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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Mister J, Feb 25, 2013.

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  1. Mister J New Player

    it would be a nice gesture to see player houses with a different layout. its novel that you gave us houses but there are two types poor or expensive wallpapered.
    I would like to add the words of players I've heard, customizable side kicks and the length to which they stay with you should be until dismissed or killed, like a battle drone for example. the female players dislike the fact you cannot change the look of the side kicks gear.
    you need an expansion not a DLC step 1 level increase to 50 or 80? with access to new Cities limited to the Legendary players this will allow free players to see if they want to continue playing and pay or not, free play should only be a sample this is not facebook and its unfair to paying players who only get scraps of rewards to pay. suggestions WW3 area, underwater, Space, not just player areas actual cities please expand central city, please let the game grow the art dept is fantastic
    a better League/Legion system maybe look at Star Trek the Fleet system it allows the players to construct a base from the general drops which we sell to vendors for very little cash they have no solid use and the currency gain is poor compared to the broker prices it allows the players to construct build a better place and forms stronger bonds award system for making player/league bases is a good idea along with a better management system accidentally giving the Leadership to a new member is embarrassing
    you have a great basis for a MMO but its too directed at strictly action hearing its based on hulk smash, the mmo world is not so confined we stop playing action games after a point. a mmo needs to contain an alt world for our players to grow and live in, after many many years of gaming I added a few ideas to your concept I just felt limited to farming exobits or fighting and a little socializing the game feels dry but looks great its a mmorpg you can try to think its not but that's narrow thinking and to quote Jenns this game has much potential but it seems to have some lazy staff members who reuse the same content might I suggest that the team has the programmers make a construction set so the placement in inside areas can be done with efficiency, you guys make far more money in a year then I do I'd like to add put your hearts into it you can never go wrong I talk to the devo guys @ Square Enix and Blizzard so my implemented ideas cannot be wrong too much they own two of the most successful titles ever
    oh its so wonderful to see the great improvements you guys have made in the last few months my troller **** never really sticks unless its something under 30 and all we do is spam power out lots of fun yet yeah our over powered tanks really needed more beefing cause a devo likes his Fire tank lmfao yep Definitely I'm cracking up here so you sapped the marks dropped in the Fos's took away the loot boxes
    and this was to accomplish?
    how would you like to go to your job at SoE work just as hard as everyone else have them say hey now your gonna get less $ cause ehhhh your life is too easy its just a video game
    or hey you did your job today with 8 other people but you know what this month I'm not going to give you anything cause well everyone else took everything because greed is the basic human nature at its finest
    taking away the loot boxes was the only balance your raids and alerts had
    **** that was the most humbling Idea I ever saw in a game lmfao add Content make construction sets make your own life easy don't beat us up I have never known a game company to take treasure or payment away from its players thats just ridiculous
    and Jenns my friend I'm giving your SoE Devo staff the: I can Recycle Content :Feat: dude your one of the greatest devos EVER kick these kids in the *** and wake them up they are dragging there feet you and I both know it make the Editor I've seen kids make epic mods on home pcs in a few weeks with no formal training lol wanna see my Marrowwind mods makes DC look like a baby world outside out dated graphics you guys have my full attention and all my heart and love but its like its bitter sweet and self gratification your going after **** look at Final Fantasy or D&D 7 years still going strong the pirates was a fun idea lol I miss the sunken ship
    your epic crazy clown
    Mistah J
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  2. Mia Skye Well-Known Player

    Okay, here is something that I hate to inform you. This is a general rule of MMOs in my opinion. It is called the circle of life. -cues Lion King music- The devs are not in a hurry to give legendary benefits or anything because if somebody is legendary and they stop subbing or quit playing the game there is somebody who is just starting to pay legendary to replace them. This is a free-to-play game which means people start to play every day. These people will eventually become premium and then legendary and when they get bored and stop playing there is already a new group of legendarys to give SOE their money. This is how most MMO games operate.

    Level cap won't get increased, the devs have already stated that is not what they want for this game. They like the CR and tier system and are going to keep going with it.

    For the lairs, if you actually started to critically think (I understand this maybe beyond your level of thinking) then you would understand that lair battles have cutscenes in them, if they made lairs with different styles the cutscene wouldn't work properly. Therefor the lairs all have to be of the same type of layout.

    I really doubt you even play the game. Tanks aren't getting beefed in any way shape or form. This update is killing fire so the fact that you say fire is "beefed" makes me laugh. Start playing the game more and you will understand that. Fire tanks and fire dps can't run together anymore so that makes fire tanks a lot less useful. This is almost as bad as GU9.

    You say a better league system, so obviously you don't understand that that is on the way later this year, please stay up to date on the future of the game. You are giving the devs their paycheck you should know how they are using the money, not blindly paying them.

    You say they make more money than you, since you made this thread and did your research I shouldn't have to explain to you that SOE doesn't get all the money they make off this game. A lot of it goes to the rights for the characters and to DC for allowing them to use the world. Also, when they are making the game everything they do needs to be approved by DC before it gets put into the game. If DC says no there is nothing SOE can do about it except not put it in the game.

    Also, if you are going to make a proposal to a company like SOE it would be better to have proper paragraphing, capitalization, spelling, punctuation, and research done prior. If this was an actual proposal the devs, just like others who are going to post on this thread, won't read it and laugh at it.
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  3. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    You are right mia...I made it to about the fifth line before I started getting a headache from reading a post that looks like it was written by a five year old. Btw, Im curious, you said that fire tank and DPS can no longer run together? I have not heard this...what makes you say that?
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  4. uXix Committed Player

    It's 'Jens'.
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  5. Wiccan026 Loyal Player

    I give you both credit, I had to stop reading the OP's post before than. I thought I would have been able to read more but my computer skipped down and I realized how big the wall of text was so I gave up early on.

    I did read what Mia wrote and I do agree with that, this is just how most (if not all to some degree) MMO's operate.
  6. Bioinc Skull Committed Player

    OMG the walls of text these new forums have brought, please use paragrahs with two lines between them.


    On to your idea, ahhhhhh no.
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  7. Mister J New Player

    Piss off I didn't ask your opinion on my grammar
  8. NCR RANGER New Player

    but if they don't increase the level cap, how am I going to get triple sticky bomb and detective mode?
  9. Mister J New Player

    and to my grammar critics your fkin snobs get over yourselves
  10. tukuan Devoted Player

    [slow clap] At the very least follow standard writing rules for paragraphs. Beyond break some of the rules and don't be afraid to create paragraphs of single sentences just so people can home in on the salient points. Look at Mia's rejoinder, compared to the OP, pink text aside :) it is literally like night and day in comparison.

    In addition, and I can't emphasize this enough, use bullet points to state your case. You may value your thoughts but don't treat them like treasure that people will hunt for within a wall of text. Cause at the end of the day they won't.
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  11. Heartsbane Committed Player

    Unfortunately, people are more apt to respond like adults if the person seems intelligent. Poor sentence structure, grammar and a weak argument will have the trolls all over you. The comments you've received are pretty tame. I would just roll with it and respond to the original comment.

    I have to agree with Mia, you didn't do any research on the direction that SOE has for this game. Expansion and level cap increases have repeatedly been acknowledged as no chance.
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  12. SOE-MOD-19 New Player

    Thread locked.
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