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    I do not consider any of these games "deep". Agree, minecraft has more to offer than the average mobile game or even more than the ones considered to be decent - but when I speak about "immersion" I have a different package of delivery in mind, especially optical. Now I know this sounds weird from the guy who always posts what a waste a graphical update would be for DCUO, and who says "optics" often deceive from the value at hand, but Minecraft is just totally sub-par in that segment. There were games on the C64 "computer" of the early 80ies delivering better graphics.

    As for Fortnite, that crap is just sillyness filled in bottles. It is exactly for the generation of gamers I had in mind when I was talking about simplistic and ret..dacted games. "Click click boom oh Fun! Again again again!" Over the top shooters with neither a blockbuster license behind nor tactical requirements are cheapshots. That's why the crap is given away for free on consoles. And it's really a shame that millions of "gamers" find enjoyment in this simplicisms.

    Especially Fortnite is an exact example what I do not want to see the gaming industry going for. Shooters? Sure, give them a decent war/apocalypse setting, maybe even disturbing storylines. Portrait violence as violent as it is, great job done.

    So, you missed the valid examples, like Chess/Checkers etc. It's totally nice to have a powerful chess computer with you in the size of a tablet, if your environment is suited to let you play mobile (as in: don't be behind the wheel when focusing on beating a chess computer - eyes and minds on the road!). But, frankly: I did not expect the generation mobile "click click boom" to even think about it, nor enjoying games that don't come along with just a pile of mindless clickeryclick.
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    yeah, other than storage space and controls this is enough to play DCUO.
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    The idea of a mobile version of DCUO has been brought up and shot down so many times over the years it's not even funny.

    That being said, is it really that hard to just say to OP, "oh hey, glad that works for you" ?
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    Two things. First, I was only giving examples of full games that people put a lot of time in that have been successful on iOS. Second I hate Fortnite, so I'm with you on your criticism of that game. But people to put a lot of time and effort in it and it has currently 2.5 million downloads on the app store alone.
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    You can add an additional storage as well.
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    I am sure it has been brought up before. But even a year ago, I would agree with it getting shot down. Tablets just weren't powerful enough to give a good experience.
    However, the recent crop of them can finally handle the game. That is why I was suggesting that maybe it is time to reconsider this.

    I probably shouldn't have even brought up that I stream the game to my iPad. I only mentioned that to highlight that you can play on the iOS with no loss of function, feature or gameplay. So that someone can't just say, "you won't be able to do (name that function) on the iPad." because (while the game is just streamed) I can finally do everything in the game on my iPad that I can do on my computer. But clearly that part of my post is taking people off the topic.
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    I already said that is a shame. As long as these type of games are successful - and that is no matter on mobile or console or whatever - there is little hope of getting real quality games back into production. But mobile gaming was a huge nail in that coffin. Since mobile gaming, a different audience enters the gaming market faster and faster - one that does not appreciate qualities like replay value, longevity etc. but prefers mindless short time fun for as cheap as possible. You cannot produce quality with that kind of audience in mind, and: you don't have to, either.

    So I'm against porting DCUO to anything mobile - the game has been dumbed down a lot already, it does not need to attract an even dumber crowd. Whenever you attract a certain crowd of people to your product, you start listening to them since they are customers. I really really do not want the fortnite crowd to suggest "fun changes" to DCUO, especially not with a number of profit numbers behind that makes the finances departmant think the devs should listen to those.... "fun changes".

    I'm not against changes. Some have been good for the game, some were terrible decisions but made them money. I'd like to not serve DCUO another opportunity for from the "terrible decisions with the eye on the money"-department ;)
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    I have always liked the idea of a stand alone version that features only Legends PvP matches..