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  1. GalaxySniper Loyal Player

    4 Ppl that quit it is, we can go back years ago and ppl on chat complain about subscription. You can lie to yourself if you want to, but the majority of pp who quit after level 30 isn't willing to pay for subscription and that's a fact.

    Here's the reality, You want more ppl to play DCUO and I'm telling you it not going to happen with subscription.

    U can talk all you want about I just want this game to be free but guess what? I spent $600 for the holidays in warframe.

    DCUO isn't getting my money based on how they do things. You can't have a subscription and have a microtransations like DCUO

    As long as playerbase like you is close minded DCUO will not grow.

    Sorry but you don't have the upper hand anymore. If you like how DCUO business model is right now then don't complain about ppl not playing the game, if you want more players then your minde set needs to adapt.

    Like I said b4, players like you got what you wanted so enjoy the game but don't get mad if majority of gamers don't want to enjoy it with you
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  2. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    The point that you’re trying to make is still dull, and I’m not going to even entertain your other statements because they’re just empty accusations based on nothing but your presumption of the players who don’t agree with you.

    Now, my point is, the cause of people quitting has never been because of a subscription, it’s always been because of major combat changes. Each time the combat system was massively altered a noticeable portion of the player base left. Dove tails got added, the clipping system we originally had was erased, and a portion of players left, weapon was added, same thing happened, ams, same conclusion, stats revamp, mimicked the prior results. It’s always been because of combat changes, not a subscription lol.
  3. GalaxySniper Loyal Player

    Ppl who disagree with me still play DCUO. I quit just like my league quit do to subscription. PPl who paid 4 sub for yrs quit.

    I know what your saying, why ppl quit do to subs when they pay for sub for years? Easy microtranactions. Microtransactions devalued subscription. TC is loot box 2.0 that never should of happened.
    The crapy Seal thing got out of hand as well.

    I remember Guide 36 and guide 47 when players left but players did come back, When TC happened after revamp players just strait up quit faster than Guide 47 and Guide 47 was a big blow to DCUO but TC was so bad DCUO apologist didn't like it.

    TC made DCUO look like liars. Ppl thought TC was temporary due to DCUO down time for revamp, we was wrong
    Skill points was to be earned not bought ( that was a lie)
    Skill points in revamp was suppose to feel more important in the game ( that's a lie) ppl paying for seal ( whatever they called) to do more damage.

    TC and Seals made faithful players feel like a premium player, that's why for years players pleaded for A subscription revamp after TC happened, Mepps said they will look in 2 it and never happen.

    Let not forget where new players could buy there way into endgame content and do high dmg and not even know the mechanics.

    Ppl who quit like me felt like subscription was not worth it after Revamp.

    Subscription feel like premium if you don't buy anything

    You mean to tell me If I subscribe, I either have to wait next week after I finished a raid to get loot or pay replay badges to continue to get loot ( that's free to play)
    As a Subscriber I have to pay to do switch roles either as a troller or Dps ( that's free to play)

    DCUO has free to play mechanics with a subscription and to a lot of us ex players it feels wrong, this is why ppl say DCUO is payed 2 win
    Stat revamp was a cash grab 4 most ppl
  4. Brit Loyal Player

    I don't believe that subscription prices directly correlate to population issues. World of Warcraft is still the top performing MMO, and it never adopted the FTP model. You need a subscription to go beyond level 20; you barely can do the tutorial without it.

    Instead, it's much simpler than that. The most important thing that people want in a game is the ability to play it. It's truly that simple. Games like World of Warcraft have so much content at-level that you can log in every day and never complete everything there is to do. Games like DCUO struggle to put together an hour's worth of content per day. Once you're done with that, we're just kind of twiddling our thumbs, banging out low level stuff while looking for some RNG style, or playing on an alt that we aren't actually interested in. Players get bored because there's not enough to do.

    Then it becomes a spiral effect. When the population dwindles, it becomes harder to find groups. When it's harder to find groups, then what little amount of relevant content you have becomes harder to get into and involves more waiting. When players are waiting, not playing, they get bored. Then they leave and go do something else that they can actually play. And then the population further dwindles, and the player queues get even longer, and there is even more waiting, so even more players quit, and so on. The worse it gets, the worse it will get.

    DCUO on the Switch suffers primarily from the whole lack-of-content issue. Especially since they dropped everything at once, but players leveling at different speeds found themselves too spread out to run content. By the time people reached the endgame, they realized how little there was to do, and how long and cumbersome the queues were, and since then it has just been wave after wave of people leaving to play other games that allow them to play, instead of wait-to-play. Nobody ever logs in and says "Gee, I can't wait to start waiting."

    The Switch population will stabilize somewhat, same as the struggling PC population did, if it were to be merged with the more heavily populated server. Same deal with X-Box. Merging the servers gives the players enough of a stable population that stuff pops and they can run content, so they don't bail from inability to play. Doesn't fix the relatively small amount of relevant content and the fast progression, so the game won't grow, but it will at least stabilize a bit and the Switch players we do have won't feel the same pressing annoyance pushing them to quit.
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  5. Jason Martin Dedicated Player

    World of Wacraft doesn't have lootboxes that exploits people gambling addiction to get pixels.
  6. Littlejaytee16 Committed Player

    Excuse me while I put the discussion of the current business model aside for a moment and get back to more of what the OP was talking about in their original post…

    Within the Nintendo Switch community there's a core of loyal players who are still logging in day after day, doing their dailies and weeklys and helping new players get familiar with the game. We’re just doing what we can to keep the game alive. However, it's no secret that our population is quickly diminishing. And if things continue this way, I cannot see a reason to continue subscribing when my membership is up.

    I'm not sure what the Dev team could do to help at this point. But for the future, I would suggest a better plan to "break in" the game on a new platform. Perhaps a paced rollout of past DLC's would be better for growing and strengthening a community. Dumping eight years of content on the players at one time and rushing them to get to end game content just doesn’t work. All it does is make things one mad scramble. And you'll find that a lot of players get frustrated during their journey and just quit. The main complaint? The open worlds are dead and there's nobody running the duos, alerts and raids for older episodes. As a new player, if all you could do to rank up was complete the dailies in dead open worlds, run the odd solo mission and grind the event version of the latest episode over and over and over again, would you be incentivized to subscribe?

    Dumping all previous content on the players at one time is similar to those animal races you see on YouTube. The ones where people put a bunch of animals on a floor mat with different lanes drawn onto it. And at the sound of the bell you see the animals go in all different directions. Some go up, some go down and some just walk off and quit. In the end, only one or two will actually make it to the finish line. However, if one added a little guidance and structure to the race, perhaps more would make it to the finish line.

    For example, I think rolling out the older episodes at a strategic pace (i.e. one a week) while activating the event version of the latest episode, would help put players on a similar trajectory while leveling up. This way, certain open worlds wouldn't be so empty and you'd have more players queing for the same older multiplayer instances. Also, the paced rollout would ensure that players would continuously be getting fresh, new content. On top of that, players who jumped on board a month or two later wouldn't be as intimated with the “catch up” as they are now.

    And once they’ve finished releasing all the older episodes? I suggest they start the whole thing all over again… but with a twist. Implement a program similar to what many of us on these forums have suggested, which makes older content relevant again. For example, a program that features an older episode a week, with added incentives, exclusive rewards, new feats and a reasonable CR cap. (similar to what they do for the seasonals) Most importantly, cycle through the entire back catalog of episodes over a set period of time. ( i.e. every 6 months) This would give vets a reason to go back and play the older content while continuously populating the older instances for newer players.

    I believe that doing something similar to all of this would go a long way towards growing and strengthening a new player base. At the end of the day, would it hurt to at least try? Because from the looks of things (Xbox and Nintendo Switch communities) what they’re doing now to “break in” the game on a new platform isn’t really working.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents. Please feel free to continue with your discussion on the current business model of the game…
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  7. Lionxoft Committed Player

    Loot boxes, subscription... Idgaf.

    I just want people to play with.
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  8. Lord Of 5 Well-Known Player

    The Holy One says you do not need a Nintendo subscription to play DCUO on the switch.
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  9. Broken Soui Dedicated Player

    You answered your own question. People pay for cosmetics. How much do you think DCUO would make if you could buy ANY style, ANY aura, ANY material. Instead of hoping you get it in a time capsule ? How many people would buy hundreds of styles(weapons included) to make their character look how they want it to look ? Have multiple looks ?
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  10. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    The big problem of the game is the "relevance!"
    When they decided to divide the content into "relevance", it killed the game!
    The veteran players no longer had the desire and need to return to the old content, because it is no longer relevant.
    With this, the number of players that is already reduced, was even smaller to be able to make all the content of the game!
    Many say that there is little to do in the game, in reality there is an infinity of things to do, the problem that when removing relevance, all content has become obsolete and unnecessary! Remove the relevance, and you will see that the game will be much more dynamic, the lines will decrease, and probably even the players will increase ...