Destiny: thinking of getting started? My Q&A thread

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  1. Jurgen Blitz Dedicated Player

    So, Destiny hit the stores yesterday in Spain and I got myself a copy... I played for some hours last night, hitting lvl 6, to get an impression of the first stages of this game.

    Have to say this right away: the game hasn´t lived to the hype (but then again, few games do). There was, perhaps, too much expectation, a lot of it created by many of us, and some aspects of the game don´t hit the potential they could have had.

    However, with that being said, the game is very entertaining, immersive, detailed and well crafted. The MMO-RPG elements combine extremely well with the usual FPS mechanis that we all know and that Bungie had us accustomed to with Halo and similar games. The gearing up gives you a sense of progression in your first two hours, and the array of abilities & powers add a whole new level of tactics to the gameplay.

    In this thread, anyone who is thinking about trying the game can freely ask any questions. I am only in my first stages myself, but for that reason I think I can give good information for beginners or those curious about Destiny.

    Let me shortly review some of the aspects of the game as I have found them at the moment...

    Customization (since it´s the very first thing you will see): Lackluster. You do have 3 races to choose from, but none of them seem to have any change in stats and they appear tu be purely cosmetic at the start. There´s a very limited choice of faces, regardless of the race & sex you choose, because in every case you will have about 9 faces (which can´t be customized in terms of lenght/width/shape of individual features), as well as a fixed array of facial features/hair and tattoos/markings you can add. Also, from what I´ve seen, colors in our gear can´t be customized.

    Graphics: although they are not as jaw-dropping as I would expect from a last-gen game, if you take a moment between rushes and firefights to stop and look around you, it´s hard not to be impressed at how well the environments have been built and designed. The colors, textures and shapes makes it feel very organic, and it does pay off to take a break sometimes and move the camera around to appreciate the view.

    Classes: you have the Titan, the Hunter and the Warlock. The Titan seems to be the tank-ish class, getting more defense in their gear and built to fight up-front. The Hunter is the rogue, with an edge in melee burst damage, precision and able to teleport and vanish at some stages. The Warlock is the Mage or ranged support of the game, with the power to launch energy bombs and beams (a mix of DCUO´s Quantum and DBZ at times). My first character, and the only one at the time, is a Warlock, and it seems that I can be a sort of crowd-controller in grouped instances, using these powers to push back wide areas to prevent groups of enemies from flanking my team.

    Movement: each class have their own special move-trick that can add another tactical level. In this field, Hunters seem to get the upper edge, since they can "Blink" (teleport short distances) giving them a huge positioning capacity and evasion. Titans can double-jump, and Warlocks can levitate short distances. In addition, after level 3-4 every character has acces to a Sparrow, a speeder-bike with no guns but that moves very fluidly and... and.... godda***t, it just feels awesome to ride on it.

    The guns, combat & shooting: like in many FPS, all guns can use sights. So far I´ve seen Pulse rifles (firing short bursts of rapid fire), Scout rifles (taking single-but-hard shots, like a carabine), Assault rifles, Fusion rifles (that can charge up a shot to be more powerful), Hand cannons (revolvers, it´s that simple), Sniper rifles, Shotguns and Rocket launchers. All clases can use all weapons effectively, and all weapons can have a specific situational use. All classes also have a melee attack which is very strong and that can also be upgraded to provide sinergies with your abilities (for example, if I kill an enemy at melee, my Nova Bomb cooldown is reduced).

    Cooperative gameplay: Most maps in Destiny are kindof "open world" where you can be roaming around and end up fighting alongisde player that are not in your "Fireteam" (your squad), but all maps have a series of instances where only your squad, or yourself, can enter, and once you are inside- you or your team are on your own. I find this to be a good system: players without squads can go around the map joining battles or events where they see fit, and friends can go directly into closed maps to test their team´s strength.

    The overall experience: Destiny is certainly not the genre-changer that a lot of people thought... but it´s still a very entertaining, fun, dynamic and organic experience that will definitely appeal those who like FPS and RPG games alike. Although I still have a long way to go, from my first days, I´d give it a 8,5/10, hoping to see the game improve as I progress.

    If anyone has any questions, ask away. If any Destiny players want to join me for a fight or two, my PSN is JurgenBlitz.
  2. junglejim New Player

    The pve content doesn't interest me even though most friends are on it. I'm hearing theres a s.c button? In fps pvp thats b.s imo . My question for anyone is will the pvp be a cod or bf beater ive only room for 1 shooter in the collection and dont like inferior products
  3. Jurgen Blitz Dedicated Player

    About the first one: there kinda is, but it doesn´t work like DC´s since it´s not exclusively hit-based. Your special ability/ies have a cooldown, but past a certain level activating the skill at full charge only consumes about half the bar. When the bar is full and yellow (when your char is "supercharged") you can perform an upgraded version of that ability by hitting two triggers instead of one, if you have unlocked it, consuming almost the entire bar

    About the second question... if you consider CODs and BFs to be "superior products" then I doubt that this game´s mechanics will appeal to you.
  4. junglejim New Player

    Nah lets be honest the yearly re skins arent top quality havent said that about a cod since mw2 what i mean is the pvp gameplay comparable. Is there a unique selling point to the pvp that sets it aside from those 2 games. Im not a massive shooter fan these days thats why ive only room for one. I heard mixed reviews for bf4 on ps4 some said it was amazing others said a buggy mess
  5. Jurgen Blitz Dedicated Player

    To be honest myself... I haven´t had the chance to test pvp yet because i´d rather do it with friends who I know, respect etc. and so far I only had the chance to run with a friend once for a brief hour. That being said, I have seen many livestreams and the addition of movement moves (forgot to mention there´s also a "slide" option like in other games) and abilities make it a different kind of fps pvp game. Bacause weapons and aiming are going to matter, of course, but the use of Destiny´s features add a full layer of tactical options to flank, push back, provide shields, cover, splash damage...

    I´ll try to test pvp today, and hopefully I can give you more detailed info then.
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