Dead End for Solo and Duo Players

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  1. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Actually there's very little content in the game that requires max CR, so beyond Survival Mode it's tough to say that anyone needs max CR. The OP's thought was not about maxxing their CR but gaining the needed CR to progress through solo/duo play, and it has been pointed out by others that it can still be done. Finally, from first-hand experience I can say that the very fact that those players are going the solo/duo route for their progression means they aren't looking for a handout. It's not the easy road by any means.

    Ok, setting aside the whole use of "work" when related to a leisure-time activity like a video game, let me repeat this part from my post:

    Now I get that there are some who frown upon vendor mod use. I don't quite understand it, but I get that some don't like them. But the fact remains that those mods aren't being given away for free. You still have to earn them. And on top of that, there's the nifty little fact that the devs put them in the game, and as such they are a legitimate method of getting mods.

    I never said that vendor mods are the only way to go, and in some cases they aren't the ideal way to go. But vendor mods are legit and provide an option for those who aren't inclined to spend their in-game time collecting them.
  2. lukelucky Devoted Player

    the game originally started solo to level 30, then 4 solo missions and duos. lots of duos. as you progressed the groups got larger and t3 was all raids unless i am forgetting something. the devs revamped everything to give you guys more and being fair have not done to bad a job. if you like the game play you might want to atleast branch into alerts. your really cheating yourself out of some of the best content the way your limiting yourself. also raids with walk ins like fos 1 and 3, gates and prime. group up and try and take them down. will for sure expand your game and if you have not yet jump into legends. its fun pvp
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  3. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    In the next DLC, the solo and duo content CR requirement to enter it will be.... CR110? CR111? ;) ok, maybe 112?
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  4. RSL New Player

    EXCEPT that your actual quote implied that it was "hard" to get the marks for it [not that it was "hard" to farm exobits for it] and that modding might not be an option because purchasing synthetics was not an option. it was quite clear you like synthetic mods. i don't hate them. but the point was if mark acquisition is the problem there's other ways to mod. not just say "oh fiddle dee dee i can't get enough marks so i won't mod my gear".
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  5. Lord Raiden Dedicated Player

    You are blocking your own progress by not broading your horizons.
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  6. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    For the record I look at vendor mods as an option. Nothing more, nothing less. I've yet to have reason to use them (bit of a packrat and I grab exos from nodes whenever possible, more out of habit than anything else) but at the same time I'm not going to begrudge or look down on anyone who does use them.

    Whether it's "collect and craft" mods or vendor mods, a solo/duo player is looking at a lot of time and effort being put in to get those mods. It doesn't matter which method they use. They're either spending time away from content runs getting exo after exo after exo (especially when you get into the higher level mods) or they're running extra content on top of their normal content runs to get the Marks they need for vendor mods. They are putting in just as much (and at times more) time and effort as players who choose to run the full range of content, especially if they're really stubborn (like me LOL) and avoid as much outside help as possible.

    A solo/duo player is not in a "never-try" position. They can't be, not if they want to keep a decent tier progression pace. That, more than anything else, is what I was addressing in regards to your comments.
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  7. Legion_of_One Well-Known Player

    Mepps: "If you choose not to play some of the content in the game, you won't be able to play some of the content in the game. This, obviously, is your choice. We are careful to provide solo and duo (and alert and raid) content in our DLCs that allow you to continue to progress and unlock gear with Marks.

    In this DLC, there is the one solo mission. But, by playing the last DLC's solo/duo content, you will be able to get into the next DLC's solo/duo content. There is no dead end, and to say so is to completely misunderstand fundamental aspects of content and DLCs. "

    Sorry, haven't been able to quote in reply for some time.

    I'm not misunderstanding, Mepps, I'm concerned that the slow grind isn't going to get me to the next Tier this time-- some players have assured me here that the problem is with the CR calculator I've been relying on. I'm going to keep at it and hopefully prove them correct. It would be nice if the game provided some kind of CR progress bar so that player-made calculators weren't necessary. I would also clarify that because Solo and Duo content skips every second DLC, it isn't the next DLC I will eventually be playing, it's the one after that. As you say, if you don't play it, you don't play it and that's always been my choice. Ensuring that players can (eventually) make it through the game via the solo/duo path is yours (well, you know) and I am really glad to have that commitment affirmed by you.

    One of the other things that was apparent to me early on was that this game is easier to play when you keep it to one or a small few toons. A challenge I have in terms of connecting with other players in DCUO is the lack of a global player ID. Friends are all associated with individual toons in this game, which makes remaining in contact with people a challenge when someone enjoys playing a wide variety of toons. I haven't wanted to join a league because I'm not always "that guy" when I log in, and unless I pile 25 toons into a league, I would be totally disconnected from the group-- I'm on just about every night, just not consistently on the same toon.
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  8. John Brawler Committed Player

    this has to be the only mmo that is set up so content strictly cannot be played solo if you wish no matter how much you grind which i find to be rather off-putting. and before someone tries getting on my case about "this is an mmo you're supposed to play in groups"

    1. go back to the very beginning of my post.
    2. stop telling people to go to a different game just because they don't wanna play it your way.

    i personally feel putting more work into solos is something that should be done, as it gives people more to do between larger content, and it also would allow players to get some better gear before they do the raid (which might help people get over the elitism some scoreboard chasers use as excuses to boot people from their first attempt at a raid.) and if you decide to attack this part by saying "only X% percent plays solos"

    1. the released number is those who play "only" solo not an actual gauge of how many people who play solos, in the "real" numbers while solos are the least played content, raids are the second least played, yet enough raid fans complained and now 1 raid is in every dlc.
    2. look at the solo instances we have, tier 1-3 is rehashed leveling missions that everyone already did, and every solo instance since until war of the light part 2 (in other words the latest dlc) were iconic solos. can you honestly tell me that solo content being least played and even as small an amount as it is has nothing to do with the lackluster content they've had so far.

    also mepps, no offence, but telling fans of small content that they can "skip" dlcs instead of even talking to them is also rather off-putting, especially after how raids the second least played content seems to have gotten enough of the devs attention to add one to all small content dlcs.
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  9. Sectumsempra Dedicated Player

    So they introduce the longest solo instance in game that drops 98 gear, aka, the 4th best in the game, 1 item level below vendor gear, and its the end of solo content? Dude get outta here.
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  10. Omega Boy Committed Player

    You'll make it to 106 just fine. Also, are you really skipping every other DLC? Halls of Power I has been the only recent DLC without solo content.
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  11. RSL New Player

    fwiw i totally agree that it's a legitimate option. i think you think this is our disagreement. our disagreement is in whether it's an legitimate option for a player to completely ignore modding because the player refuses to play half the content and just doesn't feel like bothering either paying marks or doing the work [crafting]. on that we don't agree.
  12. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    I've assured you it will. Others have assured you it will. We're very carefully going forward with that plan as we set the reqs. I'm not sure what else to tell you.
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  13. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    How and when you mod your gear (or if you choose to) is bordering on a whole different argument from the thread topic, though. Also, I'll admit to being triggered a bit by the use of "never-try" in a thread about solo/duo play. After taking multiple characters up to T5 via solo play, you can get a little sensitive about even the mildest hint of someone thinking you aren't trying. :D There's a better than decent chance that contributed to some of the disconnect in the discussion.

    With that in mind, perhaps we can set aside the modding discussion for a bit before it derails the thread any further? It does relate to the discussion but I don't think it's the quite the focus of the discussion so it might be better left aside for now.
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  14. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    You've just described 80% or more of the player base. As an excuse not to join a league, it's risible.

    Have you ever considered actually trying to find a league you're compatible with, or even starting your own, and actually trying at least the four person alerts? Is that really so impossible?

    Not that you have to, but it seems awfully masochistic to deny yourself about, um, 80% of the game. You might actually have fun if you run alerts, which if people have any kind of clue, will take all of 15 minutes to 35 minutes to complete. And there's, like, feats, and collections, and styles, and other wonders, awaiting you.

    Or you could join a raid group with high CR members which will easily trot through the Batcave, or Fortress of Solitude, or Khandaq, or Prime, or Paradox, in 15 minutes. The idea that you don't have time to do alerts or raids AT ALL doesn't seem entirely plausible, though maybe I missed something you've said. Do you really ALWAYS play solo in time spans of ONLY under 15 minutes? And is it so impossible for you to make friends or join a league, unlike almost everyone else? Have you, you know, tried?

    Send me a tell in game, reminding me that it's you from this conversation, if you like, and I'll be happy to run an alert or raid with you. (Admittedly raids can take a bit of time to set up.)
  15. randomkeyhits Dedicated Player

    We already know what the maximum entry CR for DLC +1 will be, it is the best offered by DLC -1

    So for HoP2 (and tier 7) the maximum entry CR will be 111 as thats the best you can do with WotL2.

    Considering its a whole new tier I'm wondering if they'll do the down one CR challenge to allow for a fractionally easier step up. So 110 challenges to let players. Considering its a small content DLC then based on past experience it wouldn't surprise me to see a 110 iconic challenges 111 open world (possibly), duos and alerts and a 112 raid.
  16. Yui Loyal Player

    If you only play solo/duo content in this game, you're game progress is gonna be slow, hence, the issue you're facing right now.

    DCUO is an MMORPG which stands for Massively MULTIPLAYER Online Role-Playing Game. Note the "Multiplayer" part. Being a multiplayer game, the devs have to focus mostly on multiplayer content. The reason for doing so is that they make most of their money from the said type of content. Most of the replay badges that people buy go to raid resets because raids are where the best gear in the game drops and people want a chance to get them.

    Yes, DGC/SOE has the motto Free to Play Your Way. It means that you have control on what content you want to play, how much money you want to spend on their games, etc.. However, all choices have consequences and rewards. Yours being the issue you have now since you refuse to play multiplayer content. It isn't the devs that are at fault for not making more solo content. DGC/SOE is a business. They want people's money. And in order to do so, they need to make content that'll bring money in. Like I said above, they make a lot of money in multiplayer content.

    I don't want to say it, but I suggest finding another game that fits your needs as a solo player. You're not really gonna make much progress in DCUO as a solo player. In my opinion, the money you spend for your subscription every month is wasted, since you pay for all content in the game, which mostly consists of multiplayer content, and you refuse to player the said type of content. I notice you play on the PC. You could buy a lot of games, including Co-op games that you and your friend can play together, on Steam/Origin with the $15 you spend every month on DCUO.
  17. Will Power Loyal Player

    Why don't you like playing Alerts might I ask? I don't mind playing by myself in Solo's I just usually have to wait until a good amount of the population moves on when it comes to Open world Dailies. I love duos too they are quick to que and if the other party has a mic you can chat a bit. However this game is not ment to stay on the 1-2 player content look at it from my DC Comics point of view.

    Batman and Robin battle through many Brainiac drones to get to battle through there Duo Boss once the boss falls they continue battling through the Brainiac drones however its getting tougher and tougher then the next Boss arrives he is formidable Batman and Robin try as hard as they can to beat back the Boss but little progress is made Batman gets hit hard and take a knee Robin screams Batman as he races over to try and save his Mentor and teacher. Things look very bleak as Robin dodges weaves and bounces past the Drones. He reaches Batman and says Bruce are you okay. Bruce says I'll be fine just help me to my feet Robin begins the rallying process to get him up.

    At the same time half way across the room Zatanna and her partner Power girl are battling their own fight that have seems to be getting harder and harder for Zatanna to keep Power girl on her feet with her healing spells that are getting harder and harder to get out with all the interrupts that are happening however they manage to beat that group but just barely to come across the same formidable Boss and Power girl attacks. The boss was just about to take Robin out as Power girl last bit of Heat vision hits the boss just in the nick of time to pull the Bosses attention to her. Robin gets Bruce to his feet. Robin ask where did they come from. Batman says to Robin it doesn't matter it looks like they need our help. Robin says yeah and we need there help.

    Zatanna's out of strength to cast spells she drops to her knees to she is spent. Batman makes his way with Robin through the Drones as Zatanna just dropped. Look's like you need a little help getting your energy back Zatanna. Batman says.

    Bruce kneels down to Zatanna and give her a little Bit of his defibrillator energy she slowly begins to slowly stand on her feet.

    Thanks Batman I really needed that Zatanna replied.

    At the very moment that Zatanna just got back to her feet Power girl drops our of flight as she's so tired as well.

    Robin help Power girl me and Zatanna will distract him says Batman.

    Robin replies, Right on it.

    Batman Summons some battle drones of his own the drones start attacking. Zatanna summons a mystic bolt of lighting it hits the boss dead on. The Boss charges Batman and Zatanna just as Robin just gets to Powergirl and begins to get her up.

    I'm not very good at giving Power but I'll try Robin says to Power girl. Robin gets our his defibrillator and give her a jolt it wasn't as good as Batman's but it was just enough to help her the rest of the way up.

    Thank you very much. Power girl says to Robin.

    Power girl takes flight and races to help Batman and Zatanna with Robin dodging and waiving through the drones as the Boss is attacking them.

    With all four togather now they stand a chance against this machine. Batman Robin Zatanna Powergirl all engage the Boss.

    So from my point of view sometimes you need to join up with other people to run other stuff to get more progress this game is ment for 1-8 players not just 1-2 players. Make to more friends and run some Alerts.
  18. Nemeses Prime Dedicated Player


    This is a MMORPG, so, of course they will do more group content than solos and duos!
  19. Opamp Committed Player

    Stopped reading after the first page - so this might have been said.

    I highly recommend you join a league which will help you perform. My league is recruiting and we are very friendly. We help players specifically like you who have trouble finding groups.
  20. Starbrand Dedicated Player

    I could say exactly what this post deserves, but I would be banned for 3 days :D

    So I am going to say just two things: MMO and the world dont revolves around you.

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