Death Blossom Seed Trinket 2013 Return?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Batman Beyond, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Batman Beyond Well-Known Player

    Hello all,

    As the topic suggests, does anyone know if the Death Blossom Seed Trinket has returned to the Vault this Spring? If so, has anyone gotten it yet this season?

    Thanks in advance to those with helpful answers!
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  2. jpharrah1010 Devoted Player

    i just got it about an hour ago at the regal hotel solo..where ive gotten all my seasonal trinkets thus far
  3. AlwaysFumbles Well-Known Player

    I got it yesterday in vault
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  4. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    Nice thanks, I really want that trinket, just to have it... Got to run some challenges.
  5. Batman Beyond Well-Known Player

    Awesome! I appreciate these helpful answers and I'm glad to see it make a return.

    Thanks again to those who replied!
  6. Mighty Bug New Player

    Yup, got another one in the vault yesterday
  7. thoughtpatern New Player

    what exaactly does it do?
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  8. Mini Lini Loyal Player

    Having no luck with this thing... I want it though. I'm not sure why.. I just really want it.
  9. thoughtpatern New Player

    well it does some amount of damage similar i suppose to one henchman. then it dies. havent recieved any kind of healing from it i dont think.. anyone know if it does anything other than pew pew around for a bit?
  10. TOLON New Player

    Yup, I got mine from a solo challenge! The trinket heals you and others when it dies off.
  11. Dead_Corps New Player

    I've gotten 3 in one day on my Ill REPUT toon and one the night before for a grand total of 4 doom seeds trinkets but nothing on any other toon so good luck.
  12. Batman Beyond Well-Known Player

    Has anyone gotten it with a level 30 in the vault yet this year? I've ran 10 characters, 6 who are level 30 everyday since the event and got zero on any level 30. I ran 4 characters under 30 and they all got it. I ran my main through the vault everyday and used 100 vault tickets as hes level 30 and got nothing. I got all but 1 piece of the Knight PvP suit, 3 pieces on both Checkmate styles, x1 Omac, and x2 Phantom Zone Kryptonite Chunks (now I have 3). And zero movement gear dropped.

    I've also been testing level 30s in solos and duos a ton each day and no luck yet this year. The Spring Back/Head drop occassionally (1 in 4 runs it seems.)
  13. Owl Devoted Player

    I had the Death Blossom Seed Trinket drop in the Vault on 4 different low level characters with 2 characters getting it twice.
    I have NOT had the trinket drop on any of my 36 Level 30 characters. I run around 30 daily vault runs.
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  14. C3alix Committed Player

    ...and here I've been, thinking it was a rare trinket because it dropped after defeating Eclipso.
  15. Captain Just New Player

    And here I am thinking my 9 level 30 characters are a lot...

    I have yet to to see this trinket drop anywhere this year. Just my typical bad luck with loot drops in this game though
  16. details26 Committed Player

    How do you have time for all of them?
  17. Owl Devoted Player

    I spend 1 hour a day before work running the Vault alternating between 2 PS3s in 2 rooms. One character is in the Vault while another is logging in. Parking characters in a Lair decreases load in time. Logging Out from the Vault saves a loading screen. 36 is my record for the most Vaults that I have ran in 60 minutes. I can get about 30 in an hour while I make breakfast, eat and get dressed. Running between rooms also helps wake me up in the morning.
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  18. Hendrix Well-Known Player

    No wonder the rest of us are not getting anything from the vault! Owl is consuming all the available rewards. Please slow down, for the sake of the rest of us who want some of Joker's loot, are you mad?
  19. FadedFate New Player

    I have a question
    Can anyone confirm if the death blossom dropped in non Lv30 instance?
    I am trying to get one for my lower level character.
  20. Batman Beyond Well-Known Player

    So far I haven't seen it drop for any Level 30s in the vault only lower level toons from the vault.

    As for Level 30s I've heard of it dropping in challenges and raids, but haven't seen it yet and have been playing constantly trying to get the dang thing as I missed out on it before.

    Does anyone know when the Spring Event ends?