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  1. Power Girl Well-Known Player

    It's been nearly a decade since I've played DCUO!
    I now have children that are old enough to play in online spaces (crazy to think about).
    I remember that this game used to be blast, so I decided to share a bit of mom's history and download the game with my little ones! What is it like in 2024? I find it difficult to find a cohesive set of information and updates for a player who has been absent for so long. I'd love to hear from you guys in the forums! :)
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  2. the solowing Unwavering Player

    Welcome back, I kinda remember you! You might see a familiar face here n there though the forum is different then it was back then.
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  3. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Hey! Welcome Back to DCUO!

    It's quite different. I'm assuming you left around 2015 (your last message before today) so I'll give you some informative links and videos on stuff you should research!

    Stats Revamp happened in 2017, it was a major gameplay balance;

    Later on they introduced the following!
    Artifacts - https://www.dcuniverseonline.com/guides/guide-artifacts-dcuo. I'd also recommend looking up ObsidianChill on YouTube for the best options for each role\dps. Artifacts max at level 200. The game is very much designed now to work with those. They usually release new ones with each DLC, but not all are working for end game play, or with each other.

    Augments were introduced with the Teen Titans: Judas Contract DLC!
    You get a set of new augments with every dlc (You can pick if you want them for your role or dps and buy more from the vendor.) They effect things like getting more loot, or effecting certain mechanics, etc.
    There are also Origin Augments that get updated with each dlc so you need to salvage gear to update them.
    Origin Augments have all roles aswell as DPS Might or Precision options.

    DLCs are completely free to play now. Including new ones that are coming out(And there is a event version for the latest dlc always, so you can run with your kids and not worry about them having to be at end game so fast.) Older DLCs still require specific combat rating to enter their on duty or open world content.

    The Watch Tower & Hall of Doom are useless mostly as of episode 41. They introduced the House of Legends - a shared hub for villains and heroes. You have everything you need there.

    They also introduced Allies in episode 41 and continuing to do so. You get the iconic heroes or villains with certain abilities and a combat ability that you can summon them to do. Obsidian also has this covered on which are the best to use, based on your role and powerset. For example, Poison Ivy is highly recommend to use for Nature users. There are three levels of rareity. Rare, Epic and Legendary.

    Most items to level Allies, Arts or Augments also drop in the game, or there are specific bonus weeks to help those, but the fastest way is of course to pay to level them up. (Or on Doctor Fate's vendor which I will touch upon later.)

    We also have the stat clamp now, which clamps your stats in the on duty menu on older content. But you can also play that content without having to use replay badges now. You can queue up on Omnibus (It will be random, but will complete your weekly missions with the omnibus) or you can pick what you want to play. The On Duty menu was also revamped. Also, when a DLC goes into Omnibus, their currency changes to source marks. No more Marks of Victory! lol now you can change the dlc currencies to source marks & with omnibus letting you freely play the content again and again you can farm the content for alot of source marks.

    I'd also note that PvP\LPVP is completely untouched by the Dev team, there has been no updates or additions for years now.
    Legends PvE is also untouched. And It's very annoying to play personally(Legends have very low damage and It takes ages to finish one of the alerts.)

    We have Time Capsuels now that costs stabilizers to open. (1 per capsule) or if It's the special "Resurgence Mega Capsule" you'll need 7. There is a bit of of info about it here, but they are basically loot boxes with feats attached:
    You can also play the solo Stabilizer Event to get Stabilizers. But F2P, Premium and Members get different amount of Stabilizer Fragment. Can't remember on the top of my head. Booster Bundles are still a thing too, items rarely return (But they did one time.)

    There as bonus weeks now, as of covid, and they *usually* post them before Thursday. Make sure to look at the forums often to check what bonus week is active.

    Membership was updated aswell, you can read about the new stuff here:

    I'd also note we have Daily Rewards now, and if you are a member and you log in for 21 days you get both lines of rewards, aswell as a special reward on Day 21 that only members get, and later on is available on Doctor Fate's vendor in the House of Legends for everyone to get.

    I hope this information help and if you have any more questions - I'll be happy to help if I can or others can chime in aswell. :)
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  4. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    Bad, but should be a lot of fun for the kids. Remember to disable chat for them heh.
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  5. Multiverse Creator League

    Welcome back to DCUO.

    Made a video.... but I have many other videos if needed. ;)
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  6. Wallachia Devoted Player

    Welcome back to DCUO.

    The main thing you must have in mind is: dealing with your children,especially when they are being rebellious, is much easier than it will be dealing with 98% of the playerbase in this game.
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  7. Green Lantern Fadi Loyal Player

    welcome back!

    i feel you hhaha , i was 8 when i started and now i just finished university :p
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  8. Sollace Well-Known Player

    Since the game was released by Daybreak, I wouldn't recommend anyone to play it or waste their time coming back to it. What's more, the game gives you an unpleasant feeling of being late and having a lot of catching up to do, so you end up seeing as little of it as possible while being asked to spend more and more on the side...

    Worry about your children's well-being, and video games are not the best solution, especially if they're growing up ;)
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  9. iTiredOfTheLies Active Player


    And the dev team seem to be likeā€¦ [IMG]
  10. the solowing Unwavering Player

    To be honest that's not entirely true, the game can be played just fine, playing as F2P. Of course everything takes longer. But that's how games are made now. Pay to skip the grind, or just grind. It only is felt by those trying to keep competitive.

    Which is better then the prior system where you had to pay for DLC nobody played because everyone rushed to engame
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