DCUO On Nintendo Switch: New Smaller Download

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Mar 6, 2020.

  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager


    Smaller Download for Nintendo Switch

    Soon, the download required for DC Universe Online on Nintendo Switch will get substantially smaller (decreasing to about 16gb). Additionally, the game's movies and motion comics will be removed from the initial download and made available separately in a free, optional Cinematics Pack DLC (about 2 gb).

    We have worked diligently to better optimize the game to reduce the install size. The previous, larger download, especially when factoring in regular new content and updates, required an SD card to play, even for brand new players. While we still recommend an SD card, this reduction in install size will allow most everyone to download and try out the game.

    However, when the transition to the smaller installation size occurs, all players will be required to re-download the base game (and optionally the Cinematics Pack DLC). The easiest way to accomplish this will be to uninstall your current version of DCUO and redownload fresh once the update is available. We believe the advantages of freeing up space for everyone will be tremendous. We also recognize this is an inconvenience and apologize for it.

    We expect the new download to become available (and required) on March 12, 2020. Questions or comments? Please join the discussion below.
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  2. Wildcat Committed Player

    You should do the same in all the platforms

    Take out DLC packs and some old data like not used models / movies / files / audio

    Free to play version - 16 GB

    you buy DLC - about 1 GB to 3 GB update

    you buy legendary account - about 10GB -15GB download
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  3. Littlejaytee16 Committed Player

    You said to uninstall our current version of DCUO. I'm sure I already know the answer to this question, but I just want to hear it from you guys; uninstalling our current version of DCUO will NOT in any way affect or delete any of the progress we have made in game up till now? So there is a separate "save" file that will be preserved when we delete the current version of the game?

    Do you suggest we do this before we download the newest version of the game? Also, will this improve the overall quality of gameplay at all? (Since loading times of certain pre-battle animations often lead to extended in game lag). Or is this JUST to downsize the game and save storage space?
  4. Colly wobbles New Player

    as long as you don't delete any of your characters while playing the game, deleting and reinstalling the game will have no effect on progress. I have been playing for years on ps3/4 and take breaks regularly, deleting the game to free up space while on hiatus. Cloud storage is a wonderful thing my friend
  5. Telnano Active Player

    All Gameprogess is still on DCUO Servers, you can unisntall and install it many times. I did it from PS3 to PS4 years ago and from old to new PC last year. :)
  6. Mobius Twist Active Player

    @Littlejaytee16 Exactly as Telnano stated. Your saves aren't stored locally. While I've never done this on my Switch (but will soon have to), I've accessed my account from my PC and PS4 when upgrading from older PCs and PS3 just fine.
  7. Kaporal New Player

    when will we be able to choose the language of the voices as on the other platform ?
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  8. Kaporal New Player

    when will we be able to choose the language of the voices as on the other platform ?
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  9. MAXILIANO Loyal Player

    I go further in your question:
    When will they release the option to choose between which audio language and which subtitle / interface language can we use?
    Since other than English, have other languages been muted for years?
    And would it be perfect to be able to use the audio in English, and the interface in the other languages available?
  10. vicezx New Player

    is there any news about crossplay on nintendo switch with pc/ps4? the switch post is amazing but it feels a bit empty outside prime hours
  11. Littlejaytee16 Committed Player

    Heh heh... I think you're being very generous using the phrase "a bit empty"... I think the correct term would be "dead".
  12. vicezx New Player

    I was actually being generous in order to not sound pesimistic, but if i were to say the blunt truth: The game is a ghost town outside of prime hours, and even in prime hours it goes from ghost town, to cementery; few people around, but mostly empty

    Ive never made a villain so i dont know how things are on their side but i guess they┬┤re worse