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  1. BabyBoyzim Dedicated Player

    I usually try and form a group for omni. As an X-Box player, things tend to take a while to que, and there is a massive issue with 3+ tank omni raids popping if you blind/solo que, so it’s already a massive waste of time when you see one of the longer raids pop, knowing you need more burn instead of a 5th tank. (Or other support role, don’t be surprised to see 5-6 supports in an omni on Xbox. Toggling role optional makes the que times worse even.

    So until they remove the clamp, where yes, I’d rather one shot bosses unclamped instead of being stuck watching 5 tanks add absolutely nothing to a long slogfest, slow burning boss fight in some raid that came out 8 years ago. I see a long alert or raid pop? Cancel and reque. All. Day. Then get the weekly omni boxes and turn dcuo off for the week. I’d play and spend money again, but why?

    I know the quote repliers will love this one. But…… (read sig)
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  2. Hraesvelg Always Right

    It's only to clear the weekly quest. Otherwise, I just pick the content I'm looking to run. The reward is barely enough motivation like it is. This would just tip things over to me not worrying about the box.
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  3. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    See...even after 3 paragraphs you still don't understand how it works. If someone is declining an instance, they ARE taken out of the queue and they enter back in BEHIND anyone else queuing...if there were another person waiting to take his/her place, the queue would re-pop. It's NOT incredibly unlikely that only a handful are queued, because you would be in the run. If the same guy keeps getting prompted and declines, it's because he/she is the only one available to fill THAT spot. And sure...there COULD be some group of guys, all queueing with the intention of declining just to stop some one guy (maybe you even) from getting in....but that sounds more like paranoia than anything...maybe time to go out and touch grass?

    Yes, people might start queueing their alt role after X amount of time, but that's not the same as someone else suddenly being able to fill a queue because MrPicky was banned from it. If they could run the role, they should queue it and increase the chances that MrPicky doesn't even get the chance to decline because he won't be the only option FOR that role.

    If you don't like seeing the queue pops and declines build a group. Now, I know that is not easy (or even possible) at times, but if there are only a handful of people queuing, and one guy is a critical role, stopping MrPicky from queuing won't help you get'll just get less pops and will be in here the next week complaining how you were queued for 3 hours and no runs ever went all.

    I don't disagree on people learning mechs...yes, that's probably a big reason that some people decline or don't queue in the first place. I also agree that having a way to go in short (or solo) would be an desirable option. All of these things would lessen the need to rely on a bogus matchmaking system we have almost no control over.

    Good chat.;)
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  4. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    See, most people I know that run omni are using it to fill some time or get the reward. When presented with a run that will either A) fill a LOT of time due to likely failures or B) NOT end in the reward...again, due to failures, they opt out. When you add to those 2 existing issues the fact that opting out will mean they also cannot run current or even SOLO content for a longer period of time, they likely will just opt out of omnis completely.

    And the lottery is like 1 in 6,000,000. I'd say omni is 10 in 40 (good runs out of whatever total we have in omni), so WAAAAY better odds.:D
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  5. Grip Committed Player

    To me, it seems you guys are on the same page with how the queue works. The divide comes from how you think declines specifically should be handled. The op thinks MrPicky can be tamed and seems willing to grant him time to get the proposed timeout system through his head while the op and other capable players do their part to make peskier raids smoother when he does occasionally say yes, giving him positive reinforcement. It's a phased, layered approach and not the flawed insta-fix it's been labeled as in this thread

    If a couple more layers were added by DI (in-game mechanics preview/training for legacy runs) and the community (better teamwork mindset), I'd be sold. Personally (and sadly), those things seem like pipe dreams. If I'm right, the devs choices are- a) Allow MrPicky to terrorize underpopulated servers and alienate players willing to accept queues or b) Take steps to try to help keep instances getting underway... hopefully remembering moderation so the situation doesn't get even worse.

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  6. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Maybe...from what he's writing it sounds like he thinks a person declining is keeping another person from queuing into that same run. This is not the case, past the first decline. Once a 'full' group is structured, if someone else were waiting in the wings to fill a role(troll in my example), he would get in as soon as MrPicky declines. If MrPicky ends up being 'the guy' who is repeat popping and declining queues....1 min, 30 min or 8 hour lockouts...that means no one else is available and the queue will just never pop. Now...there COULD be 3 people all queued as troll...all of which could decline for 3 annoying cancels...but it doesn't matter...if they are the only 3 people, they still aren't getting in. While this might be less mentally stressful, not seeing the declines every 1 min....the run won't get going either way. This is just how it works.

    And re-read anything I've said on the subject. I've never said to NOT put in longer timeouts. Just saying, it likely won't have the effect they want. Also, it will eliminate the guy who declines 2 or 3 times, then says 'Ugh...ok...FOS2, fine' and accepts on the 4th. That guy will be locked out for an extended period...and again, this won't get them in any faster.

    And psssst. MrPicky cannot be tamed. He is a free spirit who'd rather sign out than run NgN with a group of randoms, or run some run like MoM to earn the same 10 marks he could get in 4 2min runs of WV solo. The juice is NOT worth the squeeze.

    Personally, and I'm not sure how they'd code it. If a queued raid is 1 or 2 people short (because of a decline or 2), a pop up should come up "your group is missing X and Y (or just X)....Proceed anyway?" In which case some single person declining wouldn't hold the group up, especially for many easy runs in Omni or EEG. It could hit the same vote as 'disband' and majority rules, and you go in short...or you go back into the queue. I think that would help low pop servers the most as I'd guess many times there aren't 8 people with all roles sitting in queue.
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  7. Emoney Dedicated Player

    Its hilarious he spent three paragraphs telling you how it works, then, not only do you attempt to scold him, you go on to say omni and selective Qing are different. They are the same thing lmao. That's why you get people turning down those too.

    Unless you have a full raid group, the omni system is designed to fill selective Qs. It's only random if NO ONE in the entire game has something Qd, and I'm sure that almost never happens. That is why players can troll the Qs by solo Qing the most difficult mechanical raids...then either laugh at all the declines, or get in and laugh as they purposely mess up mechanics!

    So, to recap if you are solo, and Q a specific raid, Omni is used to get your 7 teammates. If you are solo and pick a silly raid like NGN, we'll, you're gonna see a lot of declines! And again like Reinheld said, if the only support person Qing up gets your day long punishment, you will be penalized that entire day too, or at least until another specific support comes along. If it's a tank, good luck playing, and enjoy that penalty too.
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  8. iTiredOfTheLies Active Player

    I do appreciate all comments! I’m a bit defensive by nature! And see any feedback that looks like I dunno what I’m talking about as an attack lol! That’s the Irish in me lol!

    I think mostly what I’m getting at - is nothing more than born out of frustratuon. Putting groups together is hard af now! LFG seems to be more so a chat now.
    I mainly will use the specific queuing section most times; BUT… I’ll queue probably all raids within t2 to t6 (removing those that have been completed and need replays) I don’t random queue elite raids, as that’s idiotic! But it’s a A LOT of raids to be queued for (especially as a tank/dps) as I’d stated. If there are a few Mr Pickey’s fkn it up for many for “funzies” I believe that removing their ability to do so would be beneficial! I also get that people would find it as a type of forced play. I.e. if I only have one decline or two etc per day - I HAVE to run this old FOS raid with a bunch of randoms. And I get where people are coming from on that. But that’s what blind queuing is also!

    This isn’t an omnibus only issue. As I’m mostly queued for my favourite's (but like I said: I’ve a LOT queued up) the problem isn’t as much they won’t pop. It’s the insta-decline when they do. And I 100% get what reinheld is saying! The system will always fill out the roles before popping. And if no-one new has come along for a while, mr picky will still be there to continue to decline until he gets a “suitable” raid. But… if mr picky only has 2 declines per day, he’ll either have to suck it up and run that same raid popping, or… be locked out. Allowing other possible same roles to join the queue. I get the argument against what I’m proposing (I’m not actually proposing a total lockout) just a suggestion as to what I’d personally do.

    This was more for the devs to see; and see the frustration it has brought about. In the end! I just wanna play the game! I’d just like them to have a look at things, and think of possible solutions.
    I get that this post will fade, and next week, the game will be full! And people will say how quick everything is popping etc. but that’ll last for a month (max) then it’s back to normal.

    Ultimately: this is about being able to play. It can’t be left to players to sort a problem they can’t sort out.
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  9. TI99Kitty Dedicated Player

    I agree. If you're gonna nerf anything, nerf Proma so it doesn't cause a wipe. And only so it doesn't one-shot everyone. It can still one-shot the p;ayer who's ignoring mechanics. and reinstate Lazy Faust's one-shot. Sure, being down a couple of players might still cause a wipe, but given how many times I've run RoE regular, and we've finished with only 3 or 4 of us standing, I'm going to say that the ones being taken out aren't really contributing much.

    Yep. I can't count how many times people join, see we've already taken out the early bosses (or possibly look at the elapsed time), and duck right back out again.

    I hate to say this, but the only time I saw people doing the mechanics in Tr, was the first day. Every run I've been in since, there's only one other player besides me doing the mechs.

    Maybe this. Nerf Proma so it just does massive damage. Reinstate Lazy Faust's one-shot until SoBA goes EEG, then nerf it again. (Too late.) Nerf Hecate's bubbles when Cursed goes EEG.

    Also, the lottery doesn't lock you out of playing for the next drawing if you fail to pick specific numbers out of the winning sequence.

    "Oh, the numbers were 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42. You lost, but because you specifically didn't have 8 or 23 on your ticket, you're locked out of the next drawing. If it happens again, you'll be locked out of the next two drawings. So make sure the next time you play, you pick the right numbers -- or at least the right losing numbers."
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