Dear Dev's, this guy thinks we should up the anti on Wotl Part 3

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  2. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Holy CRAP!!!!

    Where is that from???
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  3. eanur Well-Known Player

    Its from the latest Injustice comic (Apologies from spoiler if anyone not read it yet)
  4. ncgreenlantern Loyal Player

    It's a good book kinda wish the DCUO book from a few years back would have been better.
  5. 1ndab0x176 New Player

    man havent read it yet lol. awesome pic.
  6. nutterz72 Active Player

    I absolutely LOVELOVELOVE the Injustice books. For people that haven't read it, WHEN you do read it, there is year one and they are currently in year 2. Basically batman's groupies versus superman groupies. And when you read it, you have to keep in mind that it's outside the 'real' dc universe, since there are main characters that actually die in the book....RIP Green Arrow. And I suppose a RIP for the joker since Superman ripped his heart out after the joker made superman kill Lois Lane and their unborn child. Ooops, did I reveal too much? Nah, plenty more surprises. And Harley Quinn...I don't usually laugh when reading a comic, but she is absolutely hilarious in Injustice...don't forget to pick up Injustice annual #1. I've been trying to push this book on people in the game, sometimes, when certain things are mentioned. Basically it's supermans philosophy that the villains have gotten away with too much over the years....getting caught, going to jail or insane asylum...and than being put back out on the streets to commit more crimes. And it's time they pay for their crimes, permanently. Batmans ideology is that heroes don't kill. CHECK IT OUT NOW. Best book EVER.
  7. Little Sister New Player

    I know right !


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  9. blazeing fire111 Devoted Player

    Where do you guys get these comics?
  10. nutterz72 Active Player

    At a comic book store.
  11. Crimson Jonni New Player

    I didnt know injustice was a comic book :eek: i thought it was only a game series. This is pretty cool
  12. blazeing fire111 Devoted Player

    Where can i find one!?!?!?!?!?! I can't find one in Michigan. :(
  13. Grumpy Dedicated Player

    I think Harley's gonna have the last laugh by curbstomping Supes.
  14. Greenman_x Steadfast Player

    Okay, im sold.

    I've said it before, I'd love to fight an evil/brainwashed/other dimensional Justice League in a raid. Superman with a ring? That'd be as cool as anything. I mean, i'd prefer to fight with him with the blue lantern ring as a hero, but against with a Yellow ring would work too.
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  15. Locarthemanbeast Committed Player

    OMG...are you guys talking about Villain content!?!?
  16. Little Sister New Player

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  17. John Brawler Committed Player

    um... correct me if i'm wrong... but can't sinestro corp members emulate yellow sunlight to supercharge kryptonian members? this genuinely scares me if i'm remembering that right.
  18. Minnion Devoted Player

    That would be up-there with a crossover where Hulk joins the Red Lanterns... (And ends up forming a giant red lantern construct of himself around himself to smash entire planets...)
  19. nutterz72 Active Player

    OMG...are you guys talking about Villain content!? Who's the villain????
  20. kav Committed Player

    I'm more fond of villains than super heroes although... posting pictures like this without giving it a background view is extremely wrong on so many levels. Also next time tag these as NSFW.

    SPOILER ALERT (mark the text if you want to read it):
    TL;DR: Superman kills Joker in one universe because he has literally killed his wife Lois Lane and twisted his mind; which resulted in Metropolis being destroyed. Basically Sup's is going crazy as heck which results in this event. If you want the full view on the story I recommend reading the Injustice comics. Very interesting. This is also displayed here: http:// G2hBMRob5_M?t=1m48s