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  1. Burnt New Player

    I qued for a wrong instance today and when the que poped I realized my mistake. I canceled and went down to the "Leave Queue" button. Tried to que for the instance I wanted to and got a deserter penalty. Does this seem right to anyone? I canceled because I didn't want to walk out on the group.
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  2. MARK2099 New Player

    Working as intented, those who don't answer in time over and over in both pve/pvp never get penaltys and groups are hold over and over, but when a player is responsible enough to not join an undesired q who did by accident get penalized, again good work devs ;).
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  3. surge914 New Player

    No its not right. A deserter is anyone who leaves the instance before it is over. The minute you denied the instance it should've started making another group without you. Seems like the devs are just getting carried away with the penalties.
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  4. Blazing Sun New Player

    I'm glad that's what it is doing. I hope the deserter penalty is more severe. If you que for the wrong thing and leave while you are in it YOU ARE DESERTING A GROUP NO IF ANDS OR BUTS. You had 2 opportunities to to decide not to go in the instance and you have to confirm both to even be able to spawn into it. Why should they let you punish a group by leaving when you confirmed you're going into that instance? This is pvp where every second the the match making system tries to find someone to replace you the group you just handicapped is losing points!
  5. Statman New Player

    As MARK2099 said, working as intended.

    Saying you are ready means you are saying you're ready for the instance you have queued. If you fail to see what you're readying yourself for, that's your own issue.
  6. Geldonyetich New Player

    Deserters are significantly disruptive enough to other players' play that I'd rather they err on the side of caution, so I'm okay with this penalty-heavy implementation.
  7. Maxx_Watt New Player

    If you leave before the match starts there should be no penalty, ive felt this since SS was dropped on villians. Freq ill be in a match and the timer will go down to 10 only to go back up to 45 or some other random number, this happens when no one has left on either side. So this can hapoen but the team has taken the easy route to just penalize players.
  8. Blazing Sun New Player

    Remember they give you two notices of the instance you qued for? Why cater to the few people that confirm TWICE to an instance they don't want?
  9. The Doctor New Player

    You make it sound like your only other option was to "walk out". Just run the instance next time?
  10. ZEUSofGODS New Player

    Great... I hate queing and acknowledging I'm ready just to acknowledge 4 more times cuz people are not doing it themselves.... U made the mistake, and cuz u made a mistake others had to wait longer... Take ur penance like a man... Pay better attention next time..
  11. The Kitsune New Player

    What exactly is the deserter penalty? I know it is something along the line of not being able to que but what exactly?
  12. Burnt New Player

    I see you are a product of our American school system. Let me be perfectly clear, I NEVER went into the instance. I did not want to leave and leave people in the bad position of print one person short on the team. Get it now?
  13. Burnt New Player

    Just like to agree with people huh? He was being facetious.
    Facetious - Treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant.
  14. Senshirou New Player

    Let it be more severe; I want it to. It will just give me more time to play all the unopened games I have in my room instead of dealing with DCs bs half the day (from freezing to lagging and everything else).

    But on a serious note, OP, it isn't right. You noticed your mistake and it was to late to un-que so you aren't at fault the faulty system is. God forbid something important (and this has happened to me on occasion out of the blue) comes up while I'm waiting on a que that makes me miss it and get a deserter penalty I am going to laugh and end my sub to this game because that's ridiculous.
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  15. Burnt New Player

    Your reading skills are lacking please read my post again. I never entered the instance.
  16. Senshirou New Player

    Don't know if your being serious or not. But anything that requires a que you won't be able to get into till the deserter penalty is up. You can still que up but it won't find a room till the times is up as well (this goes for both pve and pvp).
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  17. The Kitsune New Player

    Never gotten the deserter penalty. DO not plan to IF I Que, I do. I was just curious about. What is the time?
  18. Senshirou New Player

    Normally 5 minutes, but that might change since Jens plans to make "deserting" more severe. Or so he said.
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  19. Burnt New Player

    You have to wait five minutes before you can que again. I like this feature but I don't think it should apply if someone never actually enters the instance they were qued for.
  20. The Kitsune New Player

    I would say double or triple it. You are hurting the party by deserting, but I hope there is a way to determine between a DC, a Freeze, and a purposefully leaving the group. IT hurts the group in the end.

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