Deadpool- Overrated?

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  1. Jurgen Blitz Dedicated Player

    So the Internet and the youngest generation of comic readers are in mad love with the guy. Gotta admit, I liked reading a couple of his antics... but the more I read, the more forced he seems, and the less original he appears to me.

    I´m not going to mention the Deathstroke/Deadpool similarities (although that´s already a -1 to originality) but even his so-praised sense of humor seems to be getting duller and duller. At first it was a Spiderman humor 2.0... now it´s just a Seth McFarlane-ish over-the-top random humor "just because" with a mash of Internet memes and overuses pop culture references. The videogame he starred was the perfect example of this... funny for 15 minutes, got on my nerves after that and became boring and predictable.

    4th wall breaking... c´mon. The Mask, Ambush Bug... countless characters have done this before. Gosh, Dora the friggin´Explorer does it too. Should I be impressed. Jesus, not even his mutant regeneration is an original trait.

    Honestly, EVERYTHING about Deadpool just looks like a cheap sandwich made of recycled meats from other stores, so to speak.

    This is just my opinion, but- am I the only one feeling this way towards this character?
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  2. Zim New Player

    Agree. He and aquaman should go on a permanent vacation together.
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  3. CCBatson Dedicated Player

    I liked Deadpool for awhile... and sometimes his mini-series are pretty funny, especially the one with Bob the Hydra Minion.

    But yea, he's definitely overplayed... like hipster glasses and Mac laptops. He started as something counter-(comic)culture, but now... well he's become the object of his original parodies. Just like how 90's Lobo was a satire on the 'dark and edgy' antiheroes of the Dark Age of comics, both have been embraced by the very audience they were making fun of.

    I think if he were to go into obscurity for awhile, if Marvel cut back on his appearances, and his books went back to really adult/mature satire and drop the juvenile humor, he'd be interesting again and maybe even relevant again too. But for now, yea... he's way overplayed.
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  4. Billy Sparks Committed Player


    The main Deadpool comics are getting kinda old. BUT! Read Deadpool MAX. Now that is some good stuff. It's Deadpool without having to cater to the younger readers since they are 18+ only titles. Much better writing and less in your face look at me i'm zany!.
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    So because it's been done before it can't be done again. I guess we better just use superheroes from 75 years ago only. That whole power thing, total rip off.
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  8. Jurgen Blitz Dedicated Player

    Oh my gosh, you threw the image back at me like a "shield that reflects everything" from our childhood, I am so impressed...
  9. KrimsonScourge New Player

    The similarity between Deadpool and Deathstroke was intentional, he started out as basically a parody character. And he jumped the shark a while ago. I was a huge Deadpool fan at one point and some of the funniest moments in mainstream comics were in the pages of his title but eventually the writing and character lost something and suddenly adding multiple personalitys didn't make it any better. That being said at least rent his game. Gameplay wise it was mediocre but it was genuinely laugh out loud funny at many points.
  10. Jurgen Blitz Dedicated Player

    Borrowed it from a friend and couldn´t give it more than 2 hours. Gameplay-wise it´s just dull, and regarding humor, yes, it´s very funny... up to a point, and after that the "LOL" gets reduced to a "...heh". I thing it´s the main problema with Deadpool-writing nowadays: they just don´t know when the same kind of joke has been pushed too far and needs some breathing space.

    Regarding the Stroke/Pool similarity, that´s my lowest complaint and hence why I didn´t deliver into it.