Deserter penalty for declining ninja invite

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by marqbabs, May 28, 2013.

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  1. marqbabs New Player

    so I queued up for coast city in controller stance, it says the instance is open but its for damage role seeing as im a controller with only controller gear and dont want to hinder the group i figure ill just wait the offer out and queue up again. but to my surprise i have to wait 10min because i didnt want to go in to an instance in a role i didnt queue up for. and not only that but when penalty finished guess what another instance for damage and another penalty.

    this is ridiculous because over half of the time it puts me in to an instance for damage even tho i only mark down controller. i actually had to wait 30min just to do that one alert just ridiculous. why would they put such a asinine system the most frustrating thing ive dealt with in a while.

    anyways thats my story/rant, plz for the love of sweet greger mindle just get rid of the penalty for pve
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  2. Statman New Player

    I can honestly say I've never ever ever paid attention to what role the system queues me in as, coz it doens't make a lick of difference to the alert. It's not like the system matches up a perfect group, it just puts whoever queued up to it first in there.
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  3. petvpets New Player

    Oh no

    People been quiting in pvp and rage quitting in pve... here is the solution.

    /not aimed at you OP - your cool and highlighting the problem with people on this forum.

    Sucks doesnt it when it affects people that didnt ask for it, seems the community still today is incapable of learning and using some intelligence/common sense.

    Be careful what you wish for, as its becoming pretty obvious everytime the devs are forced to make a change to one aspect of the game as IT WILL mess with the rest of the game.

    I swear if it wasnt for the large number of kids on here spamming, demanding, crying the game would actually be better, more stuff would get fixed (but no people fly through content and cry when they have nothing to do or work for)
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  4. Raijin1999 Loyal Player

    Yeah, you get the deserter penalty as early as the queue system.
    No multipass on that. :(
  5. marqbabs New Player

    ya that is quite true, i dunno im weird i know it makes no difference but i just dont go in to alerts when it queues me in my off role
  6. Deathmike Devoted Player

    The fact that the role assigned to you was Damage even though you queued only as Controller might be an actual bug.
    As for the penatly.. i don't know what to say yet, maybe queue times will improve which would be a good thing. We'll just have to wait.

    Deathmike out.
  7. Im Charlie New Player

    Its even worse when you freeze and relog on the ps3 side. If the group instantly invites you the second you come online you might not see it until its too late and you get a deserter penalty.
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  8. Senshirou Committed Player

    I'm just mad this was added to PvE. I got ninja'd into a raid by god know who and I decided not to answer the que and what do you know I'm a "deserter". Really Devs? I can understand this for PVP, fine, whatever, idc, but making this go for PvE as well was dumb. I don't want to hear the excuse "you can still invite them to the instance and it overrides it" What if I was in the middle of forming a group? Ya ever thought of that devs.

    On topic: I never paid attention to that either, the role, before the que. I'll just go in since I normally have my gear for both roles for me. But I hear you, and it blows.
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  9. Bloodartist New Player

    This new mechanic seems completely idiotic.
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  10. randomkeyhits Dedicated Player

    Queued up for some t3 alerts yesterday, got south gotham and accepted.

    There was one person in there, afk, the scorecard showed over a dozen people, most of whom must have just left,

    The afk guy was obviously not responding so I left too, deserter penalty for something that wasn't even runnable.

    Not impressed.
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  11. SuperBell Loyal Player

    You queued up for something, and when the alert popped, you just waited for it to go away, wasting the other players time? And you did this twice? Yeah, you deserved the penalty.

    Working As Intended.
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  12. Bloodartist New Player

    The deserter penalty should be applicable only after the first fight had been initiated.
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  13. DCUO Anon New Player

    The very first time I see a penalty for ignoring a ninja invite is the day SOE gets my Sub cancellation.
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  14. Breedin Bull New Player

    Recent changes has made not saying bannable things really hard.
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  15. Villain Smasher New Player

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  16. SuperBell Loyal Player

    Care to elaborate?
  17. Villain Smasher New Player

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  18. IQTester New Player

    Queued for arkham, entered it there was no one in there lol, they didn't manage to get to scarecrow, since
    the was going to shutdown went in and started to clear the path, a tank joined we both finished it,
    if i didn't had t5 gear i would have got the 10min penalty or would've just closed the game,
    this is bad for PvE, seems like the devs wants everyone to join a league and have a set group to run the content.
    I don't like leagues that have +9000 members on it,i would like to run the content like i have been running, by
    joining groups or random queues.
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  19. Green Lantern New Player

    I agree. A lot of times I let the ninja invite expire so I don't get another one right away when I cancel it.
  20. krimzonk Committed Player

    This new 10 minute deserter penalty is stupid! I'm sorry devs but how on earth do you come up with these ideas. In every update, you fix a few things and tinker with something; greatly infuriating your games player-base.It hurts the players that que-up for content without making a group.
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