Dear Development team, why are you guys being so slient as of late?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Jacob Dragonhunter, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Dene Devoted Player

    Not blaming anyone :) - it is a complicated case of noone is at fault but then everyone is :/

    It is the current situation and also human nature - there is no consensus on what ppl want - we just throw problems/ideas/grievances and then expect magic - things take time and trial and error is sometimes the only way to see - but so much trial end error and so many changes (because of not pleasing everyone constantly) has just created a mess.. in my opinion.
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  2. Kuno Loyal Player

    I know they monetize the whole game, even on top of the membership what I call absolute bs. I said many times membership perks are so disconnected with current state of the game, that's why not that many people suscribe.
    They should re-evalute stuff but they just dont see it. I cant hide it, I'm so unplease with how devs are dealing with general discontent and they dont give a flying crap about it as long as some keep buying TC. Its so sad and disrespectful for day 1 members like me.
    You want to mod the forum and please the devs and ban me so much, right? lol
  3. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    Wait, what??? You started talking about things they started and then "abandoned". I simply told you what happened and why. Now you've gone on some incoherent rant about moderation and banning, which I have nothing to do with.

    As far as "disrespectful", I think your perspective is very skewed. Everything your membership covered then it still covers now. You and I and everyone else were never promised more for the same. At the same time, they have had people dropping subs...WAY before Time Capsules were even a thing (so you can't use that excuse). They are a for profit company, and the subs alone weren't cutting it. It's a well known fact that they started the game with a badly developed Marketplace, and it's only gotten worse. This is what they have that can keep profits coming in. I can understand displeasure about some of the less pleasant decisions, but going as far as claiming disrespect to day 1 members when you're still getting everything that sub was supposed to cover...that's stretching credibility to the point of irrationality. Or to put it in simpler terms; they don't owe you any more than they said was covered under the subscription terms...and they still deliver that.
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  4. Kuno Loyal Player

    The game is not the same it used to be and membership perks should go along with the current state of the game. Perks and membership are so obsolete.
    Why do I need Daybreak cash? The marketplace is dead. We can only buy stabilicers and replay badges, they could make so much money with cosmetic items, there are countless threads with fine suggestions but they decided to focus only on the lottery capsules and make those the only way to get cosmetic items, (if you lucky or rich enough). Another fail.
    You always seem to find a way to be on their side even when it doesnt make sense, thats why I think you are trying to get that green name so bad lol
  5. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    We don't have the numbers, but it seems like if things sold as well as folks claimed they would the devs would have continued with things like the Batman mask.

    Seeing as how they didn't continue with things like that (not to mention the backlash some in the forums unleashed over the price), I'm guessing that those cosmetic items aren't the guaranteed monetary windfalls that some claim they would be.
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  6. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

    I would love to see and buy more of the themed base item packs like the Batman and Flash base item packs. There is sooooooo much to be had with the myriad of themes, items, motifs etc. The amount of items in each base pack for the cost was a home run... imo anyways and was happy to have bought many of each.
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  7. xD25x Dedicated Player

    I love seeing the apologists come to every thread and make excuses. Its probably the only reason i come to the forums anymore.
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  8. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    This isn't apologizing for anyone or making excuses. People are in serious denial of what's gone on even when they say what's happening. So we're gonna continue telling people what's going on until they get it. When people are point blank stating that even at a discount they flat out refuse to buy certain requested items, that should tell you that repeating the mantra "put it in the marketplace" isn't going to work. Pretending we don't see this happening isn't going to fix things either. And neither is giving people cute nicknames. Why is it so hard to have a civil discourse without resorting to that useless tactic???

    The Devs have been quiet, we've managed to turn this little mystery into a bigger deal than it is...and as usual, instead of useful counterpoints things devolve into pointless name calling. The forums stay consistent i'll tell you that.
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  9. Mosquito_1 Well-Known Player

    True in part, but it forced the community to farm a glitched and broken broker that never recovered from the broker glitch and is still consistantly being misused and glitched...that is the new meta to the game...mainly due to a reduced (continuously) RNG system.

    The problem is, that the devs knew the broker issues going in..and still pushed forward...

    Leaving the following:

    1. To fall behind using the MMO ideology of proper farming.

    2. To cheat the system by using outside resources for game cash

    3. To lie cheat and steal, or risk same by using the trade system.

    4. To utilize the broker when it wasnt necessary or used sparingly for nearly 5 years if not more...leaving those with little experience due to the glitches, and very small use of feat related items in the broker out.

    Not a primary reason that many of us supporting the game (from a period of time in 2014 and Oct 31 2017..some longer, but that period is being targeted for a reason) dropped subs...but icing on top of it all.
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  10. Mosquito_1 Well-Known Player

    To drive my point further..when I subbed in 2012..I didnt expect to be spammed in chat by outside advertising..and a drop in in game moderation to non existent..

    so, it is fair to say at least in my opinion, are not getting what we originally paid for outside of release of content ..(which still happened back when the community was kept relatively in check to include regular FNL events)...SM was supposed to replace FNL..but lets be honest, SM is or was no where near as optimal or as fun as FNL, that SM seems to be non existent... I never was a true fan of it.
  11. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    But since then we got Promthium Lockboxes..... All Access... Lairs.... Free Stabilizers...... and probably other things I fail to recall....
    and some of the things we had back then now give us more like the Vault with the added gear and Nth Metal.

    So an argument could be made that now we get MORE then we used to get wayyy back when??
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  12. Mosquito_1 Well-Known Player

    Not sure that is an improvement..over..just S.W.A.G

    ..If they want to give us that..fine...I would rather not have it if it is in detriment of what kept the community engaged..not spammed to death, a seriously broken community (which I blame the current generation, but can be kept in check through proper moderation), and having to farm a broken system.

    Besides..lairs, and promthium lockboxes existed well before a drop in moderation and least back then the lockboxes contained relevancy...Very little comes from them now.

    I think that is where the disconnect is..when people say.."they are doing great in giving us all this free stuff."

    Ok what cost in keeping what we originally subbed for?
  13. Ringz Dedicated Player

    So they are greedy then? Making money is making money, but you at least gotta have common sense or trick people into believeing you're not trying to nickle and dime them.

    20 bucks for the batman and flash cowl? Those cowls are worth 5 at the nost. And they wonder why that sold poorly. The only time i can legit feel the success of marketplace purchases was when they released the harley dc set and the amazon hairstyles pack.

    When you make a cool design and place it in its value, then those are worth the price. The game isn't rich enough to be selling like these other mmos does it but at least the harley costume and hairstyles couldve been 20 bucks. I would love to see the numbers too.

    Tc are cheap and easy money with feats attached to them. A dollar is a dollar no matter how you look at it.
  14. StealthBlue Loyal Player

    To me, the biggest problem with marketplace additions has been pacing. They put one item up, and use that as a barometer to decide if they should add more. But not everything appeals to everyone at everytime.

    Take the Batman cowl, regardless of price, not everyone wants their character to look like Batman in game. But that was the only addition to the marketplace for a long time.

    Then there's the Flash cowl. My main is a speedster, so I may have purchased it at some point (probably not right away though), but I was given it for free.

    There same goes for most marketplace updates. A single item added in isolation, that only a (sometimes small) portion of the population might actually want.

    If they would put several new things on the marketplace in a variety of styles every few months, they would see sales for sure. For example, in one update, how about putting an aura, skin, and material representing every power in the marketplace. That's dozens of new items, and something for everyone. You could have them individually, packaged by power, all auras, all skins, all materials, and a super bundle of everything. An update wouldn't necessarily have to have a theme though.
  15. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    This panic-lite sort of thread happens most years after the holiday break or any time I, like, go on vacation. We'll share our medium term plans soon, like we have been doing lately, when they are 100% ready to be shared. In regard to the original post:

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  16. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Still..... You still are getting more with your sub now then when you started playing. But it is not the "more" that you want.

    What you originally subbed for?? Moderation and FNL???

    The "proper moderation" was gone by the time I started playing the game in Oct 2011. There was many many threads wayyyy back when complaining about how there was "no moderation" in DCUO anymore.

    So.... not sure how you experienced any "proper moderation" if you started playing in 2012.

    As for FNL.... it was never part of your Sub. It was a side thing that Spytle and Mepps did on the side.
    don't you know why we no longer have FNL??
    They stopped FNL thanks to players being more then a little "Toxic".

    Which was a bit satisfying and sad at the same time.

    It was satisfying because on these very Forums..... when we would tell that DCUO players were pretty "Toxic".... we would be told by other players (and sometimes the Devs) that we were exagerating.

    But then.... we had FNL where players would be "Toxic" right there LIVE and in front of the Devs.

    So we had proof right there during FNL of how "Toxic" DCUO players were.

    I did not see the FINAL FNL that finally made the Devs pull the plug on the whole thing...... but I heard the Legend of such an Event that would echo all through eternity. :eek:

    But it was sad because it did put an end to FNL. :(
    I enjoyed seeing Spytle and Mepps every week.
    Yes..... I know..... everyone hates Spytle..... but I am one of the few it seems who actually liked him.
    Live Streams have not been the same since he has been gone. :(

    Again.... the drop in moderation happended loooooong before we had Lair and Lockboxes in the game.

    And again.... FNL being dropped.... has to do with players.
    It was just a side thing Spylte and Mepps did on the side... and decided NOT to do anymore after the fatefull FINAL FNL when they decided to pull the plug.

    Or so the Legend goes. ;) ;)

    So.... the 2 things you mention..... Moderation and FNL never were part of your Sub if you started playing in 2012.
    Proper Moderation was already gone by Oct 2011.
    And FNL was a side thing Spytle and Mepps did on their own initiative. Never had anything to do with your Subs.... or was even included in your Sub.
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  17. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    No, I'm saying they're a business. Whether or not that makes them greedy is pretty subjective so I'm not going to touch that one. :D

    But as a business, they've got to balance things out and at least try to make a profit on what they're doing. So if they aren't seeing any profits or even a return on their investment for things like the Batman or Flash cowls, that will at the very least make them think twice about going any further along that route.

    As much as customer feedback and/or requests are important, those kinds of factors I mentioned are going to have more weight.
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  18. Mosquito_1 Well-Known Player

    Those were just examples..and not sure about your timeline with moderation..considering it didnt take much to get a moderator involved..especially around 2012-2013 timeframe.

    Maybe I was out of line with the phrase "subbed for"..but I wouldn't say throwing a bunch of free stuff is an improvement to the game..especially when it steers a player to have to play a system..that I mentioned a few posts ago is broken...and commonly abused with no end in sight to it.

    IMO..and considering I also fell in the category that reveived free legendary for was rather an insult..when they threw yet another TC at the community at the same time.

    I realize they are trying to get a portion of the community back that may have supported the game the most (they didnt target that timeframe for no reason)..but, to do it with no apparant improvements is insulting as well..especially considering there are other gaming companies with alot more overhead making improvements and have moved away from loot boxes at the same just selling style items not tied to progression. Until Daybreak follows suit..that portion probably will not return.

    Free stuff doesnt equal actual improvements...
  19. Fed up player #10 Well-Known Player

    Where did I say 2 1/2 months? Not the point I was making at all and you know dam well that if they where giving something away for free that you paid your hard earned money for it would upset you too if you just bought it. People react differently is all. The point is they gave away something that costs the rest of us real world money and we weren't included. Like I said "I UNDERSTAND WHY" but when you tie money to something people will get upset. For some that amount could mean not eating for a day for others its just another cup of coffee or two on the way to work. We have been given free time on the game before and it was well accepted. By the way worked in sales before too and most companies have a policy that covers a set number of days after the sale and some even use this as a marketing tool.

    Bad example with the whole TV and Internet one by the way. Haven't you heard of Comcast customer support? Just call and complain and they give you the current promotional rate. Works every time ;)
  20. Schimaera Devoted Player

    You did not, I did. The reason for this was, that in your example the timespan between purchase and gift was a few days. Two and a monthls like with our incentive is not the same.

    I would not be mad. Because I know how and why those things work. I don't work in the same business but in something alike. Also, I wouldn't be mad at anyone if I would buy something that then very soon is for free. I say "dang" and that's it. I bought it on day X because I wanted it and I wanted to spend money on it. So I did.

    They do.

    Those gifts were not ment for those who did not get it. As others have pointed out: Why should I reward someone for cancelling their sub earlier or later? It is an incentive to get some people back to the game. That's it.

    And yes, for some people 14$ could mean food or no food for a day. But those should really focus on different things than the free sub for premiums, really! If your basic needs are in conflict with a computer game you have to make a pretty easy decision.

    It is still fitting because it does not work everytime. I know that not because I was denied, but there was a time I denied the same idiotic claims and demands of customers that think everything belongs to them. Then I moved up the ladder and when I am in Customer Centers I still deny stuff. If you are not entitled to something, you don't get it. Complaining about something like this is really just a drop in the companie's bucked.
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