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    That's a shame. If I were ever put into that situation where it got too big to handle or too much division. I think my ultimate solution would have been to kick everyone out. Keep a copy of the roster and start to re-interview them one by one. Although 200 people is a lot to go through but I am willing to bet a lot of those would probably form their own league.

    Personally, I think 200 is a lot of people. I think 32 would be a good average size to maintain a possible raid group constantly up, if needed. A smaller group of people is easier to control the personalities and make sure that everyone is comfortable with every player or at the very least, respectful.

    Maybe a better idea would be to create multiple leagues (if you're really inclined to have a lot of members) and maintain a small membership per league with cross-chats in between. This also allows to bypass the shared league bank maximum allotment per league.
  2. Gimpy Loyal Player

    Sucks, been there, didn't want the T-shirt.

    2 leagues merged, over 200+ players, poof, what did the leader say?

    My bad, I hit the wrong button.

    Never saw thier name login again.
  3. Wallachia Loyal Player

    Aw, c'mere, cupcakey <3

    Join Digital Hellstorm and play with us.
  4. Caroline Dedicated Player

    Lol, I see what you did here with my post. :D

    I joined you guys 2 months ago, but since I was following my friends, I had to leave and rejoin their new league, which was disbanded pretty quickly afterwards. :(

    Overall, thank you for the offers guys, as I said already, I joined an old friend's league that is PC and it's in my timezone as well. If you guys need help with whatever, at any time when I'm on, feel free to ask me. I do all roles and they do me. :)
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    I definitely agree with everything you said, Caroline... Being a leader is not TITLE, it's great responsibility. Being a leader is not being a boss, it's someone who helps more than anyone else, who carries the burden bigger than anyone else and someone who is FUEL for the league (in this case). Truth is, you can't do things alone, unless you're from another planet. Even in real life, leadership is a mirror of the system you lead, firm concrete, wind in your back, unbreakable bridge heh... Something that can shake, but never break.

    Anyways, who ever accepted you, i hope they'll give you warmth and home you needed and hoped for. Best of luck, Caroline.
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  6. Simon Phoenix Active Player

    Looks like they should have had better Standards.
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  7. Caroline Dedicated Player

    Thank you, Gabe. :oops: