DCUO Summer Event 2018: Bugs

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Torikumu, Jun 11, 2018.

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    The existing Summer event thread asks for bugs concerning rewards, rather than with the event itself, so I decided to make this thread to post some I found, and for anyone else who's found any to do the same.


    Open World Mission
    • Enemies Taking Full Damage
      The seasonal enemies in the Open World are taking full damage instead of their usual 1 Damage per hit. Whilst this is nice to help getting it done faster, I can foresee it being a problem as multiple people try to defeat the same objectives but are having their kills stolen by others.
    Atlantean Outpost Seasonal Alert
    • Aquaman's Staff Ranged Feint Attack Cannot be countered
      When Aquaman feints a melee attack before delivering a ranged attack, the Ranged attack cannot be countered. Vandal Savage in a Rip in Time does an identical feint, but when he does the ranged part after teasing a Melee attack, you can counter him. I haven't tried this on Ocean Master to see if he is the same.
    • Ocean Master using old and new dialogue but Aquaman only using old dialogue
      In combat, when fighting Aquaman alongside Ocean Master, Ocean Master will occasionally use new lines of dialogue introduced by the new voice actor in Episode 31. Aquaman, on the other hand, only uses the old lines recorded by Spytle. I think it would be better if Ocean Master only used his old lines, because his event-specific dialogue uses the former voice actor.
    • Trash Item Shares Name with Omnipotent Collection
      Whilst playing the mission, I received a "Shark Tooth" trash item, the sort you sell to the vendor for a small amount of cash. The name of this item is very similar to a collection in Episode 31's War of the Ocean collection, where one of the pieces is called "Shark's Tooth". Although there are obvious signs that distinguish the two items (such as category on the Broker), it might be best to adjust the name of one to avoid any potential confusion.
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    The open world bug actually started when the revamp landed, but I didn’t report it because there was only like 3 days left of the seasonal. Ocean Master is indeed the same, he does it as the boss of the Deluge solo so he probably does it in the seasonal too. Was kinda hoping they’d get the new guy to redo the summer dialogue to be honest, I prefer him to the original.
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  3. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    Feedback: Possible Objectives Reduction?
    In the Springtime event, we were blessed with a reduction in the number of objectives we have to complete for the Open World mission. I feel like the Summer event also needs a similar reduction.

    Although this years event is better than it was last year, thanks to the Seasonal Adds Split Damage bug being resolved, I still find the Open World mission to be a long-winded chore. Especially the part where you have to destroy the generators.

    You're are consistently attacked by a stream of seemingly never-ending adds. If you don't utilise a shield, it can really slow down your attempts at finishing the mission. You must do this objective 10 times, which is 2 and a half ships worth of generators to destroy. I usually end up just ignoring the open world mission and focusing on the instance, instead, which is far more enjoyable and takes considerably less time, for the same amount of currency.

    A reduction on the objectives for the open world mission would be greatly appreciated (at least by me).

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