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    For the love of Jesus Christ! - please limit this. The EU servers are already underpopulated; and when queuing - you can wait for well upto an hour plus (and you can be queued for a whole host of raids and alerts) when things finally pop, it’s almost 90% of the time declined.
    I get that people get bored and forget they’re still queued, but in SOOOOOO many instances now - declining even happens before you can accept it yourself (and it’s done so because people don’t cba)
    There needs to be a much greater deterrent put in place. Lock people out for several hours or even the day if they decline 3 times within a specific period of time. Or something that limits their impact on others ability to play. It affects so many others. People get pissed off with repeated declining and stop queuing. They also log off out of boredom, and creates a ripple effect throughout the server each time it happens.

    A 1 min “deserter” that was fine when stuff popped every few mins (over a decade ago) but now… it’s meaningless! People leaving without asking also, there should be a much greater deterrent put in place.

    I get you can’t force people. Or people have things happen suddenly. Usually when that happens, someone goes afk entirely without warning. But most declines are blatant, and for an alrefay unpopulated server, it’s absolutely infuriating!!
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  2. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    Naw, welcome to DeCline Universe Online lol. There's only one thing you can blame for that, but I don't even think I have to mention it by name.

    I'd worry more about the folks trolling and constantly queuing instances nobody wants to do... It can't be THAT random if it's always the same "junk" instances...

    Edit: Don't forget, you're not alone, either. Xbox has even LESS population, and I'm not even going to mention the other poor system... I couldn't even imagine the struggle.

    Edit edit: I already wouldn't participate in such content, not being able to decline would give me even more reason to never bother lol.
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  3. Emoney Dedicated Player

    There are quite a few raids and alerts that are not PUG friendly, on top of that there are some that are just tedious and long. When I que omnibus, I just want a fun quick run for marks. I'm not looking to spend hours, or the rest of my day, in that one run. So, unfortunately there are quite a few I will always opt out of when they pop. I have also found, if I do feel adventurous and accept one of these, when it does inevitably become a train wreck, no one will vote to let me leave, so I am forced to take the penalty to leave I've learned to just avoid that scenario all together.

    Now, if you have your way, and I get locked out for hours or more, well, good luck queuing up anything after that because I just won't participate at all, and I'm sure the others that opt out of certain content like me would do the same. Edit: If the timer was only for omnibus, then whatever. But the timer applies to all on duty, so essentially players would be locked out of the entire instance part of the game for hours, or the rest of the day, and that would be a sure way to kill this game. If I can't que for anything for hours or the rest of the day, do you think I'm gonna just stand around or do open world stuff for that time? No, I'm gonna log out.
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  4. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    A decade ago deserter penalty was 10min. Which was "fine" back then (well, it wasn't when you got it for being disconnected...) because server populations were larger and there was much, much less content for people to queue, so you could afford to leave some people out of the queues for a long time. Longer deserter penalty won't make your queues pop faster, because many people will just not queue Omnibus, only the specific instances they want (by the looks of it - not the ones you want, which is why they're being declined so often), preferably with a full group. Others would simply reject the instance, than go switch to an alt and requeue omnibus.

    I'm sure there was a reason they shortened the penalty to 1 min and it's most likely that someone who rejects a particular raid might join another one a minute later, so another group can play. If that player is out for 10 min - what with low population most of the time on EU server - it means that very likely neither of the raids is going ahead for at least those 10 min.

    People declining instances is annoying, but I doubt much can be done about it without negatively affecting the game. Even if you make a group, there's a good chance, that someone will fail to accept the raid in time when it pops at least once - that's just how many players are.

    What I'm finding problematic is that if you decline an instance - by canceling queue shortly after it pops - you get the 1 min penalty. If you just wait until it times out - you get no penalty and can requeue immediately, even though you've actually prevented other players from doing things or queuing anything else for 1 min, before automatic decline. That's potentially a way to grief other players, especially in 1v1 PvP.
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  5. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

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  6. Dominic Blue Dedicated Player

    I think the bigger problem is some players want certain feats and instead of using LFG (fair point since LFG isn’t in default chat) or their Leagues (most leagues are dead not active) they just que up and people are like hell naw when an instance pops that’s probably too much hassle than it’s worth. That’s my take anyways.
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  7. Dominic Blue Dedicated Player

    Forum laggy as f too.
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  8. Grip Committed Player

    I hear where you're coming from, and hope workable, less extreme solutions are used. For smarter, well-intentioned players (who've completed their Trevor weeklies), a solution could be a simple reminder not to use omni as a lazy replacement for favorites. They should take time to choose only instances they're willing to join. Sorting out bad actors is a bigger headache, though. Good luck with stuff like...
    Factual and should be addressed in some way. Great point.
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  9. the solowing Unwavering Player

    OK, that's gaslightly, because this was an issue well before the clamp ever came to be.

    Heck i've been saying for years that they need to return the penalty timer back to ten minutes to thirty. Allowing players to always decline whatever instance.They want to do limits the pool to very small amounts of instances likely whichever ones the easiest and the quickest to do. Hence, why prior to the change FOS 3 would pop-up nonstop. Because players would only accept the "random" queue on that specific raid.

    I think a player should degree of choice with a certain amount of declines before they have to take it.. The game has to work for the overall community. Players need to have a deterrence against gaming the system. If we want all the content to pop then players cannot be given full control to to cherry pick their instance when they queue random.

    Cherry picking content is exactly why people are complaining that certain content doesnt get procced and they can't get the feats from it.
  10. the solowing Unwavering Player

    NNo go ahead and implement it let them not queue omnibus. I am all here to see the complaints about people wondering why their content will pop not wanting to run anything that's not the content of choice. I really don't understand why people playing MMO when a lot of the suggestions are trying to remove every bit of it and may get more of a single player experience that other people simply exist around you. But you don't need to interact or play with them.
  11. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    There are instances I will absolutely NOT play anymore ever again under the current clamp conditions. My anger threshold is lower now so I don’t tolerate continuous failure of old, previously beaten, content I am several CR above. Not happening anymore.

    The only solution I can think of while keeping all of the pro clampers satisfied because perish the thought of making any kind of adjustments to the clamp, would be to implement a one time “limit break” per instance for high CR players to one time only get to actually use their true, earned stats to the fullest to complete a pain in the but t instance.

    I’m currently avoiding Omni again and I haven’t had one reason yet to throw my controller because End Game is sooo much better to me. :). There isn’t any End Game piece of content I have trouble completing but I guarantee the moment SOBA goes EEG, there will be all kinds of problems completing the Alert, maybe even the Raid too but definitely the Alert, it is going to be unplayable.
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  12. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    this has become my preferred method of queuing.

    no fuss no muss but then I can also keep myself busy waiting for queues to pop.
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  13. the solowing Unwavering Player

    As long as you dont queue random, i can understand. The moment you hit random, you are accepting what random queue gives you (given 1-3 declines or you should eat a penalty (10-15 minutes ACCOUNT WIDE. IMO)).

    Ill do you one better. Sell the "Breakthrough" for 5 dollars a pop (single use). And yes, Im sure it would sell well despite backlash..

    Players are saying "Content I need doesn't pop!" But you have players selectively choosing what in "RANDOM" they are going to run/ not run, that makes the pool of instances shrink. The system from what I've seen, tries to fill whatever it can first. Players will repeatedly decline instance they find difficult like Paradox Wave, until something far easier like FoS3 procs. Its easily manipulated and it shouldn't be.
  14. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    Exactly right. Players will decline instances they find difficult. Nothing is being done to alleviate the reasons players are having difficulties. Nothing. And the limit break should be free since, I already have the stats. Selling them back to me would be the final outrage forcing me to quit.

    Since my sister has gotten sick and is unable to play anything not on her iPhone, I have hardly played any DCUO or FF XIV. So, I’m at the point now if they ( Dyabreak / DI ) does do anything further to alienate me from the game, I have no probs walking away from it.
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  15. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    So I'm coming at this from the single player aspect of Omnibus, and as such my declination of instances isn't going to affect other players.

    That being said? The VAST majority of the time, my choice to decline an instance comes from my mood at the time. Difficulty of the instance never really factors in. Gotham University Warehouse is a prime example. There are days where that pops up in the Omnibus queue for me and I go ahead and jump in to play it. Other days? I just don't feel like it and decline.

    It's best not to forget that some people may just not be in the mood to play a particular instance, nothing more and nothing less. I get the frustration that would come from having to wait because of someone declining, but wanting to dish out penalties when it may just be the person simply wasn't feeling that particular piece of content? Just seems a bit much, especially since there'd be a better than decent chance those penalties would be put in place across the board, not just for group Omnibus content runs.
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  16. the solowing Unwavering Player

    I get that i really do,

    But what I'm saying is if you queue up for random and you start fishing for instances after the 3rd reject. A penalty of 10-15 minutes needs to be added back. This shouldn't/wouldn't apply to manual queuing just that raid. Some players seem to think disrupting the matchmaker and manipulating it should be welcomed with open arms.

    If you don't want a random instance, don't queue random.
  17. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    The stat clamp made some raids a nightmare to play with randoms so when those raids pop people decline them.
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  18. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Some people probably queue thinking they will catch an easy run...then decline what pops if it's not. Do you think their thought is "I want to run something...MOST anything will do" and you are the victim of slight pickyness? This presents them with a decision of running something less desirable...vs just signing out. In this case, your advanced penalty MIGHT have some benefit.

    See...I believe the thought is "I am bored...I'd run something if it's not further boring"...and they decline runs they really don't want to run or need anything in. So their choice something WORSE than signing out...or just sign out...quit queuing at the very least. If this is the greater number of people's stance...your queues will get even worse. Worse still if an AFK missed queue or disconnect triggers that 'hours' lockout and even the people who'd have accepted 'most' runs, are now locked out and pissed off.

    Personally they can enforce some long lockout if they want, I still wouldn't run many runs. Swapping toons, doing OW stuff, building a full group vs random queue, or just plain signing out are all perfectly viable options for most players. All of that will do more to negatively impact your be careful what you wish for, cause you might get it.

    The real issue with declined queues is the 8 man requirement. Likely your group is ready to go, except 1 or 2 final players you could do without...but you'll never know as that queue fills and empties those last few spots. Besides allowing for shorter groups to go in, which might mean you can skip matchmaking completely if not solo queueing. There should be an option of presenting a choice to those who've accepted queue when 1 has declined...."you are missing 1 member...proceed anyway?' or something. A second press of 'Enter' or 'X' and you go in with 7....or whatever.
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  19. Emoney Dedicated Player

    But it's not random, it's never been random. It only fills groups for players that manually que. On top of that, it seems to pick the same five or so instances if nothing needs to be filled. I've seen some days the same alert or raid pop up the entire day...that's not random. Sure it's expected if there is a certain spotlight or source mark scam....but I've seen it happen outside of those scenarios too.

    I only use Omnibus to complete the three missions, that's it. It's not an option if I want to complete those and get the weekly rewards. Those rewards are not worth a 2 hr plus nightmare. And like others said, the clamp only made some of these more tedious instances worse!
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  20. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    It sure as **** did not help... That's the point. Pretending it didn't affect it greatly even more would be "gaslighty".

    Also, there was no omnibus to compare.

    Edit: Having no choice but to play that way, PLUS having no choice but to play instances you don't want to? Really trying to sell it there huh lol
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