, followed by an alert (or two) followed by a raid (or two). For this one episode they broke that structure.
    *[The exception was during that monthly episode period, which had no open world content whatsoever]

    The Scarlet Speedster fight is very mechanic heavy fight for a solo (feels very much tuned for a Duo). I admit, that boss fight was incredibly hard, especially when stepping in from the previous episode's gear, and there was no way to get better gear until you got past that solo first. Having said that, there are strategies to get through it (which is what I and many others did). However, this is something that needs to be brought up in its own thread so that they can take a look at what needs to be corrected in that section of that instance, especially since this is permanent Early Endgame content and there is no way around this (outside of getting creative with your survival tactics).

    I suggest people bring video proof to make their case.

    There's nothing unwise about it. Event mode serves several functions: Training wheels for those who need it. It's also beneficial for new and returning players to sample the newest content, since it's no fun being left out. It's also a quick way to get some marks when time is of the essence.

    We want and need people to get better at this game so that they can join the rest of us in regular content. It's not a good idea to keep "training wheels" mode on permanently because then people will not venture out into regular content and then improve. Remember, a lot of people prefer to take the path of least resistance. Let's not encourage that.

    Except that if you're entering that content and have only the regular version to run, you can get gear from the latest episode's event content and when you're better equipped, double back to the previous content. For example: If Legion of Doom's Alert or Raid, or Flashpoint's Alert or Raid is too rough for your at level toon and you have no friends or leaguemates to help, hop on to Dark Knights' Open World and Event content and gear up there. That gear will make you strong enough to handle the previous two episode's content.

    The "problems" you bring up already have a solution right in front of you.
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  11. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    I have no clue about this turret you mention, since I never had an issue when I ran the alert. For this, i'd hope that someone reads this and can provide you with some suggestions to avoid whatever it is that's killing you.

    As for the World Forger's army of adds...get away from them....and pray you have a good tank. I've only ever had a problem with them when I literally planted myself and refused to stop DPSing (meaning that was my fault) and the few times I blind queued and got stuck with an underskilled tank.
  12. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club mechanics weren't followed. See, that never happened in my runs, which is why I never encountered that. You're right, everyone should face the consequences of not following mechanics.
  13. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    Ok, first of all, there are technically no OP DPS in brand new content unless they replayed the crap out of everything day one to be fully geared in one day. So that's not a common thing.

    Secondly, only people who like to gamble with their time blind queue brand new content within the first few days. There was nothing wrong with that boss fight, there was everything wrong with your fellow players (and possibly you as well. You haven't shown any video evidence prove you did everything right). Good players form groups...crazy people just randomly queue up. Either shout in LFG that you're looking to join a group or form a group of your own. Don't just queue by yourself, otherwise you risk running into underskilled players, and in that case you can only blame yourself.
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  14. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    There is no problem with that boss that i'm aware of, and I am not an Elite player. The problem is you need at least ONE support role (Healer is best, but Healer and Tank or Troll is better), and some competent players. As I said before, good players form or join groups, they don't just queue up by themselves.

    Seriously, turn LFG on and shout to join a group for the alert or form one of your own. Then compare the results to what you have experienced blind queueing.
  15. Great Architect Loyal Player

    I'm intrigued. which particular attack are you talking about this time? Last time I checked, a 90% Health bust is not a one-shot. And other people appear to be surviving whatever-it-is. A few more details would be appreciated. Then we might be able to advise you better.
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  16. Great Architect Loyal Player

    It was, again, a walk with a PUG group and a competent Healer (me) and an (under-geared) buff troll. His DPS CR was 356, but he was something like 312 in Troll mode when he switched.

    It's not too hard - you just need to run with ONE competent non-DPS, preferably a Healer.
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  17. Great Architect Loyal Player

    Important question: Which role were YOU in?
  18. FlexVibrant Well-Known Player

    You lost me when you said omnibus.

    Back to the shadowrealms of the WT/Lil Bohemia you go.
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  19. Arwen Skywalker Loyal Player

    Tanked the alert this time around and kept the spores at bay. 2 DPS and heals, no wipe. As a tank, you'll pretty much only have aggro right around 40-50% of the time because of his script. Really can't point out the specifics but the devastator fight wasn't really thought out. Once you figure out the mechanics (and how janky the spore removal form is), you'll see the bigger picture of how unfun the fight design is.
  20. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    Haven’t read through all the post so maybe this post will be redundant but there was also a post with someone saying that the hardest thing in the game should be as hard as event version. Just because there are post doesn’t mean the devs should make changes to fit every single person. As cruel as is sounds, if you can’t get past normal than you may have to wait to out gear it.

    Players recommending you do event is a viable recommendation. It’s there for those less skilled players. After a new dlc comes out you will get access to more gear which means you can use the increased stats to go back to normal. But normal itself is not that challenging. The devs shouldn’t have to make things so easy anyone with a barely active pulse can breeze through it. If normal version is to hard than you need to either wait for new gear or find ways to improve. I know you have people using the “get gud” reply but sometimes there really isn’t anything else one can help with.

    Yes I’m aware some attacks are percentage based. That doesn’t however mean all their attacks do that type of damage or that everything takes that level of scaling. As you get more gear you capabilities increase. You damage naturally increases, does does you health and healing capabilities. So even thou there are percentage based attacks everything else gets easier which means that the fight in general does get easier over time. The determining factor his player skill level. A less skilled player will not feel the difference right away until the stats get out of hand. The more skilled you are the faster you feel the lvl of ease increase.

    So players also suggesting to wait for better gear are also correct. On top of that, this dlc barely got out. Most people haven’t even increased their adaptive augments which do also help. Some are even using gear from the last dlc. And some haven’t even leveled up their origin augments and sp to the new max.

    There are plenty of options
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