DCUO: The Models and Graphics Update [Suggestion]

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    I've been playing DC Universe Online for quite a while now (333 hours according to Steam) and I'm kind of starting to get tired of the general look of the game. When the game was launched back in 2011 the graphics looked a lot like a cartoon but since the last graphics update it takes more of a realistic approach. However the graphics aren't as realistic as they're in the pictures such as the DC Universe Online Forums background. I feel that the graphics should like better as they offer eye-candy and a better feel. I'm hoping that the devs will read this post and improve graphics, I'm also hoping that if they accept this suggestion that they bundle it with the improved GUI update. If this has been suggested already, I don't mean to spam.


    Graphics isn't the only thing that I feel needs to be improved, graphics little bother animations is another thing I feel would make the game look more realistic. The animations for the game are okay but sometimes they look boring and ugly. For example the talking animation when you're talking to...lets say Wonder Women the same animation where she holds her hands up is used so many times though out the game. The flying animation is another thing I feel could be improved, I believe that they're should be an option for how his/hers character flies, walks, runs, etc. This could make every character feel different.

    It'll also be nice if all of the character models could be replaced with more detailed versions....such as the ones in the pictures.

    Another Suggestions

    • Please improve world design for the same reason (A better look and feel)
    • Can there be a few sections in the city's of the game where people aren't running away and where they're a lot of them. This could makes us feel more of a hero and for the villains....they have Gotham......


    1). Before somebody says this Game Update 31 was not a graphics update it was more of an art update.
    2). I know this is a MMO and you may complain saying "Its an MMO...there's lag and stuff". Yes this is a MMO but off the top of my head Planetside 2 and Elder Scrolls Online are also MMOs but they look beautiful.
    3). Yes, the this update may be expensive but it has a chance of attracting more users.
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    there should also be a physics update,
    for example,
    1)there should be the ability to grab other players while they are in their movement types,
    2)the speed of a player should increase with the more time they spend running or flying,
    3)there should be an actual reaction when falling from tall buildings,
    4)there should be an air space so that air resistance exists, that way, when running or flying behind someone, they clear up the air in front of you, and it is easier to catch up to them,
    5)there should be the possibility of pushing or pulling another player so that they go faster or hold on to you(as stated in number 1)
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    This looks old. But I'll eat my hat if this ever gets done. I doubt it will, so I am totally protected :p
  4. megamanzero Loyal Player

    i've never thought it looked realistic especially the character models. they have much room for improvement though. kinda looks like a ps2 game, and the art style could use some work.
  5. Alina Well-Known Player

    I think it just needs a texture polish and better lighting. You can use that to trick the eye into thinking it has a better resolution. Star Trek Online is doing that.