Dear Development team, why are you guys being so slient as of late?

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  1. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this thread is meant to be disrespectful, insulting, or otherwise meant to flame the development team; so if anything comes off as such I apologize in Advance.

    So if you're like me, you've probably noticed that the Development team has been alot more quiet on stuff as of late.
    Like all last year during the Stats-Revamp, they were active; took our feedback and actually interacted with us. Folks like Mepps, Spord, and Moja interacted with us alot during that time. They would even let us know what they had planned for the upcoming year, or even let us know if something was still on track. Even last year, we had an #AskDCUO in Discord which got removed and never came back.

    Fast Forward yourselves to 2018, and here we are with most of the development responses coming mostly from Megzilla. Rarely any posts from Mepps or any other developers as of late; Power changes are completely random; stuff's been leaked and last but not least; there's been a whole lot of what I like to call"Out of the blue" decisions.

    Why are you guys being so slient with the playerbase as of late? What's going on? Because there's been alot of questionable stuff that I haven't been liking with this game as of late.
    • Stuff got leaked, The Emblems got leaked; The New Time Capsule got leaked..
    • We got a Time Capsule Stream instead of an Anniversary Stream.
    • You guys also made the decision to make October 31st the deadline for people to sub to get the 20 free days of Legendary Membership without letting any players know in advance.
    • Powerset Hotfixes are random and coming out of the blue. We were told Mental and Sorcery were getting treated, but it didn't happen until about 5 months after everyone said it needed to get tweaked.
    • 2018 news hasn't been shared yet.
    I just don't like where all of this is heading, it feels like more and more the playerbase is being completely shutted out of what news we can expect from the game; and more random and last minute decisions are being made without even letting us submit feedback.
    Again, I don't mean to be disrespectful or insult you guys in anyway shape or form; but this has been something plaguing my mind and I felt like it was time to make a thread to get it addressed.
    Ty for responding.
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  2. DC Urban Committed Player

    The last time a dev spoke he pretty much told the players to get over their wants, they will implement what they want.

    So maybe it is a good thing they speaks less? lol. I mean no disrespect neither, but honestly speaking, the player > dev relationship is not the best, and imo, the devs feel it too. That is why we get comments like the one I mentioned, tension is high, just lay low. This is by far the worst player dev relationship of any game I

    have ever seen. Both sides have some right and wrong.
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  3. TestReporter Loyal Player

    I think it was better in the past with Spytle and Loche (not the best possible, but a little better), but in the past year/2 years it has been like: We are putting everything you want behind RNG, we are not going to slow it down so you can catch up and we aren't going to make it cheaper/easier to acquire, deal with it. The stats revamp was kinda of nice when talking about the relationship, but it wasn't as good as it should be when talking about a major revamp that could bring many players back or make many quit.
    The only transparent dev here so far is Megzilla, i feel like most of us are kinda of "toxic" when talking with the devs and the devs are kinda of "toxic" to us when they get criticezed and in order to avoid that toxicity, they just ignore us or release things in the last minute the way they think is fine.
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  4. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    1. They all just recently got back from their holiday break. (People take paid holidays, who knew?)
    2. They're probably preparing a special announcement/livestream for 2018 moving forward.
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  5. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    If you saw the recent Live Stream..... you may have noticed that poor Mepps was sick as a puppy. :oops:
    And in studios..... not rare that when someone gets sick... that person shares it with everyone else in the studio...... it happens.

    That could explain it.


    It could be that with all the complaints we just saw with the Anniversary gifts.... could be the Devs don't want to share their plans and risk even MORE complaints right now???

    Who would have thought that people would complain about getting gifts??

    There seems to be a lot of unhappy people who are dead set about complaining about anything with little rhyme and reason right now.

    They just gave us a whole bunch of emblems...... a Batsuit..... 2 posters..... and a free Paradox TC..... double MoV...
    and free Legendary to some people for the rest of the month....

    .... and still.... that was not enough somehow??? :eek:

    ....and still all people could do was complain about it??? :confused:

    So..... not really surprised if they don't seem to want to share anything with us right now. :oops: :oops:
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  6. Fed up player #10 Well-Known Player

    We pay for the game and I think we should get some level of communication from them. I am not saying they need to be at our beck and call but regular communication. When we have a means to ask questions and those questions get ignored It causes even further division between us. The relationship does not need to be adversarial but it is getting to be that way. Remember not everyone has discord, twitter, facebook, etc.. But when you know someone is watching because they change or remove posts and what not but don't respond then really ? Since we are getting hot fixes I do believe they are back to work. I think to op is genuine is his concerns and I am curious to see if they will respond to a direct question like this.
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  7. DC Urban Committed Player

    Pretty much the way I see it.

    I think the relationship is toxic in general, devs and players have a hand in it. Megzilla appears to be the only dev that carries themselves in a corporate manner 24/7. I applaud her (I assume) for that considering the environment she is in.

    It seems like every thread we make, the OP must start off by saying "I do not intend to offend" Whhhhy? This is just an example the toxicity from the dev side. I don't see Youtubers making videos about devs from other games...I just don't....Not saying it does not happen. I typed BnS devs, pretty much got nothing. Typed DCU devs, and returned "Why don't the devs listen" videos.

    This relationship is toxic, the community (devs included) are toxic. There is no way to salvage it. Every update thread will receive snarky remarks from the players, as a result, nearly every request thread receives snarky remarks from them.There are also Tube videos about how toxic the playerbase is....

    This relationship needs to just end, period. The DB community, players included are the laughing stock of the mmo universe. DayBreak jokes, or deeming it the mmo graveyard where mmo go to die. From the player side, DCU is known to have one of the most toxic player-bases of any mmo.
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  8. Sugr Bear Committed Player

    I've noticed it too, and it's a bummer. I know that everyone is kind of hard on everyone all around, but that's because we care about the game. It feels as though the only responses the majority of the time now are about styles, since they come from Meg, yet the fixes are where? And the requested styles take a LONG time if they do end up being added.

    I was really looking forward to an anniversary stream. Hoping to see some big things announced with PS3 going away and maybe new features like style unlocking... Side note, if we're going to continue at the rate of like...50 some emblems a year I really hope more styles get emblem slots...some of the ones that didn't could have easily had them and even had them off to the side or something which I've seen requested several times.
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  9. Dene Devoted Player

    Funny that you should bring this up.. I think a lot of new people not staying and some people leaving - even after awhile - was because of this, not because of TCs etc

    The game structure combined with a toxic community is not very welcoming to new people.
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  10. Dene Devoted Player

    The devs are in a lose lose situation - no matter what they do, people will complain. Ask 100 random players what they want the game to do to improve - you will get 100 answers that barely have any consistent theme.
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  11. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Don't even need to do that. Just give confirmation our feedback is at least being looked at, so those of us that like to write long novels don't feel like we're wasting our time.
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  12. Dene Devoted Player

    I want this too but there is a flip side to this simple acknowledgement

    As soon as the devs acknowledge they are looking in to something they get hounded about it.. 3 days after they post this it is quoted so often and they are asked 1000x for the details or are swamped with 100x different directional ideas for it

    They need to do the 2018 announcement thingy ppl want and follow through.. be honest with time frames or simply say "we are not sure - it is early days"

    If you set a time, in these forums, ppl will pounce LOL
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  13. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Remaining silent won't fix it either, cause it leaves people thinking that simply don't care, which brews hate and causes people to leave and unsub.

    I'd rather they get hounded by 1000 "is it ready yet?" questions rather then 1000 "do you guys even care?"
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  14. Ringz Dedicated Player

    I can agree to an extent that the devs are not entitled to give the player base gift or inside information. There have defintely been cases of where one can say someone is asking for too much but honestly I dont wanna argue that topic. Gifts are a kind gesture indeed like Magneto pointed out, but some people do not care about emblems, variation of bat suits, 1 free time capsule( this is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to gaming companies way of "gifts", but unless it guaranteed something I'll beg to differ), and free month membership which is dope(got me back in the game till that lifespan).

    Some people care more about updates to the combat system, content, bugs being fixed etc. Thats more of a gift to me than the styles stuff and sad to say but its been a lack of updates that matter like that, to the point where im saying I rather have that as a gift.

    I completely see the point of the devs not wanting to give future plans because if it don't happen the community backfires- which bravo community for doing so. I don't see how that is a con on the player base side.

    But if anything is to be 100% guaranteed or entitled, it is definitely giving a scope of future plans. You need to entice your members already subscribed, why they should stay sub and whats to come. Not doing something like that is not proper business handle rather game, food, clothes, miscellaneous, anything. Period.

    I mean i can also play devil advocate a lil and say well the month isn't over yet maybe? I mean usually stuff like this is announce December or beginning of Jan, so maybe something big is going down. But for them to do a time capsules stream knowing they well missed out on a Anni. stream. Pretty shady stuff.

    Playing devil advocate sucks. I rather join the crowd and light up pitchforks :mad:
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  15. TestReporter Loyal Player

    They should at least finish what they announced in 2014-2016, i know plans change, but there were really good things that could not only bring more revenue but also help with quality of life.
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  16. CaptainColdJr007AKAFreeJohnson Committed Player

    bunch of emblems -> a new time capsule was due anyway. that's not an anniversary gift

    a batsuit -> a style over 6 years that was outdated compared to newer one's. making it look shinier doesn't take away from the fact its trash compared to t8+ styles. we have 3? different actual batman cowls and future crusader gear and beyond gear, nobody needs an old robotic style.

    2 posters -> I'm not going to be grateful over a poster. I prob have 400 posters between Aquaman and the others I'm still waiting to sell, I don't want anymore.

    free paradox tc -> i could make a f2p account and get this in 5 days of spending 2 minutes running the instance. 10 minutes total. Yeah...I'm not jumping for joy.

    Double MoV -> only useful for essence purifier and the 70 marks vendor. double currency across the board would've been more useful.

    Free Legendary -> *Supposedly* It's only for people who quit. Having a membership in that time period doesn't get you a free membership for January if you decided to get Legendary in November or December. So basically anyone in that 2 month window who might have Legendary off and on won't get anything. Anyone currently Legendary won't get anything.
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  17. 1 ncmike Dedicated Player

    A few other games I play they do weekly livestreams Q&A they're alot better with communication then DCUO is and I'm a day one player so this isn't something that just happened it's been going on for years so I can perfectly understand the way some of the community acts the way they do.
  18. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    I know, if it were me, I'd much rather hear "is it ready yet?" a million times than a single "do you even care?"
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  19. TestReporter Loyal Player

    I wish all games had better communication with the players, sometimes the devs think they know everything about the game and when you look at a livestream it feels like they never played it since beta.

    Games like DCUO, Paladins and Destiny communication is a joke when talking about changing the RNG systems and balancing, Overwatch has a 5200 replies thread with no answer from a dev about a broken character, Dragon Ball games have broker servers since the first online one and they never talked about changing it and so the list goes on.

    But DCUO and MMOs in general are a lot more affected by the lack of communication since what keeps us here is the upcoming content and updates, they should be more clear to us about what we are getting. They talked about a new way to progress but instead we got a artifacts system that came from nowhere, there are more examples, but you all got the point.

    It shouldn't be a thing of: You guys complain too much, we are just going to ignore you. Thats what customers do, we have to feel like we are paying for something worth it, and a Unreal Engine 3, 7+ years old game doesn't feel worth paying at all when the devs don't make good updates or leave the game unbalanced for half a year.

    I understand being afraid with not being able to complete things in time and being roasted by the community. But we aren't expecting something like: "We are releasing a new update that will change the entire game March 3 at 3PM PST with a expected downtime of 8 hours that can take 31 minutes and 20 seconds more if something goes wrong, *then describes every single line of coding required to make the update*", it's more like "We'll have style unlocking here before 2019" and actually don't take till 2040 to give us it. If you say something is coming in 2014-2016 and 4 years after it's not here, then how do you expect to not get complaints?
    PS: Not a direct reply to everything you said, just found it opportune.
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  20. Dene Devoted Player

    Oh I agree - give what you promise and on time or give us some explanation.