DCUO LQ's Rock of Eternity Raid Guide

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    You start the raid at the entrance to the Rock of Eternity, and fight a large group of Soulless adds as you move through a series of hallways. Eventually you encounter both Felix Faust and Black Alice.

    Recommended group setup for event/regular/elite: 5 DPS, 1 Controller, 1 Heal, 1 Tank
    Recommended group setup for elite plus: 4-5 DPS, 1 Controller, 1 Heal, 1-2 Tank

    First boss: Felix Faust

    Fairly straightforward fight in both regular and elite. Moderate difficulty in elite plus.

    On PS, Hold Square to lunge


    At approximately 75%/50%/25% of the boss's health, Felix Faust will shield and become invulnerable for a time to damage (Nap Phase). Adds will spawn, which the tank should pull together so the DPS can KO the adds ASAP. After the last add is defeated Felix Faust will become immediately vulnerable again and may get aggro from a group member and attack them before the tank has a chance to pull the boss. Just be mindful of this and it may be best practice to block for a moment around this time. It may also be best practice to stay away from where Felix Faust is standing, or ensure that Felix Faust is not in line of sight between you and the adds you are using abilities on.

    Lazy Blast: Felix Faust will have golden orbs float around him, along with on-screen text stating "Move Close to Faust to Avoid Lazy Blast!". All players need to move close to Faust within approximately 5 seconds (within the golden orb area) or they will take large damage, regardless of whether it is regular or elite. In regular the on-screen text appears every time this mechanic occurs. In the elite version the on-screen text only appears the first time this mechanic occurs, meaning that players need to react appropriately and promptly to the visual animation when it appears in subsequent instances of this ability. It is possible to skip this mechanic if the single target damage on Felix Faust is especially high.

    Necrotic Aura: One (or more) group member/s may gain an aura which will do mild damage over time to the affected player, but considerable damage over time to nearby players for a time. This can cause KOs as players are unaware they have this aura until it is too late. It is best practice that players spread out so this doesn't become a major problem for the group. Besides Lazy Blast this is probably the biggest risk to the group especially in the elite version.

    Soul Prison: Felix Faust will cage one or up to a few players at a time with a white cage. This can do damage to nearby players when the affected player breaks out.

    Rude Awakening: Similar to Soul Prison, another breakout mechanic but instead Felix Faust sends a select few players to sleep. The range for damage to nearby players is somewhat greater.

    It may be best practice not to be in melee/midrange of Felix Faust, as some of his abilities hit hard at close range. That being said, in regular/elite it is possible to DPS him at melee range if the player is careful.

    Memento Mori: Felix Faust may sometimes spawn a golden spell AOE (different design to Lazy Blast) on himself. This does mild damage over time if anyone is stood in it. This AOE may at times overlap with the Lazy Blast animation.

    Energy Pull: Felix Faust may have a skull icon above his head and wait for a short time, before pulling players in range towards him. Does moderate damage but may be troublesome if a player has Necrotic Aura active at the time.

    Skull Blast: Felix Faust will have a red skull icon above his head before slowly launching in the air and throwing three small skulls in a cone in front of him. At max range these should be easy to avoid (they might be difficult to see as they appear on the floor and are very small), however if players are directly affected they may deal massive damage and may KO in the elite and elite plus versions. They may also knockback affected players.

    Differences/considerations for elite plus:

    1. Rude Awakening hits a lot harder to nearby players, so be mindful of this when breaking out.

    2. During the add phases, Soulless Snipers will spawn, usually 1-2 per add phase. If they have a skull icon above their head, it is imperative that someone in the group lunges them to counter that skull icon ability. During this skull icon the Soulless Sniper will target a particular player. If the Soulless Sniper isn't countered in time they will use Soul Blast, which will KO the affected player and do very heavy damage to, or most likely wipe the group.

    3. During the second half of the fight, Soulless Drainers may spawn. These should be stunned or CC'd by a player with high dominance (a controller or tank) or they will fire a red beam at a random player, affecting them being able to use their powers, and draining their power and supercharge.

    4. The adds during the add phases may hit quite hard, so even among endgame players 2 tanks may be preferred for this boss encounter.

    5. If players are not in the animation/safe zone when Lazy Blast occurs, they will be KO'd. Previously this would be a KO in all versions of the raid. Now it is only a KO in the elite plus version due to a recent hotfix.

    Shortly after defeating Felix Faust, Black Alice appears again and this time you fight her as the last boss encounter.
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    Last boss: Black Alice

    Fairly straightforward boss fight in both regular and elite. In elite plus a lot trickier but fairly doable compared to other recent elite plus boss encounters in DCUO.

    On PS, Hold R1 to Block


    Black Alice will start the fight as just herself, however at approximately 95% health she will start her Shazam phase. Once she is down to approximately 65% health she will transition to her Doctor Fate phase. Once she is down to approximately 30% health she will commence her Shazam and Doctor Fate phase.

    Chain Lightning: During Black Alice's Shazam phases, she may spawn a lightning bolt symbol on a random player at various points during the fight. It is best practice throughout this boss fight for the group to be spread out, as especially in the elite version this mechanic can do heavy damage over time to the group if players are too close to someone who has the lightning bolt symbol. (This mechanic may be indicated with on-screen text stating: "Avoid Anyone Marked with Lightning!")

    Shazam: During Black Alice's Shazam phases, Black Alice may have a skull icon above her head before doing a raid wide AOE attack. This will do heavy damage or may KO players if this isn't blocked, especially in the elite version and especially if other AOE mechanics coincide with this.

    Arcane Barrage: During Black Alice's Shazam phases, Black Alice may teleport and throw several white projectiles in a cone in front of her. Does moderate damage to affected players.

    Blink Bomb: During Black Alice's Doctor Fate phases, Black Alice may teleport and summon a golden projectile from above down on the affected player. Does moderate damage.

    Magic Burst: During Black Alice's Doctor Fate phases, Black Alice may throw a selection of white projectiles randomly around the room. These may do moderate damage to affected players and knock back.

    Ankh Bomb: During Black Alice's Doctor Fate phases, Black Alice may spawn golden ankhs around the room. Stay well away from these as they will do heavy damage, possibly KO in elite. These can be one of the most dangerous mechanics to the group besides Chain Lightning due to the range of the ankhs. These are indicated beforehand briefly by a visual red AOE tell and an audio tell.

    Cage of Anubis: During Black Alice's Doctor Fate phases, Black Alice may hard stun several players at a time into a golden cage. Upon breakout this may do moderate to heavy damage to nearby players, and hard stun those players in a golden cage also the initial time this occurs.

    Lightning Burst: During Black Alice's Shazam phases, Black Alice may throw many small electrical projectiles on the ground, which explode and do moderate to heavy damage to all players. It is best practice that players block when these appear. This may also coincide with Shazam.

    Arcane Grenade: During Black Alice's Doctor Fate phases, Black Alice may throw several blue/gold projectiles around the map. These should be evaded as they do moderate to heavy damage if players are in range.

    Differences/considerations for elite plus:

    1. From roughly 50% health, Black Alice may spawn a Globe of Power add. This makes the fight a lot more strict on timing as you will need to block around the time this globe grows bigger and emits a gold energy. This visual tell the group will need to pay attention to, and there will be a red skull icon above it when this occurs. When the Globe of Power add appears, everyone in the group should block as it will do its Magic Blast ability. Anyone who doesn't block this will be KO'd, especially non-tank roles. Approximately 6-7 seconds after this will occur again and will continue to re-occur (again every 6-7 seconds approximately) until the add is defeated. The priority for the DPS is to defeat this add as soon as possible, and minimise any mistakes made while this add is active - i.e. Always block Magic Blast every time without fail. Any mistakes will complicate time management/damage dealing and will likely lead to a potential group wipe. This is likely to be the trickiest part of the elite plus version of this boss encounter as it is merciless to any complications that may arise, such as other mechanics, players dying to other mechanics and timing for reviving players, this will all need to be taken into consideration in line with the timing of Magic Blast. There is a low chance that the Globe of Power add can get stunned on the floor and this may delay Magic Blast - but as long as the group know the visual tell for Magic Blast or just block to be on the safe side this can be worked around. Also note that if a player is encased in a Cage of Anubis that they will not be KO'd by Magic Blast, so be sure to break out at the right time if this occurs.

    2. Fateful Contempt: Black Alice will target a random player with a blue/yellow AOE ability, which will spawn multiple times on that player and follow that player for a time. This will do considerable damage over time and the player affected will need to move away until the AOEs stop tracking that player. Standing still (or not moving fast enough) with this ability will in all probability cause a KO. It is also best practice to avoid other players - or for other players to avoid the affected player while this mechanic is active.

    (It is also worth noting that if a player is KO'd from Fateful Contempt that the AOEs will stay on top of that player for a time, so players trying to revive should have this in mind and only attempt to revive that player when it is safe to do so)

    3. Enchanted Puddle: Every so often, purple puddles will spawn underneath the most hated player, usually the tank. Players must avoid these or they will deal heavy damage over time (mostly likely KO in one tick of damage), and if Globe of Power or Black Alice is positioned on a puddle they will restore health.

    4. Arcane Grenades will KO nearby players in range when they explode. Make sure you are out of range of these or jump up in the air at the right time to evade the impacts of these. There is a chance if these hit the outside barrier they will bounce back a little, so again make sure you are out of range of them in any case.

    5. Lightning Burst is much more likely to KO nearby players in range when they explode. Make sure you are out of range of these or jump up in the air at the right time (or run up the wall/outside barrier) until after they have disappeared.

    6. Depending on single target damage, at the start of the fight Black Alice's second skull icon she will look at a random player in a group. It is best practice to block when this occurs as Black Alice may teleport over and do a melee attack on that player, most likely resulting in heavy damage or a KO to that player (and perhaps nearby players) if they aren't blocking. It is possible with high single target damage to skip this but have it in mind in any case.

    7. It is best practice for all players to be spread out across the room for the elite plus version of this boss encounter. The tank should primarily keep the boss within the middle circle (on the floor) of the room, with the other 7 players in the group spread out around the edges of the room near the barrier. This is due to various mechanics, including Chain Lightning and Fateful Contempt.

    After you have defeated Black Alice you have completed the raid.
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  3. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    I have updated this guide with elite plus specific mechanics.
  4. OneWhoLaughed Committed Player

    Purple Pool mechanic:
    - They inflict large ticks of damage to players and heal Black Alice
    - They seem to spawn semi-randomly around the tank & healers
    - They vanish after a certain amount of time
  5. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Thank you!

    I won't update the thread just yet as the pools healing may be updated in the near to moderate future.
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    Workaround for Enchanted Puddle heal issue in elite plus until it gets fixed:

    During the second half of the fight have less players in the room on purpose. Less players means less pools will spawn and the odds of Black Alice going into a pool to heal rapidly towards full health will be less as a result.

    (Obviously a heal and a tank should be among those players remaining)

    Of course you will still need to finish the boss fight so be careful with less players in the room, evade Fateful Contempt, block every Magic Blast from Globe of Power, block Black Alice skulls especially when she regains Shazam powers and does her Shazam skull, evade grenades and Lightning Burst, etc.

    Furthermore, Lazy Blast in the elite version will be returned to its original balance after Xmas. It was unintentionally nerfed while another bug was being addressed. I will update the guide accordingly once this hot fix is live.
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    This seems to have been patched in a hot fix overnight (27/12/2022). I will update the mechanic description appropriately in the Black Alice fight.
  8. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    This guide seems complete. If there is anything I have missed or any feedback please let me know. I would like my guides to be as accurate as possible.
  9. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Enchanted Puddle description may be subject to change on here in the future. I will update accordingly.
  10. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Updated Felix Faust fight walkthrough as it was missing a mechanic.