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  1. Ughitsjaylon Level 30

    The next powerset should be 'Blood powers' or 'Hemomancy'
    I could honestly see it as any roll support-wise but it would probably have to be a tank or troll since the last power added was a healer roll. if anyone reads this tell me what you think the next powerset should be.
  2. Sollace Well-Known Player

    That hasn't stopped a lot of people from asking for a heal lantern lately, I guess a rotation doesn't necessarily interest players anymore ^^.
  3. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Music powerset would be really cool! Will most likely be a troll based powerset, I think.
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  4. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    The word is "role". You can roll dice. You can rock & roll. You can roll on the floor laughing. But you play a role.

    What the next power should be?

    How about the power to kill a yak, from 200 yards away?
    With mind bullets!
    That's telekinesis, Kyle!

    How about the power...
    ...to move you.

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  5. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    All abilities are spammable and overlap. They play the Death metal batman ally tune over and over.

    Sorry if you won't be able to sleep tonight. :p
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  6. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    If i recall correctly, this was commented by a dev a long time ago and the statement was that Blood doesnt fit the games age-rating and that's why its unlikely to happen. With all the blood-related things one could argue that it's not the case anymore, but we won't get another powerset anyway, so might aswell keep the statement as is.
  7. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Oh god that would be bad :D
  8. Ughitsjaylon Level 30

  9. DCUO Vet New Player

  10. DCUO Vet New Player

    Post above was prematurely released had to redo it.

    Cool new powers that make sense to me I'll try my best to articulate it as simply as possible but my ideas are grounded by things already in the game.

    Stretch or form change (plastic man): should be easy to picture large body parts (similar to earth grip), Shield that is just a solid sphere, bouncing attack (like plastic man) I would imagine it to operate like hard light just not green.

    Super (Kryptonian, Darkseid, Wonder woman): Defensive buff Power like shields but not visible along with speed style attacks like atomics teleport uppercut etc) Earths Jackhammer stone skin without the stone along with some of rages physical attacks without the constructs, and a Atmoic style defense mechanic. Imaggine instead of stone skin you get atomics aura power interaction and you can flip spin and attack like rage. Tank shield would be body buffing which is just an invisible shield.

    Demonic (trigon, etrigan, brother blood, raven etc.): Magic based Tank Power could maybe focus on spells and or rituals that
    create like a small circle (like the philosophers stone) for the Tank to receive self-healing similar to fire and sorcery but in combination. Imagine Fire mechanics with a sorcery style power visual with water-based animations (handwaiving)

    Androif/Robotic (Amazo, Cyborg, Blue Beetle, Lex Luthor): Imagine Gagets version of a Ice tank. The way I picture is gadets minus the lame mines and gag sprays an more photon blasts tech shields maybe a dash of kryptonite inspired attacks. It would operate like an ice Tank. Ice mechanics that just look more like something cyborg or blue beetle would do visually. Gadgets is powerful but I hate the spray and throwing animations.

    Doctor/ Field Medic Tech based healing such as deploying drones that create a healing field, Shield stationary group shield generators (people would have to run into the area for protection similar to running into sorcery's circle for receiving healing),
    Nano machines priority heal, defibrillators, injectors, machines (pet), and stationary area for localized healing effects.

    Hope (Blue Lantern): Saint walker style attacks inspiration would stem from iconic loadout mixed with a combination of quantum animations ring enhancement maybe shield based.

    Chrono (Time based): Quantum.... but healing

    Shadow powers ( Ebon) could work exactly like celestial but for trolls and obviously no light.

    Energy: its Quatum!! but mix it with electric mixed in.

    ***Honestly I dont think anyone wants trolls.***
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  11. Ughitsjaylon Level 30

    Demonic (trigon, etrigan, brother blood, raven etc.): Magic based Tank Power could maybe focus on spells and or rituals that
    create like a small circle (like the philosophers stone) for the Tank to receive self-healing similar to fire and sorcery but in combination. Imagine Fire mechanics with a sorcery style power visual with water-based animations (handwaiving)

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  12. madnus New Player

    I think expanding (at least some of) the existing powersets to all four combat roles is something worth considering. Some, like hard light, sorcery, should be a lot more versatile than they are set up to be.

    I think an alternative to munitions for bladed weapons would be cool.

    A powerset that doesn't have a power set. Brute force. You get the usual superpower go-to's ie super strength, agility, durabilty, regeneneation etc and you focus on weapon and enviromental attacks over powers. Anything that isn't a power set that isn't gadgets cause gadgets suck.
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  13. VictoryMC98 Dedicated Player

    They had a new power come out every 3-5 months.. it's called

    The Credit Card power.
  14. Diegoelunico New Player

    I think 'Wind' should be a new power. Fully DPS, they have the effects to create it already in the game. (I e.: Earth, Cheetah, Pride)
    Besides it would be fun to see a hurricane destroy your opponents :D
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  15. madnus New Player

    some easy powersets that could work and are already in the game to some extent.

    Elemental/ weather control

    Cybernetics/ Powersuit

    remaining lantern powers

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  16. FluffyCloud99 Committed Player

    Chances of a new power: Very low

    Honestly. Would prefer a huge rebalance and rework to lesser used powers in each power tree
  17. BrandyMurdock New Player

    Without question, finishing the other Spectrum powers should be number one top priority, if they decide to make new powers. The idea that all light constructs work the same, to me, shows lack of understanding how things work or is a copout to not do more. For example, because we just got done with the seasonal, Star Sapphires use love theme constructs and their powers could theoretically help with that by being healers, naturally. Blue doesn't even need to be its own power, if they can add in a ring similar to the Speed Force ring that gives you one or two unique commands when you wear it. Orange can be used for a controller build that has a lot of pets like Sorcerery does, and uses debuffs instead of power supply. Black could have undead type of themed attacks. White might be tricky, because I'm unsure how to implement an angelic like theme for powersets.

    But if they aren't going to do the ring powers (shame on them), then a slice of life update that lets your fourth color option be used as your ring color would be welcomed.

    And finally, a Chi/Ki sensitive powerset would be nice. After all, we all know where that Power Up emote got its inspiration. So why not give us a powerset based around it.
  18. Red Cardinal New Player

    I'm with the demonic powerset idea
  19. Grumpy Gramps New Player

    I'd like to see Mech Powerset. You put your skills based around your body, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, shoulders or head. Those parts will float around your body and will be assemblle when you use skill. When you use your ultimate, those parts assamble at the same time and make you total mech for a limited time.
  20. Wallachia Devoted Player

    i wholeheartedly agree. A music powerset would make me sub all over again just for fangasms.
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