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  1. Entrust Committed Player

    Just curious how many players still have, or inherited, a dead league?

    I was around when League Halls were introduced. I remember my small league grinding away to afford one & unlock features. Members decorated it, and there was a great deal of pride surrounding it.

    Over the years, people came & left. The originator of the league passed it on to me, never to return to the game. It's hard running a league. A good one takes a modest commitment.

    So here I am, years latter, with a decorated yet empty league hall.

    Anyone else soloing their league? Stuck in one who's "leader" has left, without changing rank/permissions? Who's got an alt toon keeping a league hall from disappering into the digital abyss?

    Share your stories...
  2. Triumph or Die Well-Known Player

    I've been the last surviving member of my league for a few years now. I created it when the game first launched on Xbox back in 2016. We managed to get a league hall, got it decorated and everything. Slowly, everyone stopped playing but me.
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  3. Sphealberg New Player

    Yup, rip "Green Lantern Corps" I'm the only one still logging in almost everyday, the founder connects for like 4 min every 20 days and refuses to give ownership of the league or is ready to "sell" it hahaha
    This is where we're at now
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  4. >>>KIra<<< Dedicated Player

    Me too, I so miss my league. I miss that every week we would run a bunch of content together and if anyone needed any particular feat the league mates would help.
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  5. Alushaun Well-Known Player

    Not in this game, but it happened to me in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. They're called "Free Companies" there.
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  6. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    What Free Company were you in? I was in otaku but I’m not in one anymore.
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  7. Alushaun Well-Known Player

    It was one of the many many "Honorable Intentions" FC knockoffs. I think it was called "HI" or "HxI" or "HI Zen". It fell apart few years ago after most left and I didnt want to take it over.
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  8. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    I have two leagues.

    see signature.

    The August ( heroes - 7 members ).
    & The Shadow Syndicate ( villains - 11 members ).

    I am the only member of both leagues.
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  9. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    Not sure why anyone would stick around in a dead league with no intention of breathing life into it. Life is short... it's ok to jump off the train before it gets to the graveyard.

    I try to mix it up every few months to a year. Add the ones I talk to to my friends list and try to meet new people. Keeps it interesting. Highly recommend it. You'll always have haters for "league hopping", but it sure as heck beats sitting in one place forever.
  10. Multiverse Creator League

    Early on I tried various Leagues...
    But when I was in a League where there were rules about Ninja Looting and the League Leader himself would Ninja Loot me.... I would leave the League.

    Then I decided to make a League with my Friends..... but with Origin Crisis.... all my Friends left the game.

    Then I rebuilt the League..... and when we got GU46??? everyone left.

    I was not going to rebuild after that.... but if people asked to join I would invite them.

    But last I checked only 5 people logged in October.
    I thought the new DLC would bring people back....
    Guess people decided to continue their loooong break.... ??

    Guess we will have to wait and see??
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  11. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    We really need to get all the obsessed lifers together in one spot so we can all cry together when the game inevitably shuts down.
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  12. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I run in 4 'dead' leagues and one semi-active one that's near dead.

    3 of the 'dead' ones are all my own, built and populated with alts. One of them is for 1 Villain alt character...the only toon who's ever been in it....took about 6 months to build, get all statues (of her) and banks populated, so was just kind of a challenge to see if I could do it. The 4th is the league I've been in for almost my full run in DC, and we do from time to time have people come back for short visits, however the league leader has indeed 'left' in not coming back. The last one in a semi-active league(3 or 4 'active' members) is my league hopper (not really, just been in 3 in 6 or 7 years), but none of this really matters as at this point I'm running less and less.

    As far as the league halls being empty...other than using the shared bank or upping proficiencies a few times a month, why else would anyone go to the league hall? Honestly they are kind of dopey except for the uber decorators who enjoy the giant canvas to work with.
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  13. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    We stared off into the abyss a few years ago, but we bounced back and are doing pretty well now; and we’re always looking for new like-minded people too. We have a nice balance between being friends and succeeding at content. Don’t believe in pressure
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  14. Entrust Committed Player

    Just speaking for myself. . . I keep the league bc it was given to me, and a lot of work was put into it. By not just myself, but others too.

    I doubt I'll ever try to "rebuild" the league. I takes breaks too often to commit to such a project.

    I have joined other leagues over the years, but one alt always remains.

    Mainly I keep my toons in a dead league to prevent blind league invited, have extra bank space, a few buffs.

    My work schedule is chaotic, so it's hard to have a regular online time. Also it's been my experience that leagues aren't too fond of casuals with random play schedules.
  15. Miahztwin Committed Player

    Theres a league me and my friend still have access to on our alts. Our league leader got banned on psn so we are unable to get league owership. It kinda sucks. But as someone mention its good to leave and just get plugged in and make new friends. Its the only way to get things done nowadays.
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  16. Entrust Committed Player

    What do you mean by, "it's the only way to get things done."?

    I've been back a few months, and I think I getting things done. I understand that I might be a special case, but I haven't felt a "need" to be in a league, in order to progress.

    Just curious, thanks
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  17. Cyclonic Dedicated Player

    It becomes apparent how useful a league is when you're trying to do something old or very specific. You can't rely on strangers to go out of their way for you very often.
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  18. Miahztwin Committed Player

    oh i guess i was speaking on a more personal level with my own experience. Running current/old elite content to get feats. And having access to other league mates that share the same schedule with you as well can make finishing dailies tremendously quicker. Pugging is an option but there are alot of risks when you have to LFG.
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  19. Entrust Committed Player

    I agree, in those situations a league is almost a necessity. Fortunately, as a returning player, I have far too much current content to catch up on. So my focus currently is on the most recent three episodes which isn't difficult to just pug/que.
  20. Entrust Committed Player

    I'm not going to lie, using lfg/pug/que is a craps-shoot. Particularly in Elite runs. I gave Elite a try back in the war Factory and Teen Titans episodes. I found that I didn't like it very much and decided that Elite wasn't for me. At least not on a regular basis.

    I was a pretty hardcore player back in the day. As a result I farmed enough SP to give me a solid foundation. Even after multiple breaks my SP is well over 400. This puts me in a unique position to focus on the current episodes, without having to consider farming old content for SP. In many cases I can just cue into Old instances and pick up the low hanging fruit feats.

    I'll also be the first to admit that my particular situation is probably unique
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