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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Feb 2, 2024.

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  1. KidKretz Committed Player

    here's hoping to much needed change!
  2. Rejchadar Inquisitor

    Last year there is very little content, and this happens at all levels of the game: less DLC, DLC themselves also provide less content, less options for customizing the gameplay (radical reduction in the number of artifacts and allies per year, reduction in new visual effects (such as pets, orbital , henchman...)), lack of new game mechanics (the last innovation was several years ago (allies, tier system for pets...), lack of additional new content in non-DLC (such as SM, or more varied content of seasonal events ( what was the last thing we had? a new raid in Anniversary? or a race in Halloween? oh yes, a new seasonal event a year and a half ago...), even cosmetics (not including the TC and other gambling crap...) probably also less since there is less DLC in a year... and that means less cosmetics too...
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  3. Eviler New Player

    As a person to came back to the game with my friends i can say the game is way better then it was years ago do i still think non paying people should get more inventory spaces and stash spaces now with all the things you need to collect more people wold play the game if you gave them room to have fun and not be feeling i need to buy premium for basic space in my inventory.....
  4. MlCHAEL New Player

    I’m having a great time playing the game, I just think you guys should put more focus into PVP and revert it back to how it was, makes the game really stale and repetitive right now. Also I think the addition of stat clamps ruining the experience too.
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  5. Ghostknight Well-Known Player

    Thank you for the reply. I know the survey did not determine the game's cancellation, only that it could be used by EG7/DB for that. I agree the profitability of the game now and in the future will help the company make decisions about DCUO. I am only trying like everyone, I believe, on this forum is hoping to see the game improve, entice to new players and keep it around for a long time.

    Every please fill out the forum with how you feel.

    Peace and DCUO Forever
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  6. UDDOPEKKA New Player

    There is lots to do, but if we need to start from main problems here is the list:
    1-Art swapping: As a pc player its not easy as to swap arts and guess what I'm troll main. If you don't want to lock artifacts like loadouts(cant change in combat) then give us some shortcuts or whatever on this matter, it should not be gear difference makes performance difference. (I got the point main moneymaking in the game is pay 2 progress arts, allies and cool styles, thats why I suggested shortcut)
    2-Prec: Animation cancel is ok to use in game but prec has absurd damage potential even without animation cancel, gets lots of stat from troll(even only group weapon buff gives 30% damage boost to prec) and it goes even more unbalance with superspeed skills animation cancels.
    3-Superspeed: Addition to prec superspeed explanation, superspeed can spam movement mode and dash like crazy and it is not fair. Only this gives unfair advantage on time limited feats. For animation cancel, if you want to keep animation cancel prec, at least give other movements exactly same (please dont make other movement better than another) potential to animation cancel.
    Thank you for reading and I hope we see this balances and changes in next episode ^^
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  7. Multiverse Creator League

    Would I recommend DCUO to someone??

    Is DCUO worth playing in 2024?? Yes.... Absolutely.
    I even made a video about it. ;) ;)

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  8. VasquezR Active Player

    yes, we hope that everything will be improved, I am still active in the game, not as much as before but it is due to the lack of things to do, I hope that this year we will have a lot of content in the game again, this makes us continue playing because the game itself It's cool, at least for me.
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  9. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    Well, the dev team already knows our suggestions (like mine for artifact crafting); and corporate is going to lack the understanding of the game needed to make an informed decision (they’ll just rely on what the dev team says). So, this exercise is pretty pointless.
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  10. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    I believe the best way to address artifact swapping would be to open it up and monetize it.

    First, create two artifact modes connected to a toggle switch - Manual and Automatic

    Manual mode - tac swap like people have been doing for free

    Automatic mode - lock the artifact slots during combat, but introduce a way to combine two artifacts’ abilities into one. No additional stats given. Only one of the artifacts’ stats will survive.

    By crafting artifacts, you could get the use of six artifact abilities in three slots (which is what is happening for many *right now* with tac swapping - this won’t be some new boost to the game). For a crafting example, combine Dead King’s Scepter and Philosopher’s Stone to create the Philosopher’s Scepter, and that one new artifact would have the orbital and supply drop abilities. Combine the Rings of Azar with the Amulet of Rao to make the Rings of Rao. Combine Source Shard and Grimorium to make the Godmorium. Etc

    To craft, you would need both artifacts at 200, and you would need more nth, cats and seals to accomplish the crafting. It would encourage 200 rank leveling (which many don’t bother with on some artifacts), and it would generate more revenue from at least three more artifact craft levelings per player. Given different roles, it could create revenue for six additional craft levelings or more.

    For lore purposes, create a Black Alice vendor to act as an R&D table. As seen in the Rock of Eternity raid, she can combine abilities from two different characters. Stretch her power to combine two different artifacts.

    This doesn’t have to be rolled out all at once. Start with Constantine selling R&D plans for maybe six commonly used combinations (to fill the three slots across roles), and then later introduce plans for another combo and another, etc. It’s on-going once the system is set up.

    Players just want a level playing field. Many may even want to look at the actual game design as they play instead of looking at their inventory screen (which they feel forced to look at now to “compete”). The manual / auto option will keep angry players at a minimum. You like swapping? Have at it. Crafting will elevate players to a similar level without tearing swappers down.
  11. Lumpy New Player

    GET RID OF STAT CLAMPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You guys have gone out of your way to suck the fun out of this game and make it stale and tedious.
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  12. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Committed Player

    This isn't the same game it was when I started. The game only had sp and modes for your gear but you didn't need alot of sp to get some benefits and modes was easy to creat but no 1 judged you if you had any at all.
    Now they have revamped sp to the point that the more you have the less its matters.
    We have artifacts that cost hundreds to max but are the key to most you dps and role.
    Clamp happened but now you can't run stuff for feats like you could back in the day and people are less interested in helping.
    I have spent thousands in this game because they have monetizing everything.
    Even the seasonal events all the new rewards cost 25 to 50 of the event marks. Those used to be 8 marks tops but its 3x the grind it supposed to be. Its not supposed to be a grind at all but a celebration for the game celebrating valentines day and ect.

    I play this game because I love dc comics and I have met some cool people to hangout with. Pluse there isn't really a game like this one on console.
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  13. SillyRaccoon New Player

    can we please get updated animal skins and make facial hair slots separate from hair we keep getting new hairstyles cant put beards on them
  14. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    I agree. Well said.
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  15. Tiffany6223 Devoted Player

    I hope for more engaging stories and content. I think a story I can get lost in and makes me forget about the sucky day I had at work would be a great start.

    I also hope they will look at the old content we play and revitalize it and loosen or modify the current suppression system on End Game players.
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  16. Aiden_Warren Well-Known Player

    We asked for the eeg to be an option to be challenging.
    If they do remove the omnibus that be great for easy feats.
    There are ways to make use of the omnibus stats clamp.

    Omnibus Weekly rotation: randomly a few solos, duos, alerts and raids of each tier will be stat clamped, so this way we can still grind the source marks and styles.
    And add all the drops only gear styles to the styles vendor as general cotent styles thats not exactly rare.
    and make the latest episodes to not be source marks locked on reset. So this can help the latest episodes que be faster for players to grind source marks.

    I try to come up with ideas for devs to not have to remove the stats clamp, only to still make use of it while we can have the option to que in not stat clamped.
    I have to say, for the younger teens that wants to enjoy the game and feel powerful so it keeps them calm from adhd and and anything to keep them from stress.
    The forced stat clamp really did made a impact on newer players on being able to reach 300 skill points. Without enough skill points, the stat clamp makes it really difficult for them and takes hours to complete few raids.
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  17. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    I used to love this game and play it on a daily basis, but the game has become stale, there is an alarming lack of novelty and thats why i left since the episode of SoBA. I wish you guys at DI can come with something fresh that gets my attention and can give me a reason to install the game again, but on the current state of the game i cannot recommend any friend to play it at the moment.

    There is also the lack of interest on the PvP side of the game, has been neglected too much IMHO.

    There is also the inventory problem with this game, too much useless and redundant items droping to clutter the inventory, the management on the inventory in this game is tedious, outdated and just plain boring. Find a way to consolidate all those crafting materials and drops to be less tedious to manage the inventory.

    As for the whole clamp complains, make the level difference in EEG bigger or more stats so the people complaining can get their feats done more easily, because thats the reason they are complaining in the first place, OR make the whole system optional, honestly i dont care too much because i'm seatled with the amount of SP that i have and loss the interest of the whole feat hunting aspect of the game. Too many feats behind capsule paywall or behind tedious and repetitive task that i don't have any interest to take part of.

    Honestly at this point i have zero faith on the game or the team, i don't think that you guys can turn this ship around, but i would be very happy if proven wrong on the future. I wish you guys the best.
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  18. BUDOKAI101 Committed Player

    Honestly if they announce a new revamp the game would take the biggest popularity boost. Stats revamp was rushed and unbalanced too big of an undertaking for a small team to get right in such a short time. A real balanced revamp takes atleast 5 years for a game with this many moving parts to satisfy every type of player
  19. PowerNuke3x New Player

    The game needs focus, real content, big things, a good time to take advantage of the hype and embark on a saga of crisis in infinite earths, meaningful episodes is what we need, at least 3 per year!

    A little attention to what is already in the game, like the PVP that was forgotten.

    -The styles are better, a compliment! :)

    "My personal requests: Lantern ring accessories for left hand, simple chest with neck showing, just like Superman, it's easy to make, just use the Original Champion model, remove bracelets and emblem

    Future things I wanted to see: Martian Invasion as an Episode, Darkseid War, New Brainiac Attack!

    I know they are capable! Let's work!
    Survival Mode this year? Please ;)
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  20. Metallix Active Player

    The game need a lot of work done to it get rid of stat clamp or give us the option if we wanna be stat clamp or our regular combat rating instead of keep buying gear y not let us put work into our gear the more u level up the more strong and powerful you become and make legendary more worth playing.and it make it fair for everyone else give us choices to make give us new powers abilities for the power Traits & weapon new abilities and new tiers
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