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  1. Sore Steadfast Player


    I assume you'll enjoy looking at features like the Census Breakdown with players trying out the new powerset.

    Keep in mind I have no influence on whether your character art shows up or is updating correctly. That's 100% whether the gerbils on Daybreak servers are well fed or not. Also keep in mind that the Census API seems to not have very many gerbils these days. My testing has shown errors due to the API acting funny. If you encounter anything like that, hit back on your browser and try again.
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  2. GJGBlackDragon Dedicated Player

    Thanks man.

    By the way, the Characters Illustrations have not being updated since Episode 21 (just in case people are wondering why their characters don't show or the illustration is old).

    See you around.
  3. Multiverse Creator League

    22 061 Water characters.

    And 3 of those are mine.

    Am I the only one who thinks this is kind of.... low?? o_Oo_O
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  4. light FX Steadfast Player

    I searched greater then 195cr and greater then 199sp. So 196cr+ and 200sp+ and only 1,900 characters o_O Thats all factions, all platforms, active. The end game population imo for dcuo is so low. And i dont mean just water toons. Cause that is where most, not all, of the more hardcore players are at.
  5. krytine Loyal Player

    Can I asked what resource your quoting? It would be nice if your using some kind of stats to list where you got them from so others might check the validity of your research. I am not say it is false you you made it up. But if you are going to state some specifics like this then you should make it public where you got it from
  6. light FX Steadfast Player

    I used the 2nd link sore provided. Searched the water power set, greater then 195cr, greater then 199sp. All servers, all factions, active players. But u can search all power sets and see those #s. And imo they are low compared to some other MMOs out there. Ive done searches before and compared to other games. I dont have all those #s in front of me atm. It took me a lil while to get #s from other games. I can do it again but id have to come back and repost in a bit.

    As for the hardcore players well it seems like most are at end game. Maybe i didnt say "seems" and i apologize if i didnt. It doesnt take much to get 200sp these days and get to end game. So not reaching that point yet means the player is most likely casual or recently started playing.

    Here is 1 article u can see where it says WoW had 6000 players on 1 server alone. Which is not proof of a whole lot but its an example when doing a quick search. But like i said id have to do a bit of digging to get the #s i saw a few months back for the more popular MMOs out there. 1 other issue is dcuo census info only shows characters and not accounts. And many players at end game also have alts at end game. I have 5 i play and 7 total that are above 200cr with 200sp+. So when searching end game #s for dcuo population the actual #s are lower then what the census shows.
  7. JasonIsley Devoted Player

    Welcome back Sore
  8. Derio 15000 Post Club

    You have to remember that the actual total active player population is low.

    People go off the big number of 30million characters created, but less than 0.25million players play the game and less than that actual pay for membership or buy things from the marketplace.

    Water just came out so the numbers seem reasonable. Plus some people are just not impressed by the powerset. I think its great, but then again that is because other powersets needs minor adjustments.

    I do expect population to bounce back when the new DLC launches
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  9. Multiverse Creator League

    Just checked 196+... there are 2792 Water characters out of 31609 on ALL servers.

    Was surprised by the 22378. We keep on hearing how "many players came back to DCUO thanks to GU73"..... and I would nto be surrpised of some came back specifically for Water powers...... so I guess I expected more Water characters then that over all.

    But looking at end game... it is an amount that makes sense in proportion to end game characters.

    Why add the SP limitation in you rsearch??
  10. Multiverse Creator League

    Yeah... I rechecked in end game in relation to the totals ammount of players.... and the proportion since to make sense.

    It is just the 30 000 0000 character that gives the wring impression. But lots of those 30 000 000 have been gone for a long time. So I guess the 20 000+ Water characters does make sense in the context.