Dear Development team, why are you guys being so slient as of late?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Jacob Dragonhunter, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Proxystar #Perception

    Well if you kept your subscription going past October you were rewarded by getting the free emblem cache, unless of course you weren't because you cancelled your sub... I mean you cancelled your sub... why should you be rewarded for anything?

    In fact they didn't have to reward people that cancelled their sub prior to October either, they just chose too, it's not even so much a reward as it is more a "promotion" to try and get them back in to the game to spend money, spun as a gift. Marketing 101.

    The truth is if you're not prepared to keep up your sub then you run the risk of "missing out on subscription gifts" and if you cancel your subscription you have zero right to anything other than what you outright purchase.

    People know most gifts go to the most loyal players and that's subscribers. If you're not prepared to put the 50c per day in to support a game that you clearly enjoy given how incensed you are over all of this then I don't know what to say... re-prioritize perhaps.
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  2. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    Just call him Larfleeze and be done with it :p
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  3. Schimaera Devoted Player

    As someone who works for a customer business that also works for the customers of our customers I can totally second this. There will always be more complaining than praise.
    People tend to always see the 10% bad and not the 90% good things. It is natural and requires a lot of work to change that perspective.

    There will always be pointless complaints. But there will also always be paying customers. Because usually that are the 90%. They are just more quiet :)
  4. Proxystar #Perception

    What's yours is mine! :D
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  5. Blazing Bacon Well-Known Player

    Mepps was doing great with his Office Hours in Discord. I think it really did help repair some things over the time he did them. Then they just stopped. Now, there's nothing to replace it. A weekly hour stream does take planning, but it helps you connect to your player base when they are seemingly predispositioned to not liking the devs.
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  6. GalaxySniper Loyal Player

    Question how do we get our membership gifts?
  7. Dene Devoted Player

    Go to the redeem tab of your Marketplace - should be things in there you can redeem

    If the membership part applies to you, it will have already just "happened" - no need to do anything for that
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  8. Plowed In Loyal Player

    True, but if most of your customers are A-holes, then you run the risk of them chasing off other potential customers...

    I think I’ve heard a comment or two about the ‘toxicity’ of our community...I could be wrong of course ;)
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  9. Plowed In Loyal Player

    ^This. It was targeted marketing...enticing previous subscribers to return.
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  10. CaptainColdJr007AKAFreeJohnson Committed Player

    Yes, let them return and see that their cr is now doubled, sp are tripled, and half of their progress catching up is behind $2-3k+ legally ^_^
  11. Fed up player #10 Well-Known Player

    So I get the whole niche marketing thing trying to get some of the players back. But I also see the other side of the argument too. How many of you would go right back into a store where you just bought something and then they just started giving it away for free a day later? Wait the salesman didn't tell you it was going to be free but let you spend your hard earned money anyway? Most business have policies for this very thing so they don't get all the negative feedback.

    Look I get it the game population is declining and only they know the real numbers and any trick they can use might work but as a paying member yes I do feel a little cheated about the membership thing. Not saying I don't understand why but when you tie money to something then you are going to get people upset about it that's all.

    Look as far as the dev team goes. You could not pay me enough to have Mepp's job. Nope, no way, Anyone that works with the public gets kudo's from me because no way do I have the patience for it. That being said for this game to move forward they actually need us to provide some level of feedback on the game otherwise how do they know when they mess up or hit the home run? All feedback is valuable some just more than others. But we do need to hear from them regularly to ensure they are listening other wise we will just give up and move on.
  12. Schimaera Devoted Player

    How about "two and a half months later" ?

    Your point just doesn't make sense to me. If I buy something online and then realise that it is on sale two months later I can't just give my stuff back because usually the revocation time span has passed for a long time and also it is something entirely different.
    Subscription is not something you have forever like a physical object. You pay your 14$, use benefits for 1 Month and then the timespan of said 14$ is gone.

    Also, just looking at it economically, if a store owner tells you that the thing you want is for free in three days, you would not buy it but wait to get it gifted. That is just bad business. I know from my own experience that some incentives are not planned that far ahead or that the details aren't set until shortly before the incentive starts.

    It's like getting a subscription for TV or Internet or whatever with a monthly discount of 20$ for one year and then seeing that two months later the discount is 25$. You are not entitled to that other one. They are two totally different things.

    You personally do not have any disadvantages of having paid for a sub for two months. You got your moneys worth for it. Those who weren't subscribed just get something as an incentive to come back. Most of them won't. There is no real loss here. It's just how you perceive free stuff that others get and you don't.
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  13. DaBatmanX Well-Known Player

    This community is toxic. I've been playing for five years and I tried my best to avoid posting here more than any other game forum I casually browse. I honestly don't believe that these forums reflect the views of the majority of casual or actual supporters of the game. Mostly it's just the people who expect to get everything free in life.

    I personally believe if you quit ur subscription. Then ur just a freeloader complaining about how ur free candy ain't ur favorite flavor
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  14. Derio 15000 Post Club

    At this point the subscription does not hold the same value it had in the past. Any day 1 subscriber can tell you how legendary has fallen off
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  15. Kuno Loyal Player

    Can you blame the players when the devs are the first lacking consistence with their releases?
    They throw new systems, and power revamps and lockboxes, and time capsules and new ways to make money out of stabilicers, replays or power respecs but most of them are half way done or are abandoned after a while.
    Bases, style unlock, sidekick customization, marketplace (hairstyle packs, styles, weapon packs...), rare vendors, lockboxes lacking from T4 styles on, movement variants, weapones, weapon mastery... I can go on.
  16. DC Urban Committed Player

    You work for one, as the devs do. Like I said, bosses/entrepreneurs, not worker ants. When I was a worker ant I could give 2 $hits about the consumer. Mamma said knock you out. You talk bad to me, I talk bad back.

    As I advanced through the hierarchy, I realized worker ants bad mouthing customers affects my $$$. of course I did not care being a worker ant, I was paid by the hour.
  17. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    You've missed out on various threads where things were explained. Players think that producing these things are trivial...something they just cobble together on their lunch break (if you've been around you get that joke). All of those things you mention that they abandoned happened for one reason...they were not getting the return on their investment. People consistently complained about the prices for bases...and as a result were not buying them (I got every single one). The Shield weapon was not as well received as they would have like, and considering the development headache it was, not worth investing in. Same thing goes for Movement Variants etc. Starting to see the picture there??? If players give a lukewarm reception to things, it sends the clear message that it's not worth developing further.

    Other things may not have happened for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is an assessment that concluded with them feeling that some things would not be worth working on. No matter how we may feel personally, we aren't owed an explanation beyond the statement that something isn't coming.
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  18. DC Urban Committed Player

    Nah, not really. WoW & Over-watch has its' far share of toxic community threads, and these games are huge

    Toxic communities?

    Crappy service and quality chase off the consumer.

    The guys behind the A-Hole will just say "What a A-hole"

    The guys behind the A-hole employee will say "What bad customer service"

    One represents the company, the other represents themselves. Yes "Someone" referenced toxic community, but they also mentioned devs whom represents the company. We all witness an A-hole in a store, but still visit that store again. A-hole employee customer service will sway us not to.

    You are a part of an A-hole community, but still post within that A-hole community. people do not play DCU because of its' development. Toxic devs > toxic communities, otherwise WoW would be gone by now, & Over-watch would not be a top title.
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  19. Schimaera Devoted Player

    I agree because that's what I see everyday ^^ No argument from me here :)
  20. DC Urban Committed Player

    After reading my comment, it comes off as somewhat condescending. My apologies, was not my intent. Was just speaking in a generals sense of workers and the higher authority.