Default Skin Colors (Hexadecimal)

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  1. Little Sister Well-Known Member


    Have you changed your skin color and can't get it back the way you want it? Have you bought a new skin and aren't sure where to start? Here are the Hexadecimal formulas for all of the skins in the game. These are exact, not guesses. I hope it helps! ^.^
    Note: There are no letter 'O's. All circles are Zeroes.

    Human Skin 01 - 27160E
    Human Skin 02 - 935837 *UPDATED*
    Human Skin 03 - 724A2C
    Leopard - D99958
    Lion - A27D47
    Tiger - 684E16 (Note: Not really orange)
    Wolf - 706250
    Crystalline - 0000FF
    Fox - AA4E31
    Undead - 292B36
    Chrome - C0C0C0
    Glowing - 0080FF
    Barbarian - 4A2A20
    Lava - 1D150E
    Rock - 1D150E
    Mummy - 241B1A (Note: Skin only, wraps don't change color)
    Reptile - 151D0E
    Plant - 1D2E22
    Cyborg - 402617
    Demonic - 58220E
    Robot - D99958 (Note: Changes eye color, and the hue of the metal)
    Tattoed - 6C3E2C
    Angry - 6C3E2C
    Cheerful - 6C3E2C
    Wise - 804C2E
    Youthful - 6C3E2C
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  2. PHOUR New Member

    isnt their also some default colors for makeup that go along with skins too? i wish it just changed to default settings for each skin automatically.
  3. Violetté New Member

    Nice and useful as I am often changing my skin colour. At the moment it seems slightly gray, hehe. Now I can go back to the original colour and adjust slowly again to get what I want.
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  4. Infernaluax New Member

    I think DC changed some of the colors around skin #1 not seems to have darker skin at least on mine it does
  5. Sore Well-Known Member

    Wow, you could do something similar for default and recommended chat color settings. I know I deleted my preferences file and was shocked to see the current chat color defaults aren't the same as launch defaults.
  6. NoobishGuy Active Member

    i used this and got hilarious results
  7. J11R0 New Member

  8. DarthDiggler Active Member

    How do you delete your preference file on PS4?
  9. Sore Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure. I was on PS3 at the time of posting that and haven't done it since being on PS4.
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  10. Silver Pride Well-Known Member

    much thanks for these :)
  11. Little Sister Well-Known Member

    Actually I don't believe these are accurate anymore.
  12. Silver Pride Well-Known Member

    OK thanks for the clarification - I thought it was my eyes or graphics lol

    I tweaked them a bit but still seems off

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