DCUO Mass Ban - Time capsule exploiters?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by SappyZ, Jan 21, 2018.

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  1. SappyZ Level 30

    People have been talking about some glitch / exploiting regarding time capsules. Personally I've seen people in the watch tower brag about this exploit as well. Basically they were opening multiple time capsules without the need for more than 1 stabilizer. They were able to make millions of ingame dollars from the exploit and farm some of the p2w feats easily.

    So dcuo staff seems to have banned a lot of these people and some of them were above 300+sp. I also know someone who admitted to doing it after he was banned recently.

    How come no on the forums is talking about it? It has affected the prices of the materials and other tc items on the broker.

    Edit: Please keep this thread free of name dropping and video exposes
  2. Celestial Powers Committed Player

    Because any topic which has a slight bit of controversy in it ends up getting most of the participants banned, see the elite content thread that was here a few days ago... Or don't because it was deleted x).

    There's information going around on YouTube however, a pretty exposing 18 minute video regarding time casinos was posted there today, I wouldn't link it to the forums as it will probably get you banned for 'trolling' or something.
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  3. xXHeadlinerXx Dedicated Player

    I heard about it but specifically did not want to know how to do it because it’s one of those things you should know will bring the hammer of ban.
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  4. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Yes please DO NOT post the video here, but the drop rates are pretty ridiculous
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  5. SappyZ Level 30

    Yes please keep this thread free of name dropping and video exposes. I just want to hear what the community has to say about it because it a controversial topic. I also don't think the members should be censored for their opinions on the subject. The staff did a good job banning the exploiters but has the damage been done?
  6. xXHeadlinerXx Dedicated Player

    The only real long term damage is some people that were playing won’t be anymore, and population levels aren’t great right now.
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  7. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    My opinion? I don't think anything will change. Exploiters were banned and drop rates will remain how they are, and we will continue to get new capsules on a regular schedule. As much as I'd like to be wrong about it, I don't think I am.
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  8. SappyZ Level 30

    One of the problems I see, is that these people were making a lot of ingame money from it. To the point where new gold sellers emerged from this. Some of the exploiters are claiming they helped the community by making material prices lower in the broker and are "victims".

    The whole situation is amusing and interesting.
  9. not_again Dedicated Player

    I hate time capsules just as much as most of you. Paid progression is a not gamer friendly in any way and these items while available in game are not achievable in a reasonable amount of time as long as we continue to receive a new time capsule every two months.

    With that said, I have seen a few of these videos and find them hilarious. The exploiters think they were some kind of martyrs to promote a change when in reality they were a bunch of cheats that screwed over people doing things the right way. They flooded the market with rare pieces and undercut each other thus creating competition for the price of the rare, but they also flooded the market with all the trash drops as well so no one can sell those to be able to generate enough cash to buy the rare pieces they were selling.

    Now if they were giving away the full collections or putting them in the broker for $1 then maybe they would have more of an argument for being martyrs (think Robin Hood), but in reality they were just accumulating in game cash and more than likely selling that off as well. In the end these people were selfish and the people who will pay the biggest price are the player still left paying. I expect the next time capsule to be sooner as daybreak will need to find a way to recoup their losses form these cheats.

    Side Note: I hope they go back and review the mail of these players and drop the ban hammer on the main accounts! Only banning mules is not sufficient enough
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  10. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    It depends how you look at it.

    Overall prices are lower, which is a plus. At the same time though, it's now harder to make money because everything dropped in price, so you'll be selling items for less then what you did a month ago. So once the prices stabilize again, you'll have made less money then you would if the prices remained high.

    I never thought it was a good practice to try to sell what you got for the rare item anyway, Mepps said once in another thread "if you didn't get what you want in the amount of time capsules you opened, you should be able to trade what you got for it," which is blatantly false because the prices of anything non rare simply do not hold a candle to the prices of any rare items, besides the auras and material, the most rarest thing are some of the emblems which can go for 2 mill at most, or certain pieces of the gear which can go for 4-6 mill like the chest or back, which are often the most expensive paces depending on the style. Even then you can buy the whole gear set for under 12 mill most of the time, which is only about 1/3 the cost of the rare collection for the aura, or the aura itself, and a little over 1/10 the cost for the rare collection for the material, or the material itself, so in the end you would have to still open A LOT of capsules to accumulate enough "crap" to match the value of the rares.

    All the exploit did was drop the price of everything which makes it harder now to sell "crap" and in the end will hit you hard in the wallet once prices go back up.

    So in a way, it may have benefited the people now who have quite a bit of money to spend, but the ones that relied on selling junk will suffer in the end, and also for anyone here be careful how you word it and/or express your opinion as well. If you view this as a favor for the community you could leave here with a warning for "trolling" or supporting an exploit.
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  11. No Crying Committed Player


    I say congrats to the people that came up and was able to get what they needed if they get banned that's on them because they know the consequences.
  12. Caesar's Lion Dedicated Player

    I've read your posts & you've been very articulate.

    However, by implying that these people know their accounts could be banned suggests that they know they are doing wrong & invalidates any argument they may have.
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  13. Caesar's Lion Dedicated Player

    Thank you :)

    Now, I hate TC's too, 100%. But, whereas taking advantage of this might hit the devs short term, who is gonna suffer long term?

    Edit: company, not devs. I actually think the Community Manager has done a very good job the past few days, which have no doubt been very trying
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  14. SappyZ Level 30

    Yep I agree, I think this affected the company more than it affected the players, since lot less people bought stabilizers because of the exploit.
  15. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    I will agree with this, quite a few whales got the hammer, it'll be interesting to see how it effects future capsule sales
  16. Caesar's Lion Dedicated Player

    My argument would be that this quitens dissenters & gives an illusions that drop rates are not so bad:

    Just say there are more phoenix mats on the broker & the price goes down. I can now afford my phoenix mat & I'm happy...'maybe the drop rate isn't so bad after all'...'maybe I will buy a few of those stabilizers after all'.

    When in actual fact, the drop rate is still dire, you could still spend $300 & not complete a collection & nothing has changed. This only helps the exploiters. It may help someone get a style short term, it does not help long term
  17. Caesar's Lion Dedicated Player

    Well I think our sentiments re TC's are similar & it's we just disagree on what serves the community/games as a whole better.

    Regardless, I wish all disagreements on the forums were so civil & best of luck. I hope that the xbox server survives the upheaval
  18. Zneeak Devoted Player

    It's sad to see people trying to make the consequences of the exploits seem worse for the game than the exploiting itself. People exploited, completely ruined the economy, controlled the broker with insane pricing only to make bank for themselves and now people are trying to make it sound like things will be worse without these people? That's just..... Yeah... No words to explain how stupid that sounds.

    If anything, prices will slowly get a little more humane in time with less people being able to play Wall Street with glitched billions. If the developers feel like finally making some smart decisions, they will start considering more user-friendly droprates for future Time Capsules. Now is definately the best time to start considering it. And even if nothing changes and the droprate stays the same, things will not be as bad as it was with dozens of people controlling the broker for max profit through glitching.
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  19. Zneeak Devoted Player

    Dude, you got no evidence, get over yourself already. It's been a few days since the bans happened and you're trying to swing the Doomhammer around, acting like the game was better off when your exploiter-buddies roamed free.

    The pricing for the Materials have been completely messed up this whole time while people kept exploiting. You make it sound like some Robin Hood-giveaways were made to the whole community by these people lol.
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  20. thedemonocus Loyal Player

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