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  1. Zerefu New Player

    Just waiting for some interesting content in DCUO
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  2. wulff420 New Player

    Interesting Concept^ one better tho eliminate pvp gear make it all one set well two if you want roll/damage (or just fight eachother in pve gear) and then make some new raids and alerts where heroes and villians fight eachother and mobs and bosses. with a griping story not really long cut sceans but a big good story

    also i like the way things are instead of complaining about wm just erybody stop spamming it and play the way you used to ocasionaly going back to wm maybey or not find another way like batman. i think the new stuff is too hard actualy it would be less boring if you could que up compleat it reset it and run it again for the 6 to 12 hours a day you spend logged in beeing bored que up and run the content and stop complaining about it being too easy.

    if there were no replays youd have no instances to do after you did them once for however long the resets are and then go elsewhere people think you use replays run the content endlessly and burn out on it and go elsewhere either way it equals people leaving i dont know how to solve it accept to add more and more stuff to play but then memory space is an issue there. it would be more fun if there were more routs to go like id even say add a green arrow dlc with a full fledged star city like gotham and metropolis to be an alternate tech mentor and so on add alternate mentors cities and stories so people can level up new toons in new ways and then in the cr grind you have more people queing and running content so when you que and run content you get in and compleat it right away also people need to stop wiping a cupple times and leaving making others leave the group and finaly you never get anything done and the whole 12 to 20 hours you spent in game today was wasted. just more stuff more open world play would be fun to and so on but like i said memory space is an issue so i dont know what to do i think we as a community need to take it on our selves to make it more fun for eacother some how but i dont know how im just an idea guy not a problem solver lol
  3. lokithoz Committed Player

    i think dcuo needs to come up with something new and fresh so they can step up to other games:rolleyes:
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  4. ermike Committed Player

    Its a bad time right now. A sub par dlc combined with the release of destiny has a lot of long time players on break or on mars cause their is nothing to do. They are geared up, have too many sps as is and the content offers no challenge/rewards thus no replayability. Update 41 will bring them back for a few days but it will be quiet until next dlc. Hopefully, most come back
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  5. Loadingscreens Committed Player

    yup everyones playing destiny on my friends list. and im not mad either. this games really stale. the last few dlcs were easy and short. my main gripe is the stupid large health pools the devs gave bosses to make them "harder" lol. no devs, it just makes boss fights boring.

    its time to change up the DLC formulas Devs, if you want players to come back or stay.
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  6. Quanflux New Player

    No dude it's not the people, it's the game.

    Ever since OC, DCUO has not released 1 single DLC that involved any type of progression of new strategy innovation, and for all the little bells and whistles the game may have now, a raiding MMO is not a raiding MMO if the raids in it are beatable on the first day.

    In fact HOP is the FIRST DLC that gave us raids we were able to beat all in the first day....

    Those people that quit, even if they do not come back for a tourist visit, if there is no content that offers dynamic challenge then those same people will just quit again and probably quit for good.

    Whatever plans they have for the next DLC, that one raid their releasing better be Godly amazing.
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    I too am about to un sub. They are more interested in scamming ppl with Aura packages then actually producing quality content
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    Heck we still haven’t received all the AM powers yet
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  9. Foe Evah New Player

    The day this game has some decent competition for both its combat and genre, it will start stepping up. CoH is dead and Marvel Heroes 2015 is an utter disappointment. Champions Online looks toony as hell and the combat is pretty much your traditional mmo with a bunch of function keys. What else is out there? Destiny is great and all, but it's a sci-fi shooter (not all of DCUO's player base would go for shooters). So people who enjoyed DCUO will end up coming back as both are no where near the same game. DC & SOE have a good niche going for them, and nobody worthy in town to claim the audience. People leave because there's nothing left to do, and will return on the next DLC.
  10. StarshipAwesome Well-Known Player

    Marvel Heroes is like Legends pvp/pve with crafting.
  11. evilmufasa Well-Known Player

  12. Echephyle New Player

    3/4 of my league is playing destiny right now.

    For myself, I might log on to do a couple raids and feat grind for a bit, but destiny excites me a lot more lately.

    Hopefully survival mode is awesome.
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  13. akaivy Dedicated Player

    Perhaps you should read the Yahoo news from 9/28.
    "It’s likely this paper will fade from memory, to be replaced by the next one claiming to do away with black holes, and the rest of us will carry on studying the powerful, galaxy-shaping black holes in our beautiful Universe."

    Black holes do exist. DCUO will be around for a while longer.
  14. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    It's just about to get worse, we're about to get a "small" DLC next.
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  15. MyrVell Committed Player

    Yeah, because having missions available every day to progress your character instead of just Thursdays will be just terrible. ;)
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  16. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    Small DLC with at least one raid in it... Thankfully they made that tweak.
  17. The Lone Stranger Devoted Player

    A big part of the problem comes from ultra-high CR & SP requirements, IMO...

    Now hear me out.

    I look at Fester's sig.
    CR 108 & 170 SP. Very well done. With no intended sarcasm, I say "Congratulations!"

    Now, If 90% of the LFG population is looking for only stats like Festers, and not mine, the Devs notice.
    No offense intended but the "smooth, in and out" gameplay IS easy-mode.

    So, if once every month or two you post "we need harder content"
    But you demand easy-mode runs daily or weekly
    Which gets noticed more?
    The more common occurrence.

    People who demand easy mode runs have no right to complain when they get easy mode raids.
    IT'S WHAT THEY WANT! No matter how they try to deny it, "Actions speak louder than words".

    And, Fester, I mean no offense to you by using your stats as an example.
    They were just easily available at the moment.

    The point is: The Devs don't just listen to the casuals.
    What you DO says more than what you say, and the Devs listen to that, too.

    I say give us some hard raids...
    I'm CR 102, and low on SP (81 and counting - I was at 71 a week ago, so definitely counting)
    Give us something I can't get through until I get my CR and SP up!
    So what if I can't do it on day 1? I WANT THE CHALLENGE!
    And, both my posts and my actions back this up.

    Hopefully, the Devs will realize that they need to ignore the casuals on the forums and the elitists in the game and give us some hard content, because I'll bet we're gonna keep shooting ourselves in the foot in this community...
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  18. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    That's the issue a lot of us have though. What are we progressing towards.

    If this Raid isn't melt your face off difficult or at least interesting, people are just going to leave again. I don't think many people in this thread are interested in grinding gear for the sake of grinding gear. I want to grind for gear to beat the raids, not just so I have all the shiny new stuff.
  19. Red Ringlight Dedicated Player

    Very well said sir. I agree completely with your concerns.
  20. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    To me there are a few big issues that I see .

    1 . There's really no feel of team work it's mostly " hey let's see how many dps we can stick in a group till it becomes pointless " you don't need 4-6 dps in a group for the love of God even without weapons mastery stuff dies fast .

    2. We don't do any real epic stuff in the game yea we have raids and stuff but what about an iconic villain /hero coming after us based on our mentor maybe every month or two they could take and add a solo were we fight them in different solo content .

    3. The drops yea I know the drops are unattuned and that's great but the drop rates are bad . What can be done to fix this you may ask if you have 3 raids then have each raid should drop a DIFFERENT STYLE SET OF GEAR that gives people a reason to play really with 3 raids and one style set that drops in all 3 it's no wonder people aren't playing and I know people will bring up the neck piece in lockdown but the odds of that dropping are slim.
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